Chapter 1

We Need More Trios

Tamaki watched the freshman trio of the Host Club with concentration that could only be matched by a scientist. In a way, it fit, since he was analyzing, pondering, observing.

"Mommy, why is it that Haruhi and the twins are so close and so popular? It seems that most of this love comedy revolves around them," Tamaki observed, never taking his eyes off of his subjects. He was sitting on a couch, watching as Hikaru and Kaoru teased Haruhi affectionately, Haruhi looking annoyed, but still managing to somewhat play along.

Kyoya rolled his eyes inwardly, stopping his writing. Why must he always insist on calling me that? And does he still believe that we're in some romantic comedy? Kyoya thought to himself. He answered coolly, "I suppose good things just come in threes."

Tamaki observed in silence for another minute, until something finally clicked. "That's it, Kyo!" he exclaimed, causing the entire club to watch him. Luckily, the customers had already left. Tamaki hit his signature pose, with his right index finger pointing up and near his cheek, explaining professionally, "In order to raise our club's popularity, we need to become trios in each grade! After all, the more the merrier, I always say! Just look at my daughter and her brothers, they're setting the perfect example! No wonder Haruhi's a natural, she has the magic power of three!"

Hunny cocked his head to the side, pausing from eating his cake. "What does that mean, Tamaki?"

"It means that starting right now, Kyoya, Hunny, Mori, and I need to recruit one more host from our grade!"

"Eh, what about us, Milord?" the twins asked, bored from being left out.

Tamaki shook his head. "Obviously, you're already a trio."

Identical smirks appeared on their faces. "But you just said the more the merrier..."

Tamaki flushed. "Well, I suppose I did-"

"Great! So the first hosts to recruit a new member win!"

Hunny looked utterly confused, but excited. "We better get started, Takashi!"


Now Tamaki was confused. "B-bu-b-but, I never said anything about a contest-"

"The winners may receive the middle school photos I still have of Haruhi." Kyoya held them up like a deck of cards, Haruhi preparing herself for another long school week with the Host Club.

"Let the competition begin!" Tamaki announced.

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