Oceans of Time

~Chapter Five~

Makoto bolted up. She was breathing heavily and was covered in a cold sweat.

"Just a dream," she choked before falling back on her mattress and buried her face in her hands.

"Hey!" Yuuka said peering in her doorway, "You sounded like you were dieing in here... Makoto?" she asked going to her side after seeing her friend in such a distressed state.

"Makoto what's wrong?" she asked rubbing her shoulder.

"It's nothing," Makoto said shaking her head which was still covered by her hands, "Just a horrible horrible dream."

"Do you want to talk about it?"

"No, I just want to go back to sleep and forget it."

"Alright, you do that but hold the sleep. We have a class in thirty minutes."

"WHAT?" Yuuka jumped to avoid Makoto's arm which shot out as she bolted up from bed and ran to the washroom picking random items of clothing off of her floor as she went.

"Why didn't you wake me!" she asked as she splashed cold water all over her face.

"I just got back from a lecture!"

Makoto looked at her face in the mirror. The skin around her eyes was still red and puffy, resembling the appearance of a raccoon.

"Gaaaah! I'm going to be late!" she shouted leaping into the shower.

"AH!" Makoto woke as she tumbled off her bed. She rolled on her side to untangle herself from her sheet and pulled her alarm down from it's place on her desk and brought it right up to her face. The red numbers read four o'clock in the morning.

She stood up, "Wake up!" she said slapping herself across the face. That was followed by a loud ouch as she cupped her sore cheek. Looks like she was awake this time. She turned on the lamp and began pacing around the room.

She didn`t want to go back to sleep. She thought maybe she could use this time to work on her mid term paper. No, she couldn`t concentrate. She grabbed her coat and her keys and went out the door.

She began walking with no direction in mind. She kept her eyes on the ground and concentrated on the amount of steps she was taking to keep her mind clear of anything else. But it wasn't working. She began walking faster until she was jogging and soon that turned into a full out sprint. She hadn't run this long or this fast since the last time she had seen...

She ran aimlessly. She didn't care or know where she was going. That's why it came as such a surprise when she ended up on the path by the river. The last place she had seen him. The place where their story had ended. The place where their paths went completely different directions. Forever.

Makoto screamed loud and long, hand spread out at her sides just getting it all out. So loud that surely someone would call the police for fear that someone was being brutally murdered. And when she was done screaming she kicked a rock into the water and screamed again which ended in a pitiful whimper as she sunk down to her knees and buried her face in her hands. Then she began sobbing. Body shaking, long and uncontrollable sobs.

It had been three years! Three extremely long years. She had dated other people. Heck! They had never even been a couple! So why did she still feel this way? Hadn't her heart had long enough to heal? Or was she going to be stuck on this boy forever. This boy from the future. This boy that she couldn't have because the laws of physics or time or something forbade it. She just couldn't have him.

"You past the test," a voice said from above her.

Makoto gasped loudly and jumped back, "You!" it was the man from before, the one who had helped her leap to the future. Makoto sat there dumbstruck for a few moments before scrambling up and gripped the fabric of his jacket in desperation, "So it wasn't a dream!"

"It was not and now you are able to leap out of your timeline."

Makoto's eyes widened in realization, "I can go back!"

The man nodded, "But be weary Makoto," he said turning her around. She blushed as his fingers grazed her neck pulling her hair out of the way.

"You only have 50 leaps left. Do not use the foolishly like last time."

Makoto turned around ready to rebut but he was gone.

The cool breeze felt good against her hot skin. Every sensation seemed heightened. She stood there realizing the full potential of the situation. Without another thought she disappeared into the night air as well.

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