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I leaned my head against the window of the stationary airplane and gazed out at the tarmac at all of the other planes leaving the ground. I was surprised at the way the entire situation had turned out so far; I honestly believed that Nick would show up and declare his undying love for me and we would ride off into the sunset together.

Or at least something like that.

But he didn't, and now I was sitting in the semi-uncomfortable airplane seat contemplating how depressing my life would end up being starting that moment. What was even more depressing was that I didn't even have anyone sitting next to me on the plane (which was extremely rare) to distract me. I was destined to be a loner for the rest of my life.

I was pulled out of my angst-filled silence when one of the women I recognized from the desk outside of the terminal ran onto the plane, a little out of breath. She whispered something to the flight attendant and I watched as she raised her eyebrows. The flight attendant gave a nod and turned back to the passengers.

"Is there a Miley here?" she yelled, walking down the aisle of the plane.

I sat up slightly and replied, "Yes, I'm Miley. Is there something wrong?"

My hopes were raised and I attempted to keep from smiling too much. Nick had actually shown up. In that moment, I realized that I had never been convinced that he was going to show up; I thought that I was sure he would, but I guess that was just my heart getting the better of me.

The flight attendant, Mary, smiled and said, "You left your bag out by the chairs. Someone found it and turned it in and they found something inside that had your name on it. This is yours right?"

"Uh…yeah," I said slowly, my smile fading as I reached for the bag in her hand. I must have been so wrapped up in my head that when I grabbed my purse, I forgot my extra bag.

My heart sunk (or stopped, I wasn't entirely sure what that feeling in my chest was) and I just stared at the forgotten object as I put it in my lap. The girl gave me a weird look, like she didn't understand why I wasn't more happy about the fact that I didn't lose my bag, but then she walked away and signaled to her coworkers to get the flight going.

I felt the plane shift and before I knew it, we were slowly backing out and on our way to the runway. Suddenly, I felt all of my dreams for my future pretty much die; which does sound pathetic, but that was my life now. So Nick didn't show up, which now meant that I had to figure out how my life was going to go from now on.

I didn't want to spend the rest of my life in London, as much as I loved it, I knew that I belonged back in the United States eventually. Maybe I would spend a year away and get myself together, then go back. Although, it's not like I would be willing to go back to where Nick and Selena were living happily, probably engaged, or married (because that's just the way my life worked out).

I could always move to New York, I always loved the city; or Tennessee even, I could buy a cute house with a large amount of acreage and maybe even some horses. I would finally get my white-picket fence and I could even possibly meet my future husband, the guy that would make me forget about Nick.

'That's a good plan,' I thought quietly to myself as I settled into my seat. 'It may not be what I first imagined, but it was good enough for now.'

After making a quick stop in New York, the plane was off again to our scheduled destination and eleven hours later, I was stepping out of the London airport into the pouring rain. The only thing that had made me smile since the false alarm on the airplane was seeing Alexa and Kristen standing outside of their car, under umbrellas, with huge grins on their faces.

I quickly ran over and engulfed them in a huge hug. One of them, I wasn't sure which one because of all the rain and hair in my face, exclaimed, "I knew you would come back!"

"Yes, well, I can't stay in the same place for too long," I said quietly, forcing a laugh.

"Well get in!" Alexa said, gesturing to her car. It was weird seeing her get in on the 'wrong side'. I guess once you're an American, you're always an American.

"So, do you want to get a really late lunch?" Kristen asked, lounging in the front seat as she smiled back at me.

"Lunch?" I asked curiously. "Isn't it kind of early?"

They both laughed but then Kristen answered, "Miley, it's like four o'clock. Time change, remember?"

"Oh, right…"

"Is that a yes or a no?"

I shrugged, "Why not? I slept on the plane a little bit so I should be good for another couple of hours before I crash."

"Yay!" they both exclaimed happily and then they began to chatter away and I was able to tune them out somewhat. It was weird being back, it didn't feel right. It wasn't like when I went back to Los Angeles because then it felt like coming home after a very long vacation; here just felt unnatural.

The three of us had a quick meal that was dragged on by our endless conversation, though I wasn't as in to it as they were and when they asked about it, I blamed it on tiredness. They then forced me to go home and rest, so I was in a cab on my way back to the house that I never ended up selling when I dialed a familiar number.

"Hello?" Demi answered cheerfully.

"Hey Demi, it's not too early right? I have to get used to the time change again."

"Oh no, I'm already laying in the sun. It's absolutely wonderful."

"You're a lucky girl, I'm looking out into the depressing rain that is covering London right now. I would kill to be laying out by the beach."

I heard Demi pause, then she said, "So Nick didn't show up at the airport?"

"No," I replied, trying to sound as happy as possible because I obviously didn't want her honeymoon to be ruined by my nonexistent love life. "But it's fine, I guess he just wasn't my happy ending. I'm sure I'll find the right guy eventually."

"I just thought…I don't know, I guess I was pretty convinced that he would show up," she said quietly.

"You and me both. But really, I'm totally fine. I just wanted to call to check in and let you know that I got here safe and sound and I'll keep in touch."

"I'll come visit you as soon as possible, I promise."

"No, no. You need to enjoy your life as a married woman right now. Don't worry about me, Demi, I'm a big girl. I can handle it; you just need to focus on yourself and your life right now."

"My life includes you, you know!" she exclaimed while laughing. "You're my best friend, I'm going to visit you whether you like it or not."

"You are so difficult."

"Yeah, yeah. I've heard that before."

"So how is Joe?"

"Tired," Demi smirked. "I think I've already worn him out. He's still sleeping."

"What have I told you about things that fall under the category of 'too much information'? You really need a filter in your brain."

"And what have I told you about the fact that there is no such thing as 'too much information' between best friends?"

Her comment made me laugh because I guess she was right, nothing was too much between us. "I'm so happy for you, Demi. I really hope that you make me an aunt soon."

"Oh, no. Don't even start me on that; I'm waiting at least two more years before I even think about having kids that are going to have half of Joe's genes."

"They're going to be gorgeous kids."

"Yeah, and crazy. I definitely need a little more life experience before I can deal with that," she said with a laugh.

"You're going to be a great mom and wife," I sighed. "You better stop being so perfect before I get insanely jealous of your life."

Demi answered in a sympathetic tone, "Miles, you're going to find your guy and you're going to live happily ever after and I'll get to be your maid of honor. You just have to have a little faith."

"We'll see," I said softly.

I heard someone talking on the line, a voice that wasn't Demi's and then she said, "Joe's awake, sorry Miley but I have to go. We have a skydiving plane waiting for us, so we have to get ready."

"Oh of course! Just don't die when you jump out of the plane," I joked.

"I promise," she laughed, "I love you Miley, stay strong."

I rolled my eyes, "Yeah, yeah." And then I hung up my phone. The cab driver pulled to the side of the road and I realized that we had arrived at my house. I had been gone for so long that I didn't even notice we had gotten there.

I paid him the fee and said, "Thank you very much."

"Anytime, miss. Try and stay dry out in that rain."

I laughed, "I'll try." I climbed out of the car and ran as fast as I could to my doorstep. I had shielded my face from the rain but when I looked up, I was stunned by what I saw.

Nick was sitting, huddling underneath the overhang trying to avoid the rain, on my doorstep, waiting for me; he looked so innocent as he sat there, but so lost, like he wasn't sure if he really belonged there.

As I walked up, he noticed me and immediately stood up. "Miley!"

"Nick?" I asked slowly, not really quite believing that he was actually sitting there.

"I'm so, so sorry. I promise I tried to get there, but you can't imagine the bad luck that I had!" he exclaimed quickly, as if pleading with me to believe that he never meant to let me get on that plane back to London.

I took a deep breath and, still sort of unsure if he was just a hallucination, said, "Why don't we get out of the rain and go inside?"

He nodded and looked relieved at the fact that I was going to be willing to talk to him. I fumbled around in my purse for my keys and my hands trembled as I began to unlock my door. "Sorry if it feels…empty. I haven't been here in a while, obviously."

"It's fine to me," he said shyly, trying to keep out of my way as I began to turn on all the lights I could reach.

"Let's go to the living room…it's this way," I said awkwardly and I gestured to the room right off of the front entryway.

As he followed me, I immediately began to try and think of ideas on how to fill the awkward silence that had filled the room.

"Are you mad?" he asked tentatively, causing me to jump because part of me didn't expect him to say anything first.

I shook my head, but I thought over my reply before answering his question, "I'm just…confused. What happened?"

"Basically I got to the airport and they forced me to buy a ticket before I could get through security but of course by that time, I had just barely missed your flight. I literally watched it fly away from the window. I then took the next flight out here, which was an hour later, and then I actually had to find your house, which isn't as easy as it seems. So finally I've been sitting out here for an hour waiting for you to come home."

He said it all so quickly that I had trouble taking it all in. "So…what you're saying is that you chose me? You actually chose me?"

"Of course I chose you, Miley. I've made plenty of mistakes when it comes to you and, honestly, I'm tired of it. I just want to be with you and I know that now and I'm sorry for everything that I've ever done to you."

"You and Selena…are done? Because I swear to God, Nicholas, if this is some sort of cruel joke, I will murder you, and I won't make it quick."

He chuckled and took a hesitant step forward; a part of me wanted to take a step back, because I still wasn't sure if this was real or not, but I forced myself to stay where I was and I looked him straight in the eye, waiting to see what kind of reply he could come up with.

"We're done, Miles. We had a good talk, I said some things and she said some things, and we both decided that it wasn't worth it to keep the relationship going when there wasn't much left to salvage. I'm not letting you go this time, if you forgive me this time, I promise I won't hurt you again."

"You can't promise that," I said softly. "You've said that before and look where we are now."

Now Nick came so close that he intertwined our hands together and our noses were close to touching. He forced me to look directly at him and said, "It won't happen again. I love you too much to let it happen again. You were right, what you said yesterday, I haven't ever fought for you and I'm sorry, but that is going to change now and you're just going to have to trust me."

I raised my eyebrows, "Trust you?"

He rolled his eyebrows, "I know it's somewhat of a foreign concept for you, but I'd like it if you tried it out."

"I think I can try it," I smiled.

"Oh yeah?"


He then captured my lips in a fiery kiss that seemed to last forever, though this time I knew that if we wanted it to, it could. There was nothing stopping us, no significant others, or bodies of water separating our continents, or, most of all, Nick now seemed willing to let go of anything holding him back; all of his hesitations towards us being a couple.

I wrapped my arms around his neck as he wrapped his around my waist; I leaned my forehead so that it rested against his once we broke the kiss. "Can I please tell you that I love you?"

"Don't you think it's too soon?"

"Come on, Miles, it's us! It's always been there, you and I," he said while tucking a small strand of hair behind my ear. "So I'm going to ask again, can I tell you how much I love you?"

I sighed but nodded slightly, though I noticed that I couldn't help but let a small grin creep onto my face.

"Well good, because I love you, Miley. Forever and always."

"Forever and always, huh?"

"Pretty much; I always have."

"I'm glad then," I laughed, "because I love you too."

"…and?" he asked with a cheesy smile on his face, urging me to continue my statement as if I had something else to say.

I rolled my eyes and finally said, "Forever and always."

"So what now? Do you want to stay in London? Go back to California? Hide out in China? It's totally up to you."

I disentangled myself from him and strayed over to the window; I felt like that's what those troubled actresses did in their television shows or movies whenever they had to contemplate a difficult question. "I can't ask you to completely pick up your life just for me."

"Miley, you have to understand that I don't care what I have to do. Right now is about you and what's best for you, and I'll factor myself in."

"I just don't want to scare you off."

"Hey…" he said quietly, "I'm not going to get scared off, okay? I love you too much, remember?"

"Well then I want to stay here, in London. If that's okay."

"You better help me shop, then."

"For what?" I asked curiously.

"Well now that I've got you, there's no way I'm going to leave you here while I go back to California to get my stuff, so I'll just get all new stuff."

I laughed, "Nick, I'm not going anywhere if you leave for a little while. I'll just be here, most likely looking for a job."

"I'm not taking that risk," he winked, then he took the last couple of steps that separated us and wrapped me in his arms again. "So I like it here, it feels like home."

I scoffed, "Funny joke, this is just a place that I live sometimes when I'm running from life, I wouldn't really call it home."

"Then where is home?"

I thought about it for a minute, in fact I didn't even answer his question for a little while because I truly had to think about where I believed home to be. When I finally came up with what I thought was a good enough answer, I immediately pulled him aside and looked into his awaiting eyes.

"I guess home is where love is and right now, that's with you."


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