Krillin's version of 'Joy To The World'

(Tune of 'Joy To The World', obviously)

Joy to the world

Cell is dead

He dis-int-i-grat-ed!!!

Gohan blew him up

With "Kamehameha"..

He is in pieces

He is in pieces

He is, he is in pieces

The Son Family's Christmas Fighting Song

(Tune of 'Deck The Halls')

Deck the halls with lotsa villains

Falalalala, lalalala

'Tis the season to fight people

Falalalala, lalalala

Don we now our Z Fighter gear

Falala, lalala, lalala

Throw the bad guys through the windows

Falalalala, lala, lalalaaa...

Jingle Bells - DBZ Style

('Jingle Bells' tune)

Jingle bells, Chi-Chi yells,

Goku is a pain

Capsule 12 lost it's wheel

and Frieza got away, HEY!

Ode to Villains

(To the tune of 'God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen')

Kami rest all you Z Fighters

You villains, you will pay

Goku will turn Super Sayian

and then will come your day

You won't live to see tomorrow,

but that's okay

'Cuz no one likes you anyway, hey

'Cuz no one likes you anywayyy..