On that Great and Wonderful Day

Its been 41/2 years since I took over Aria Company and in 2 weeks Aria Company will celebrate its 50th anniversary. Ai-chan has just joined Aria as a pair. Akira has agreed to take Ai-chan out for practice so I could catch up on some book work. I was working downstairs in the customer lounge in case the phone rang or someone came in but I was so engrossed in my work that I didn't hear Grandma or Alicia call my name. Finally I heard the bell ring. Grandma, Alicia I exclaimed. It's still not uncommon for them to stop by. Alicia has been helping Ai on her days off from the Gondola Assoc. I set down the books and ask them how they have been doing. They say they have both been doing well and Grandma is going on about her garden. Then they asked me how Ai was doing I told them Akira took her out today so I could get caught up on this book work as I've been slammed lately. Alicia said my my that reminds me of when you and Aika were pairs and me and Akira would take turns training you two. So what brings you two by? Aria Companies 50th The Gondola Assoc. wants to do something special 3 generations of Great Water faries have come this company and they want do something special to honor the Aria Company. What do you have in mind? I asked .