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Astoria sat on the cold stone floor of her cell. She hadn't heard from Daphne in weeks. And things had only been getting worse and worse for her.

I suppose this is what you get for trying to be the good guy, Astoria thought bitterly, flicking a small stone.

A small draft blew in, and Astoria shivered rather vigorously. She guessed that she was probably somewhere between the mild and moderate stages of hypothermia. The guards didn't seem to care. They didn't do so much as bring her some extra blankets. She had been spending more and more time sleeping each day. The energy was draining out of her quickly.

Being in prison gave her lots of time for thinking. More time than she wanted, Astoria decided. She had driven herself mad with thought ranging from the meaning of life, to words that rhyme with "purple". And with each following day, Astoria's mind sunk deeper and deeper into insanity.

There were days when she would scream and cry, pounding on the walls, begging to be let out. Other days she would just sit in the corner with her head tucked into her knees. At times it even seemed that suicide might be the best option, although Astoria could never quite bring herself to do it.

"Maybe if I'm lucky, I'll die tomorrow," she muttered darkly. - -

"This story suddenly got depressing," said Leo.

Rachel frowned. "I'm sorry, could you write a better one?"

Leo Valdez said nothing. He simply scowled at the redhead, refusing to admit defeat.

Jason rolled his eyes. "Come on, Leo. Lay off it. I want to know what happens!"

Rachel smiled. "At least someone appreciates my work." The son of Hephaestus said nothing, he just continued to scowl.

"I like it, too," Piper said. "It's very creative. How did you get the idea?"

"I . . . I'm not really sure," she admitted, looking confused. "It was late last night, and all of a sudden I got this . . . this image in my head of this wizard school in England. Then the idea just built up."

"Was it a vision?" Annabeth asked, who happened to be walking by.

"No. No, I don't think so. It was different than that. Almost like it already happened."

"It did already happen. And by the way, you got Percy's birthday wrong."

Rachel blushed. "It wasn't meant to be an exact - - never mind. And no, I was referring to the wizards. I think they're older now. It's like something was blocking the vision and it got messed up."

"So you decided to get up at two in the morning, and write a story about our defeat of the Titans with wizards added in?" she demanded incredulously.

"Yeah, pretty much." Annabeth rolled her eyes. "I don't know. I just felt like it was important. Like these wizards would be able to help us somehow. We may have beaten Kronos, but what about Gaea? Maybe they can help us fight her."

Annabeth looked doubtful. "I don't know, Rachel. You're putting a lot on the line. Do you really think it would be worth traveling to England just to get ahold of a couple of wizards - - who may or may not exist - - just because they might be able to help us? Besides, we have enough to deal with at the moment. You know, like finding Percy, sailing to Greece, locating the Roman camp, fighting monsters that keep reforming, finding Percy. . ."

"You said 'finding Percy' twice."

"I know what I said!"

"We do need all the help we can get at the moment," Jason pointed out, although he, too, seemed skeptical.

"Anyway, it was a good story, even if it can't help us," Piper said.

Rachel said, "Yeah. It was, wasn't it? Do you know who would have really liked it? Nico. He was like the main character. Speaking of him, do we know where he is?"

Nico Di Angelo looked at his sister incredulously. "Are you sure about this?" he asked for the millionth time.

Biance rolled her eyes. "Yes!" she said, exasperated. "I've already told you. I know what I saw."

Her brother nodded. He didn't doubt her. "Where did you say they were from again?"


Thirteen-year-old Teddy Lupin stood outside of Olivander's Wand Shop. He checked his watch. It was eleven fifteen. What was taking her so long? He sighed dramatically, and pushed a strain of turquoise hair out of his face. Teddy, being a Metamorphmagus, could change his appearance any time at his will (provided that he had a certain amount of concentration,) but he liked turquoise the best.

Annoyed, he began to pace back and fourth impatiently. She should be done by now. What is taking her so long? he thought angrily, not realizing that his hair had just turned a shade of fiery red. He was beginning to seriously consider going inside of the shop himself to see what the holdup was all about, when he heard a voice shout.


Victoire Weasley came running over to him, beaming brightly. He silverly-blond hair shinned in the sunlight, and her large blue eyes seemed to sparkle with intensity.

"What took you so long?" the older boy asked.

"I'm sorry, Mum. It was just that, none of the wands worked for me, and he suspected that it might be because he didn't have the right materials. I was beginning to panic, but luckily, he had recently received a special wand made from Veela hair, the same as my mother's. So here it is, Purpleheart, ten centimeters, Veela hair, mildly springy," she said this all in what appeared to be one breath. Teddy could never figure out how girls managed to talk so quickly.

He opened his mouth to speak, but never got the chance, because before he could say anything, the two saw something very unusual. A young boy, around Teddy's age, seemed to just drop out of the shadows. There was no other way of describing it. It looked a bit like apparating, but there was no loud POP sound.

The boy appeared slightly dazed, he stumbled a bit as he walked, nearly falling over.

Victoire immediately ran to his side. "Are you okay?" she asked in a voice that was partly concerned and partly curious. "What happened? I've never seen anything like that before! Did you just apparate? Why was it so quiet? Is it a new type or something? Still, you seem too young. You look tired, are you sure you're alright?"

The boy shook his head a couple of times, then he looked around, taking in his surroundings. The look on his face was one of pure awe and amazement. "Oh my gods," he breathed quietly, not realizing that the girl had heard.

"Gods? As in plural?" she then noticed something that had gone unseen before. Victoire shrieked, and several concerned adults made their way over to them. The little girl took a couple of seconds to calm down. Finally, she said quietly, "you're splinched!"

Teddy looked, and sure enough, there was a large, nasty-looking bloody gash down the boy's arm. "He needs a doctor," Teddy declared.

But the boy wanted none of it. "No!" he cried, yanking his arm away from Victoire. "I'm fine!"

"You are not fine," he insisted, "you need help."

Victoire looked at the boy's leg as well. "He's hurt here, too!" she wailed.

Hearing the comotion, a couple of curious adults decided to check it out. Among the group were Victoire's family.

"Vat eez going on?" Fleur demanded. She pushed her way to the front of the crowd and gasped. "Victoire, get avay from heem!"

Dominique, Victoire's nine-year-old sister, stepped forward. She looked at the boy covered in blood. "Cool!" she declaired.

"No, eet eez not 'cool'! Victoire, come 'ere now!"

Bill caught up to his wife. He was carrying their youngest child, Louis. After having their kids, the two made a deal: Fleur could choose the names if Bill could pick the school.

"Dominique, get back 'ere!" Mrs. Weasley shreiked as the little girl stepped closer to the boy.

Seemingly deaf to her mother's call, Dominique Weasley reached out to touch the boy's injuries. And in a split second everything changed. Darkness seemed to swallow the boy whole, engulfing him like a dark, black sea. And once the shadow had cleared, the wizards made a terrible discovery: Teddy, Victoire, and Dominique were nowhere to be seen.

Whoa, bet you didn't see THAT coming!

Alas, out thrilling tale has come to a near end. There will be an epilogue shortly.

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