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Chapter Ten

Jou sat on the comfortable blue couch in the living room. He closed his notebook on the final short story for his book. College was a great resource for the countless critiques he received and useful ideas on how to finalize the book. He only finished one semester, and he found one book done to his picky stratification. Jou glanced up at the clock. It was four in the afternoon. He smile and ran into the kitchen. He gave the chef off so he could create a special dinner for just the two of them. He felt bad sending Mokuba to his friend's house again, but he just smiled and wished Jou luck. Sometimes Jou hated how intelligent the kid was. The dinner didn't take too long. It was nothing to extravagant, simple good old American hamburgers with the fixings and a special side dish of homemade fries with added spices that Jou created. He just finished making everything when he heard Kaiba's keys hit the table by the door. He smiled to himself, lighting the last candle around the table. "What are you doing?" Kaiba whispered, wrapping his arms around his lover.

Jou turned slightly to give Kaiba a peck on the cheek. "It is officially one year since we started our relationship with nothing getting in our way."

"You mean since we admitted for the first time that we loved each other. We wouldn't have gotten here if that Hiro didn't get what he deserved. Gruesome way to go."

Jou smacked him in the chest. "You'll ruin our special dinner talking like that."

Kaiba looked over Jou's shoulder, staring at the food. "You call that special."

Jou growled and tried to pull away from the laughing CEO. "Well excuse me for not being able to make anything better than that."

Kaiba stopped laughing and pulled his angry lover closer. "Alright, I'm sorry, but if you wanted something special why didn't you ask the chef?"

"I wanted to make it."

Kaiba sat down across from Jou. "This isn't drugged is it?"

"I don't know. It might be kinkier if I drugged you up." Jou smirked, remembering that conversation very clearly even though it was several months ago.

"How about we skip dinner and go for whatever else you have planned?"

"What makes you think I have something else?" Jou chewed on a fry, staring at Kaiba's alluring blue eyes.

"You don't go through the trouble of having a special dinner and making sure no one was around for nothing."

"I was thinking about a movie afterwards."

"Okay," Kaiba agreed, hiding his frown behind the hamburger he picked up. It had been several long months. The two would never get any further than simple kisses or cuddling. Kaiba knew that Jou needed time to recover, and he was going to give him every opportunity even if it meant countless nights of cold showers. Dinner wasn't like eating at a four star restaurant, but it was special to Kaiba since Jou made it.

After putting the dishes in the dishwasher, Jou led Kaiba into the living room. He felt delighted that Kaiba expected more than a movie but didn't push Jou until he felt his lover was ready. He loved Kaiba for that. After placing in Jou's favorite movie, one he could say line by line, Jou sat on the couch leaning against Kaiba's chest who sat long ways on the couch with his legs spread. Kaiba held no interest in the movie. He spent half the time running his fingers through Jou's hair and the other half running his hands up and down Jou's arm.

He just finished his route back up to his lover's hair when he felt soft fingers caressing the inside of his thigh. Kaiba bit back a moan and shifted so his growing problem wouldn't be felt on Jou's back. Jou smirked, knowing full well what Kaiba was doing. He shifted himself backwards, brushing his back against Kaiba's groin, feeling it hardening to the friction. The CEO finally unleashed a moan and held Jou in place. "If you keep that up, I'm not going to be able to stop," he whispered in his lover's ear.

Shivers ran down Jou's spine, loving the deep, breathy voice by his ear. "Who said I wanted you to stop?" Jou flipped around and wrapped his legs around Kaiba's waist, pulling their lower bodies together. Kaiba felt Jou's strained erection causing the billionaire to completely lose it. Before he knew it, he was kissing his blond lover all over the place. Shucking on his neck, he claimed Jou to be his for all eternity. No one was going to take him without suffering Kaiba's wrath.

Jou moaned moving his head to the side, allowing Kaiba more skin to suck on. He brought his hands around Kaiba's back and pulled him close. "Right here. Right now, Seto."

"Not very romantic." Jou pinched his back and grinded his groin with Kaiba's. "Fine then, but you're too clothed."

Jou snickered, tearing his and Kaiba's clothes off with record speeds. Their bodies melted together as cool sweat began to roll down their bodies. He reached his hand down playing with Jou's length as he sucked on his nipples, pulling cries of ecstasy from his lover. Jou pleaded for more, faster. Kaiba smiled evilly enjoying the slow torture of their first time together. Jou reached between the couch cushions and brought out a bottle of cherry smelling lubricant that he bought early. "Prepared?" Kaiba laughed. Jou leaned forward, licking Kaiba's neck. He pulled away from Jou. "No this is about you tonight. Relax."

Kaiba gently pushed Jou down against the soft cushions, placing his button down white shirt underneath them. He ran his fingers through Jou's hair as he slipped down further in between his legs. His lips kissed butterfly kisses along his stomach before Kaiba wrapped them around Jou's length. Jou gasped, instantly placing his hands in Kaiba's hair. Everything felt better than he imagined. Kaiba's tongue slip along the underside of his member before twirling along the head and repeating between sucks. His body twitched as he came closer and closer to his release, but Kaiba denied him that, releasing his member and returning up to kiss Jou. Slipping his tongue into Jou's mouth, he deepened the kiss distracting the blond momentarily as he probed Jou's entrance. He slipped a slick finger inside, earning him a hiss of discomfort. "Breath slowly. It'll get better I promise."

Jou nodded, trusting Kaiba to do what he needed to do. He planned to face all his fears and allowed his lover to dominate him. It was time for their relationship to take that step. His lover had been more than patient with him. Kaiba's finger brushed something inside of him that caused him to jerk and moan. Kaiba smirked as he kissed Jou again, moving his finger along Jou's prostate each time. Jou melted, instantly relaxing enough for Kaiba to add another finger. He scissor Jou, stretching him more. Slight pain rolled through Jou's body, but it was small compared to the pleasure. By the time a third finger was added, Jou was pleading for Kaiba to stop the torture and just pound him into the couch. Tempted, Kaiba resisted, making sure Jou was fully stretched before he removed his finger.

Jou leaned up and kissed his lover as Kaiba lined himself up with his entrance. "Breath slowly and try to relax." Kaiba pushed slowly, feeling Jou's body tense at first around him, but soon relaxed. He remained still, feeling the heat radiating around his groin. Once Jou relaxed fully he began to thrust in and out. Slow at first but gradually picking up speed. Every thrust in unleashed a new moan from his blond lover. At the point everything felt at peace and nothing could bother the two lovers. Kaiba felt himself nearing completion as he reached between them and stroked Jou with each thrust. The pleasure was too much for Jou, and it didn't take himself long to climax, smearing his essence along their stomachs. The walls tightened around Kaiba's length, pulling him over the edge as well.

The two basined in the glow of their love making, breathing heavily with sweat all over their bodies. Kaiba pulled out gently wiping himself and Jou clean with his shirt. "You'll ruin that," Jou mumbled.

"That's why I have a dry cleaning membership."

Jou laughed, wrapping his arms around Kaiba, pulling him down for another kiss. "Thank you."

"Anything for my little puppy."

Jou smacked him and smiled. "If I'm your puppy then you're my dragon."

"I could live with that." Jou hid a yawn behind his hand. "Let's go to bed, Puppy."

"Okay, Dragon." Jou laughed as Kaiba not only picked Jou up, but their clothes as well.

"You need to lose weight. Too many snacks."

Jou smacked the brunet in the arm. "Then put me down."

He leaned down and kissed him again. "It's okay. I like you right where you are."

Kaiba managed to open the door to their room while still balancing Jou in his arms. He laid Jou down on the bed that they shared for the past few months. "I love you, Seto, my heavenly dragon."

"I love you, too."

"Oh I forgot. I never got to thank you for that perfect ending to Hiro." Jou knew the second he saw that man's death in the newspaper that Kaiba went after him. After he was angry that his lover would not listen to him, but after a few days of thinking about it, Jou became comfortable with the fact that Jou would defend him like that. It made him feel special.

"What are you talking about?"

"Only my dragon would think to shove a guy's own penis up his ass."

Kaiba laughed, not shocked that Jou knew what happened to Hiro. He knew that Jou was intelligent and he couldn't hid it from him forever. He shrugged. "He deserved it."

Jou smacked him again. "That's for not listening to me." Jou kissed Kaiba on the cheek. "And that's to make you promise me you won't do that again."


"Why not?"

"Nobody hurts my puppy."

Jou sighed and melted into him. "Thanks, but I can fight my own battles."

"I know. That's why I hope you'll kill anyone that comes after me."

Jou laughed. "Anything for my fire breathing dragon. If Gozaburo was still alive, I'd kill him myself."

Kaiba smiled and pulled Jou closer, kissing him gently. "Thanks, Jou. Good night, love."

"Anytime. Night." Jou pulled the covers up and snuggled close to Kaiba. He knew that this was only the beginning of his wonderful life. He knew that there would be ups and downs, but as long as he had Kaiba, everything would be okay.

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