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Anywho, this is based in England during the late 1700s to the late 1800s era. In other words, powdered wigs, big skirts, breeches, etc. Fai is 11 years old and Kurogane is 13 years old.

And now...

A Certain Saint Valentine's Day

Fai studied the tiny flower. It was pretty. Especially when it danced about like that in the breeze. It smelled good too. Much better than those dainty little girls in their ruffles and makeup. He'd often wondered how they could stand their own smell and if they could even smell anything other than themselves in the first place. Perhaps they couldn't smell at all. Ugh, perfume! He shook his head in disgust at the memory of the stuff.

Then he sighed. He was a bit lonely. There weren't any boys his age around the manor so he had no one to play with, is breeches itched like a horde of ants had decided to take up residence in them, and he was so incredibly hot, his clothes were nearly soaked with sweat. Well, not really, but it certainly felt like it. February was a winter month, it was not supposed to be hot!

At least he'd been able to find a relatively shady spot in a small indenture made by the roots of a large willow tree by the bank of the DeWinter Lake, his family's lake. A couple swans were nuzzling each other as they glided elegantly across the smooth, glassy surface disturbing the water. How he longed to be one of those beautiful creatures. It would be a perfect dream to just spread his wings and fly away from this place in search of adventure.

Especially on St. Valentine's Day.

He moaned, curling his legs up to his chest and dropping his head on his knees. He hated Valentine's Day. Girls everywhere, mothers too. If only he were here. That handsome, young boy with the black, untamable hair, red eyes, tan skin, and-

"Excuse me."

Fai jumped at the unexpected voice. "Oh, good afternoon," he answered formally, turning to his unwelcome guest…only to do a double take. "Kurogane?" he half shouted in surprise.

The newcomer winced and cast a hurried glance behind him. "You damn blonde, not so loud. They'll find me."

"They?" Fai inquired, curiosity peaked.

Kurogane glared at him like he was stupid. "Yes 'they'. The girls, you idiot."

Immediate understanding. "Ooooh, I see. So Kirgy-puu was running from the girls. Quite a ladies' man aren't you?"

The dark boy growled. Then swung around to look behind him and made a small cry of dismay before he leapt into Fai's hiding place. Mere moments later, a flock of giggling, squealing girls pranced passed. Not that Fai could see them. Not that he could even actually hear them. He was a bit…distracted by…other things.

Such as the weight of a rather ruffled and blushing Kurogane.

He gulped. "Um…" He didn't know what to say.

Kurogane didn't seem to mind the situation too much, relatively speaking. He blushed bright red, but recovered quickly once the girls were gone. Sitting up quickly, he struggled to his feet and offered Fai a hand up as well. Blushing furiously, Fai complied to the silent request and they both settled down again under the willow tree.


Awkward silence.

"So…how have you been?" Fai asked.


"Good, good."


"So today's St. Valentine's Day."

"Yes. Yes it is," Kurogane muttered.


Finally Fai couldn't take it anymore. He got up, crawled onto Kurogane's lap, cupped the other boy's face in his hands, and kissed him faster than the assaulted boy could blink.

Kurogane sat in stunned silence as the blonde on his lap kissed him. He was still speechless when Fai pulled away, bright red splotches covering his ivory cheeks. "H-Happy Valentine's Day, Kurogane."

Regaining some of his control, the red eyed boy grunted. "You didn't do that right," he said smugly, folding his arms across his chest in an annoyed fashion.

The sky blue eyes lifted to meet his hesitantly. "What do you mean? I didn't do what right?" a small, hesitant voice asked in a slightly offended tone.

"The kiss. You didn't do it right."

If Fai wasn't red before, he sure was now. He gulped. "R-really?"


"Oh. W-Well then, would you do me the honor of," he swallowed again, "showing me how to kiss properly, Mister Kurogane?"

"Eh, I guess."

Fai hardly had time to blink before his face was captured and yanked back so his lips locked with his crush's once again. He expected it to be brief. He should have remembered. Kurogane lived to disprove expectations. He moaned when a clumsy tongue forced its way into his mouth and yelped when he felt Kurogane roll over so he was now sandwiched between the warm body above him and the earth beneath him. He whimpered in embarrassment. Then the kiss was broken, leaving the two participants gasping for breath.

"W…Where did you learn…to do that?" Fai gasped as he met his friend's eyes in mixed shock and pleasure.

"My parents," came the breathless reply. "They left the door open one night and I watched them."

Fai blushed, he seemed to be doing that a lot whenever he was near this particular boy. "You…You watched them kiss?"

"I saw more than that, trust me," the elder boy assured.

Fai cocked his head. "What more is there other than kissing?" he asked innocently.

Kurogane stared at the boy beneath him. "You really don't know?"

Fai shook his head negatively. "No, should I?"

"You mean, you've never secretly watched your parents when they were alone in the bedroom?" Another negative shake of that blonde head. Kurogane sighed. "I guess I'll have to educate you one of these days."

"Why not now?" the blue eyed youth inqured.

The brunette blushed. "Because you're not old enough. When you're sixteen, then I'll show you."

"But I'm already eleven years old. Why can't you show me now?" Fai whined, squirming underneath his dark haired friend.

"Not 'till you're older. Sorry."

"How old?"

"Sixteen, at least." Standing, Kurogane helped his blonde friend up from the ground and watched as those ivory hands viciously brushed off any dirt from the elegant, pale blue jacket over Fai's white, ruffled shirt.

"You're mean, Kurgy-burgy," Fai muttered.

"No nicknames."

"I shall continue to call you nicknames until you show me what happens after kissing," Fai said resolutely with a smug smile on his angelic face.

Kurogane slapped his head. Heaven forbid.

"There they are!"

Both boys turned around just in time to see a group of girls racing towards them. They both paled and fled as fast as their feet could carry them.

Fai hated St. Valentine's Day. Hated, as in past tense. He loved it now because every time he thought of it, he remember the first two kisses he'd ever given away to a certain black haired, red eyed, tan skinned young man who had made a promise to him.

He struggled through the years, taking advantage of every chance he got to kiss his crush knowing, hoping that when his sixteenth St. Valentine's Day, he would learn what happened after kissing.

A promise that did not go unfulfilled.

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