previously I have written for Reba this is my first desperate housewives fic, I hope you enjoy , I think it's a good story to start off a long line,

note: we are in boom crunch..well sorta , actually scratch that the epi before at the end when orson is talking with the other con ,that doesnt happen b/c he refuses to see lamar, karl is alive blah blah blah, but I'm bringing in the Katherine/ Robin story line in, I think that about covers it . I'm going to start at the next in- office session with Bree and Karl.

Chapter 1:

"What's our next move?" Bree asked

"I'll figure something out, don't worry," Karl told her

"Karl, he's blackmailing me!"Bree exclaimed" not to mention he thinks I'm cheating on him, which really hurts that he would mistrust me like that!"

"But you are cheating," Karl remarked

"I know, but Orson Knows the things I stand for yadda yadda,"

" AHH," Karl smiled, not really getting what she meant

"Anyway we need to be careful, Orson doesnt need to know he's right,"

"Why?"Karl questioned

"Because he's sure to include your name in the 'tax fraud' scheme," Bree explained

"That's it!" karl smirked, obviously not hearing a word she had said "We should skip town,"

"Karl I can't - we can't! we have our jobs and our friends,"Bree Pointed out

"We could leave town, and come back in a few years when the dust settles," Karl suggested

"I..I'll go," Bree agreed hesitantly, she didn't know what would happen after they left, there was no stability being offered, nothing, except for she knew she would feel loved.

"Good," Karl smirked, hugging her.

"We can leave tomorrow, Orson is going on another golf trip, he told me he's leaving around noon and should be back the next morning,"

"Which, from past experience, means he'll be back around eight," Karl remarked

"I'll pack up, tell him I want to go with him, and then at the last minute pull out," Bree plotted

"Perfect,"he laughed, kissing her "I'll see you tomorrow,"

"bye,"she smiled"I love you,"

"Love you too," he whispered, pecking her on the forehead

I know it's kinda short but I wanted to include only that as the first so im adding another chapter