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Bree approached Lynette's house, not understanding what was going on, all the women had acted awkward towards her, maybe things would be cleared up when she talked to Lynette.

"Lynette!" Bree called as she knocked, she waited a little longer and still no one answered, "I guess I can try later," she mumbled

As the morning progressed Bree made her way to the city jail.

"Hello," she smiled, greeting an officer," I'm here to post bail for a Mr. Orson Hodge,"

"Ma'am, his bail was posted early this morning, he's already been released,"

"By whom?" she asked, somewhat shocked.

Who would have posted his bail? Did he have a new girlfriend? Not that she cared or anything.

"I'm not permitted to give you that information," the man informed her

"That's my husband!" she lied," I would like to know who posted his bail,"

"Oh, I'm sorry miss I'll look it up right quick,"

"Thank you," she smirked

"It was a Mrs. Gloria Hodge," he answered

"That's quite impossible," she stammered," she's been dead for years!"

"I assure you it's quite possible," the officer mocked Bree, showing her a copy of Gloria's liscence.

"Well...I'll be damned," she muttered, shocked.

Orson awoke to a glass of cold water being thrown in his face

"Mother, must you?" he asked

"You slept too long," Gloria muttered," I can't believe you are still drinking over that…girl," she complained

"Bree wasn't just a girl, I loved her!" Orson exclaimed

"Well, obviously she didn't return your feelings, seeing as she left town with her divorce lawyer," she laughed, knowing she had hurt him.

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