AN: Don't panic! I know it has bad grammar and it's an example of horrendous writing, but this was the first edition from two years ago! This was actually my first fanfic ever, so that is why it's been on this site for two years. I decided to redo it, just because it was kind of a good idea. So if you want to see how far I've come in two years, read this chapter, then don't be scared and go ahead to chapter two. I promise it's not anything like this.

I knew that if he touched me or if I touched him, we would die. That's why I keep identity a secret. I love him, but I don't want him to die. I can die that is fine with me, but he can't. When that evil witch did this to me I could have killed her, but she killed herself. So there is no way I can break this curse. I am stuck like this forever. I have searched for a cure, but there is none. Oh well. I will just live my life. Outcast as a no one. As a face in the crowd. I am not known to anyone. I have black hair, no odangos one bun on the back of my head like Pluto. No one cares. They don't have to. I don't even. I am always around him, just to see him. He doesn't know it though. I am just another of his maids. I work through the halls. Dusting, sweeping, washing windows and getting fingerprints off mirrors. No one notices me. No one.

I was doing my normal thing. When it happened. I was in the hall cleaning a mirror, he walked by. I kept my face hidden, but he looked in the mirror. He saw my face. He kept walking for about two steps. Then he stopped and turned around. The mirror was clean, so I turned so he only saw my back and left. He didn't come after me. I guess he just thought he was seeing things. Oh my Darien. I almost cried, but then I got back to work. That night I had a dream. Actually, more of a flashback. The witch was chanting the words. I was right in front of her.

"Until the time your love may break, his touch your life will take. The touch of love from him to you, will do more than you want it to." The witch chanted. We did have proof it would kill us, If you were wondering. The curse let us touch once. We both became very ill, the witch gave us the cure for the sickness and warned us. Then she killed herself. The hag.

It occured to me that the cure would be for us not to be in love anymore. But that will never happen. I don't think so anyway. Otherwise he wouldn't look for me. I hear from other maids that he has had a search team out for the princess since the day she disappeared. He didn't bother to search his own castle though. Sometimes when no one is around and the guards aren't at his door. I go in his room while he is sleeping. He looks like an angel. He has nightmares though. Once he erupted screaming my name once. It frightened me. I left his room quickly that time. The generals were coming to make sure he was alright and I hid in the shadows until they went in. Then I left.

The second time he caught sight of me I was very worried. I was walking down the hall and all of a sudden he appeared. Just right in front of me. I was very startled. I looked straight into his eyes then and I know he got a good look at me. I bowed quickly and muttered, "I am sorry, your highness." I went around him and I know he watched me leave. I think he really had a suspicion, then. But he really started to take action the next time.

I had told my self to never let that happen again. One day though I couldn't help it. My old self came out. I slipped on a rug and landed flat on my back. He had seen the whole thing and ran over. "Are you okay, miss?" He asked. There I was, my back was killing me, and I saw him lean over me. I knew he was going to try to help me up. His face was gorgeous, I wanted to kiss him badly. After a second or two of him seeing my face a look of shock came upon his face. He was feeling the familiarity I was. I stood up quickly, being careful not to touch him. He reached out to grab my arm and I quickly pulled away. I ran down the hall in the other direction. He started after me. I turned left then right. I opened a storage room and quickly shut the door. He turned the corner to look for me, didn't see me anywhere, so just turned around and walked away. I came out of the closet and heard him say. "Put a castle wide search for a maid. She has long black hair and blue eyes. Now! Don't let anyone leave the castle."

I was in for it now. There was no way out. Then I remembered the luna pen. I had to get to my room without anyone noticing me. I couldn't leave by the hall I came. I had to go another way. I found out guards were in the other hall. I felt cold air hit me. I looked up. The vent! I grabbed a chair and climbed up. I knew the castle well enough I found my room in no time. I got down from the vent and grabbed my bag with all my moon things are in. I climbed back to the vent, right as the guards came in my room. The saw no one was there and left. I got out of the vent. I decided I would have red eyes and long red hair. "Luna Pen Disguise!" I called. Then I casually walked out into the hall. I was safe for now.

He didn't notice me anymore. I always noticed him. In the halls, at dinner, anywhere else. I missed him noticing me though. A little at least. He looked a little worn down though and a little lonely. After they couldn't find the maid he gave up hope. One night when I was watching him sleep he woke up. I ran for the attached bathroom. He started cursing. "Serena! Why don't you just come back? Huh?" I thought he knew who I was but he didn't. "Serena! Where are you?" He sat down on his bed and started crying. He was getting very mad at me now. Maybe our love wouldn't last forever. Maybe.

One day I answered the door and a messenger from the moon was there. I was a little surprised. "A gift from the Queen of the Moon for Prince Darien." he said. I accepted the gift and thanked him. Darien wasn't there at the moment so I took it to his room. I didn't think any more about it. I figured my mother was telling him thank you for helping search for me.

The next day I was cleaning his room and saw the he had opened the package. It was a mirror and I thought that was very strange. It was gorgeous though. I finished his room and left. The rest of that day was normal. I cleaned, ate, and went to bed. It was the next day I should have been worried about.

I was cleaning the mirror in the hall that had been replaced by the mirror the queen gave him. I didn't look at the reflection, I just cleaned it. I looked at the inscription at the bottom. It said "Know who you are". I was kinda weirded out by that. Then I looked at the reflection. I screamed. It was me in the mirror. I mean me, me. I had blonde hair blue eyes and I was me! I COULD HAVE DIED!!! That was just like my mother send him a magic mirror. I wonder what he saw. After a second of shock I started cleaning it again. It had my fingerprints on it, so I had to. Then he walked by. He looked at me. I tried to get out of the view of the mirror, but he saw the princess in the mirror. His eyes grew wide with shock.

"Grab her!" He yelled as soon as he saw me beginning to run. The generals took after me and I ran faster than I had ever run before. Down the halls and to the left then the right. I couldn't shake them. I ran into the bathroom and locked the door. It was time to give up seeing him. At least for a while. I went out the window and didn't look back.

Well 3 weeks later Darien needed someone to run his schedule for him and be his secretary. I applied and got the job. I would work very close to him, but he wouldn't touch me hopefully. I made my eyes light blue almost white and light brown hair. I looked very good, it was one of my best disguises.

Everything was going good, I got to laugh with him, talk with him, and almost pretend everything was normal. Then one day the greatest thing in the world happened. Or so I thought. We were alone in his room and it was just beautiful.

"Usako. I wanted to tell you something." He said to me. "I-I-I like you. A lot. Actually I love you." He said this blushing. I was shocked. He didn't love me-the princess-anymore!

"What about the princess?" I asked him.

He sat down at this. "I don't love her anymore. If she really loved me, she would be here right now! I hate her! I hate her for torturing me and I hate her for not caring! I have left her in the past now! I love you now!" Then I realized that our love had broken. I think because he wasn't technically in love with me. I did something I hadn't done in a long, long time. I kissed him. It was long and beautiful. I loved him. And you know what I didn't die. I didn't even hurt!

"Darien do you really hate the princess?"


"Then....I guess I have some bad news." I grabbed my bag and ran to the hall mirror. He looked in the mirror at me. He saw the princess standing there. He took a step back. I got out the luna pen and changed into myself. He looked at me for a long time. I guess he didn't know what to do.

"Darien you don't understand why I was gone. I mean actually I wasn't gone. That black-haired maid, the red-haired maid, and your secretary. I used the Luna pen. I couldn't touch you or we would die. You remember that old witch that cured of us of that disease? She put a curse on me. If we touched we would die. We can touch now because you fell in love with someone else. Not me."

"I don't know Serena. I just don't know. Why didn't you just tell me? We could have at least talked then!"

"You know we would have wanted to do more than that! You know it! I always did! I knew with you always there you would too!"

"Maybe. I don't know. I don't love you anymore, not after that! I don't want to see you! Not anymore!" He yelled then he walked off.

"Darien.." I whispered and broke out in tears. I ran off towards the door of the house. I ran into the generals.

"Princess! What are you doing here? Does the Prince know you are here?"

"Yes. I have always been here. As his maids and secretary. Just please point me towards a way to the moon!"

6 months later I am on the moon and I have been in bed for the last month. I am sick with depression. I wonder how Darien is. I think about him all the time. I have lost a lot of weight, but I am sick. Mother told me we are going to the Earth. To visit but, I doubt she can get me out of bed.

Okay, she got me out of bed and we are on Earth. We are about to go to the palace. I am going to be forced to see him again. I guess it won't be bad for me, but it will be for him. Here we go.

"Hello Darien!" my mother says like a cue to me.

"Hello." I say. He kissed my mother's hand he doesn't even bother to look at me. I ignore him too. But I still look at him with longing eyes.

"It is nice to see you Serenity. I am glad you came. I wanted to tell you how much I loved that mirror you sent me. It revealed so much." He said the last line looking at me. He said it in an angry tone.

"Darien. I must tell you how glad I am to be here. The Earth is so beautiful." My mother said this. She had something up her sleeve. I could tell. Then her communicator went off. "Oh I must take this." She walked off leaving us alone.

"Well," I said, "How are you?"


"Good. Good."

"Yeah whatever." He said. He really didn't want me there I could tell. I didn't really want to be there either, but I didn't really have a choice. Then my mother came back.

"Darien, I think you two should wait for me in your bedroom. I will be there in a sec."

"Sure." Why his bedroom? What was my mother up to? We went to his bedroom. After we walked in I sat on his bed. Then the doors slammed shut and I heard a key.

"What?" I ran to the door and tried to open it. "Mother!" I ran to the windows they were locked too. Great. Stuck with him. He might kill me!

"Great stuck with you." He said coldly.

"Listen, Darien. I didn't want to leave you. Why do you think that I stayed around the castle? To torture you? Don't you think I would have told you if I could? Why do you think I have been in bed for the last month? Because I'm lazy?" The last part slipped out. I didn't want him to know that.

"Well... I just... You left me alone for so long! And when I kept seeing you! The eyes in the hall when you tripped, when you came in at night and watched me, when you suddenly appeared in the mirror! I thought I was going crazy!"

"Wait! You knew I was watching you at night? How did you know?"

"Serena, when I woke up that once I thought I was dreaming you. That's why I yelled."

"Darien. I love you."

"I love you too." Then we kissed. It was great. My mother let us out of the room. The rest of the visit was great. Well, you know the rest of the story.

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