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Chapter 5

When Fai finally stirred, the first thing he noticed was that it was pitch dark. Curious, he sat up and took in his surroundings, the groaned in annoyance. Nighttime already. Did he really sleep all day? Oh, he would be in for it tomorrow. But right now, he was wide-awake. He briefly considered going back to his warm, comforting bed but quickly dismissed it knowing it would take forever to fall asleep.

Instead, he lit a candle and reached for the letter young Syaoron had left on his mantelpiece above the marble fireplace. He picked it up and strode over to a comfortable armchair by the bay window that faced over the night-scape of Lake DeWinter.

He studied the unfamiliar lettering scrawled on the envelope before flipping it over to break the simple, candle wax seal. Nothing elaborate. No official seal of an aristocrat, nothing. Fai cocked an eyebrow in interest. Whoever sent this was either poor or didn't wish to be known by the casual reader.

But if that's so, then why send it to me? he wondered.

The note inside was short and obviously written in a hurry. Fai had to hold the paper close to the light in order to make it out clearly. That's when it hit him. The letter was written in French.

My dear brother,

I hope everything is going well for you in England. It's insane here. Every day there are mobs breaking in to buildings, people being killed, and…

Forgive me, I ramble. I am writing this to beg you to help my sisters and me. I believe we've been discovered by the revolutionaries. I know Freya is strong but it's Chi I fear for. She is so young and innocent. Her mind is still as slow as always but everyday I am surprised by her unique perspective on things.

Please, dear brother, if there is any way you can use your connections to get us out of here, then do so as quickly as possible. You can reach me through Arturo Mazarini. He's a friend.

I miss you dear brother. I'm sorry I never wrote you before this but I deemed it too soon and too dangerous .I hope to make up for lost time when we see each other once again little brother. I always regretted sending you away from here, but I knew then, as I know now, that it was the wise thing to do. Please forgive you brother and have mercy. Think of your sisters. Help me at least get them out of here before it's too late.

Forever yours at heart,

Fai DeWinter

It took Fai a few moments of shocked silence to register that he was crying. Fai, his brother, his twin, his perfect twin, was alive. After all these years…

Fury filled him and he struggled to contain his shaking. His mother had lied to him. She'd lied. She said he was the only one to survive. Her Fai, her precious Fai. That bitch!

But wait, what if she truly believed the real Fai and his siblings were dead? What if she honestly didn't know they were alive and well in France? She had mourned the loss of "Yuui" and had kept her "Fai" close ad within her grasp. Ashura had been a good father before he'd died in the blaze that supposedly killed his sibling as well.

She had immediately returned to England and raised "her Fai" in her own manner before remarrying a weak man whom she doted on, and ruled over from the shadows.

Fai swallowed heavily and drew deep steady breaths in an effort to calm himself. Now was not the time to lose his cool. Now was the time to watch, plan, and eventually act. First things first.

Fai took out a suitable sized bag and began packing for the just-in-case scenario. His twin, his long lost twin, needed him. And Freya, she must have her hands full with little innocent Chi. A small smile tugged at his lips as he remembered his youngest sister. Chi was blonde just like Freya, but her eyes were a light shade of blue. She was rarely seen without a smile and Fai had often wondered if she was incapable of thinking ill of another person. He'd often wondered if she could think at all. But he'd learned quickly that although Chi was slow, she was not stupid.

Freya, the ever-protective sister. Her dark gold hair and midnight blue eyes were hard as ice, but warm and welcoming to trusted friends and family. She would most likely be the mother of their makeshift family.

And Fai must be the father. Fai… Fai was his, Yuui's twin in every respect. They were bother gentle, quiet, but Fai had been restrained. He was careful of what he said and whom he said it to. He was not as outgoing as Yuui and never had been as far as Yuui could remember.

I wonder what part I'll take in their family? Or will I be welcomed at all?

Yuui…Fai shook away those damning thoughts and continue his preparations through the night. He debated whether or not to tell his mother, Shashi, or Tennou, his half-brother, but decided against it. What about Kurogane?

…Yes, what about Kurogane?

They had only just become lovers the night before. He couldn't just leave him hanging like that. A tear slipped down Fai's cheek at the thought. No, he couldn't let that happen. What if he took Kurgy with him? No, no, that would never work. It'd be hard enough sneaking himself into France without having to worry about another person.

Fai smirked as he thought of the obvious reaction he'd receive from his red eyed lover if he ever heard that particular thought.

It seemed Fai would have to drop a few hints here and there and hope the Scarlet Pimpernel would do something about it. But in the mean time, Fai would not be idle. He would wait to see what happens, and if nothing satisfactory occurred in a week at the very least, then he would go to France on his own.

Now, to look into this Arturo Mazarini.

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