I'm surprised I can still write a DracoxHermione story after all this time. Hmm, I must really love them.


There she lay. The only women who's ever made him feel whole. Feel like he was more than just a pawn in the dark lords game.

And she was forbidden. He wasn't suppose to fall for her, his father had given him a mission. Separate the muggle born - though his father had used a much more graphic term - from the enemy. He had succeeded. She left her friends and ran away with him. Into the forest where his father had told him to wait. In a little cabin Lucius had conjured.

He dreaded the thought of what his father, or worse, the dark lord himself, would do to her.

Would they torture her? Probably. He cringed at the image in his head. Of his beloved Hermione Granger, with cuts and bruises all over her angel-like body.

She stirred from her spot next to him on the bed. Draco smiled, feeling her bare arms on his chest.

He loved this woman, more than he would ever admit. He had made up his mind earlier that evening. He had to do something to save her. She would survive and return home to her family. Even if it meant his own death.

He wished he had never been appointed head boy. Then they would have never shared a common room. And his best friend, Blaise, would never had thought up this horrible plan to which he eagerly told the dark lord.

"mhm, Draco." She breathed in her sleep. His arm instinctly stroking her long brown hair. This awakened her.

"Draco? Why aren't you asleep?" she asked looking into his eyes, sleepily.

"Just have lots on my mind is all. Nothing to worry about." He assured her, kissing the tip of her nose. She giggled.

"I love you, you know that, don't you?" She asked him sounding a little afraid to hear his reply.

"Yes, and I love you too." He told her truthfully. "Go back to sleep, I will be close behind you."

Nodding, she snuggled back up to him. He tightened his hold on her.


"Goodnight, love." and with that, she instantly fell back asleep.

I will find a way to save you my love was his last thought as sleep engulfed him.


I feel like it shouldn't be ending there. But sadly, it is. Review please?