Chapter 4

Gender Bender

Just three days, and it was the weekend. But what days they were! The Davidson brothers had begun to learn more about the Host Club's secrets, and made it even more popular than ever.

Hikaru and Kaoru had begun to tease Riley about his weirdness, and laughed as the boy tried to snap back, his huge eyes never allowing him to look truly mad for too long.

Hunny had tried to get Alex to eat some cake, but every time, Alex refused. He mumbled something about not liking sweets, but never right in front of Hunny. Alex had learned that Hunny was a martial arts master, and took his sweets seriously. Alex was much too smart to not be careful about what he said around the boy.

Charlie was constantly being cooed at by Tamaki, Haruhi usually right by his side, enduring the compliments with him. He didn't seem to mind too much, but made sure to establish some boundaries and limits.

On the other hand, the Davidson brothers had gotten used to the fact that Haruhi was a girl. In fact, it didn't seem to bug them at all, but seemed to make them closer.

Riley sat next to her in all their classes, making sure that Haruhi was bugged to no end by not only the Hitachiin Twins, but now Riley as well. Some examples: "Haruhi, I don't understand the homework!" "Where did my pencil go?" "Haruhi, Kaoru is bugging me!" "I swear, I can't find my pencil!" "Why can't I sit with you in the classroom for lunch, Haruhi?" "Seriously, where is my freaking pencil?! … Oh, there it is! Silly me, it was in my lap the whole time! I can't believe I made you look for it for five minutes." The past three days had been a living hell for the commoner girl.

Charlie would often talk with Haruhi, giving her a rest from the wacky antics of the Host Club. They talked about simple things: the weather, school, etc. But Charlie's favorite thing to talk about with her was food. Haruhi learned that Charlie was training to be a chef, since one day he would take over his mom's fine dining business. He was passionate about cooking, and Haruhi herself, being a fan, instantly found that it was easy to be herself around him.

Alex was much like Kyoya, only older. He rarely talked to Haruhi, but would often warn her that Kyoya might add something to her debt. At first she ignored it, but after some time, she realized that Alex was always accurate, and began to take his advice. Besides that, Haruhi rarely talked to the boy, just silently watched him every once in a while.

Now, though, it was Friday, and everyone could have two days to himself or herself. However, Haruhi still had a few more minutes to endure as Riley decided he would take the subway with her home. At first, the others had decided they wanted to come too, minus Riley's older brothers and Kyoya, but Haruhi quickly pointed out that they didn't have tokens, and she and Riley didn't have enough for them.

Haruhi stood in silence as she grasped the pole, Riley on her opposite side. Riley was relatively quiet, watching with interest at the people who got on and got off. He laughed softly at a man who claimed to "read people's palms". Riley decided that it was worth a shot and let the man closely examine his hand.

Haruhi watched with slight interest as the man nodded, explaining, "You will have a secret of yours revealed soon, and you have met your true love already."

Riley puzzled over the thought, returning to where Haruhi stood. "A secret, huh?" he mused to himself, seeming to ignore the part about his romantic life.

Haruhi shrugged it off, but somewhere in her mind, the man's word echoed. You have met your true love already. Riley had met her… Haruhi shook the thought out of her head. She couldn't even begin to think of Riley like that, it was more likely that she liked Hikaru… Haruhi mentally slapped herself. Her thoughts were getting way out of hand.

"Hey, Haruhi." She felt a light tap on her shoulder, and saw Riley was the source. He smiled. "Sorry, but you looked like you zoned out for a second."

"Oh, thanks."

Silence consumed a few minutes, Haruhi still mentally scolding herself for even being tempted to think about that, and Riley blissfully unaware.

Finally, Riley began to feel uncomfortable, and broke the ice. "So, are you going to the expo at the outlet mall?"

Haruhi blinked. She told him, "I was thinking about it, and I might stop by. Why?"

"Oh, I'm going. They always have awesome and crazy foods that I know Charlie loves, and there's always something serious I can get Alex for his birthday."

Haruhi faintly smiled. They really did care about each other, even if they didn't want to admit it. And it seemed that the Davidson brothers were used to the middle-class, and didn't flaunt that they were probably rich enough to buy Haurhi's apartment with their allowance. She nodded, telling the boy, "My dad won't be home on the weekend, and so I'll probably stop by around lunch."

Riley replied a little too quickly not to be suspicious, "Ah, what a shame, I'll probably be gone by then!"

Haruhi raised an eyebrow. She decided not to press the matter further, as her stop was next. Riley got off with her, heading off towards a gated community, waving her goodbye as he ran off.

Haruhi sighed, relieved as she sank into her bed. Finally, a little quiet time for herself.

Tamaki was up bright and early with most of the rest of the Host Club, minus Kyoya and the Davidsons, who apparently "couldn't make it". How did Haruhi know this? Simple, they had shown up at her door just as she was finishing breakfast, asking if she was ready to take them on a trip to the commoners' expo. 'Damn rich bastards,' Haruhi thought to herself, 'Ruining my weekend.' It didn't help that her father had hidden all her clothes except her girlier ones, so now the club cooed at how cute she looked.

It was true that she had planned to stop by the expo, maybe even catch a glimpse of Riley, but she had not intended to spend the entire time dragging the club around, trying to keep them out of trouble.

Of course, the group became hungry soon, and insisted that Haruhi take them to a commoner's ice cream stand. She grumbled, but lead them over to a food court, all of them ooh-ing and ahh-ing at the different fast food being served. Finally, Haruhi dragged them into a line for ice cream, the person in front of them had bright orange headphones on, and she was listening to an ITouch.

They quickly became impatient, Haruhi constantly trying to calm them down. After a while, Hikaru and Kaoru both became bored, and decided to examine the girl in front of them. She was two inches or so shorter than them, and her blond hair was short and slightly spiky. She bobbed her head in time to the music, the front of her face not seen.

She wore designer clothing, which lead Hikaru and Kaoru to wonder what she was doing in a commoner's outlet mall. Her clothes were vibrant, and she wore a neon orange tank top covered by an equally neon green mini-hoodie. Her denim miniskirt was over orange and dark green striped leggings, and her Converse were a shade of highlighter lime green, a shade lighter than her mini-hoodie. Her green and orange bangles were mixed and jangled on her right hand, as she stepped forward to take her order, taking off her headphones and allowing them to rest on her neck like a necklace.

"She seems familiar," the twins mused, catching the other's attention.

Tamaki agreed, but was stumped. "I know I've seen that hair before…"

Hunny noticed, "She really likes bright clothing."


Haruhi mulled it over in her head. It was on the tip of her tongue, but it couldn't be…

Her voice was a little low for a girl's, but still too high for a male's as she ordered, "One single scoop mint chocolate chip in a sugar cone, please." The voice was loud, without hesitation.

It clicked simultaneously for all the hosts. "Riley?!"

The girl turned around slowly, in mid-lick, revealing an amazing figure and huge emerald eyes with mascara and eyeliner, and one orange and one lime green clip in her hair. She gulped hard, chuckling nervously. "I have some explaining to do, don't I?"

Riley sighed as she sat down at the table, waiting for the Host Club to get settled, ignoring their complaints about how hard the commoners' seats were. She had already called Alex and Charlie, and they could be seen jogging towards the group. Kyoya walked behind them, surprised.

Alex wore a gray V-neck sweater, dark blue jeans, and black boots, her hair kept back with a black headband. Charlie had on a blue and green striped long-sleeved shirt, a pair of worn skinny jeans, and dark green Converse. Her hair was simply down.

Riley told them right off the bat as the new arrivals got settled, "Just to make sure we're clear, we aren't trannys, we're girls."

Alex rolled her eyes at Riley's comment. "Any questions before we explain?" she asked, her elegant eyes landing on every host one by one.

Tamaki piped up, "Kyoya, why didn't you tell us?"

"... I didn't know..." That was news for the club.

Charlie nodded. "We're registered as boys at Ouran."

"You see, it all began with a bet with our parents," Alex began, observing the hosts' reactions.

Riley continued, "Our parents love to mess with us, so they decided to bet a year's worth of Pocky that we couldn't go a year as boys in Ouran, and that stuff ain't cheap, you think."

Alex corrected her, "She meant to say, 'you know'."

"We accepted, got our hair cut, and figured that since no one knew us, it would be a breeze. But unfortunately, you all found out. Looks like Mom and Dad won," Charlie added.

The Host Club sweat dropped. Kaoru repeated, "Your parents bet you couldn't pass for boys?"

"Yup," Riley nodded, finishing her ice cream. "And face it, we had you all fooled."

Charlie told them, "I used my nickname to apply for Ouran. My real name is Charlotte."

"I'm Alexandria."

The hosts looked expectantly at Riley, who was taking the final bite of her sugar cone. "Hey don't look at me, my name really is Riley."

"So, how did you hide your-" Hikaru bit his tongue, not comfortable with the subject, but wanting to know.

Haruhi offered, "Figure?" The rest of the club had to admit it had crossed their minds.

Alex shrugged, replying, "Medical tape and large shirts."

"Any more questions?" Riley asked.

"...You were girls all this time?!" Tamaki went off on a never-ending rant, complaining that they shouldn't have lied to Daddy like that, and something about wanting his girls to show the other students and blossom.

Kyoya ignored him, asking, "So, do you plan to continue to act as boys like Haruhi?"

"Well duh, it's kind of too late to back out now," Riley told him, watching as Tamaki paused, realizing he was being ignored.

Alexandria added, "And the bet was to pass off as boys at Ouran, so as long as thus little secret doesn't get out, we can still win."

"Daddy won't stand for this! You need to show the school and embrace your femininity! Be a good influence on Haruhi!"

Riley ignored Tamaki as she stood up from the table, telling everyone, "Well, it's been a blast, but I'm going back to the expo."

Hikaru and Kaoru smirked. "Good idea, we should all go together, and help you ladies shop."

"Mommy! Those pesky doppelgangers are picking on my daughters!"

The Davidson sisters looked at each other briskly, and then curtly replied in harmony, "On second thought, I already have plans."

All three walked away in opposite directions, the Host Club watching, stunned. As the three girls disappeared into the crowd, Tamaki told the Host Club, "We need to spend some family time, and help my newest daughters embrace their femininity! Any ideas?"

Haruhi sighed, sinking into her chair as the club began brainstorming. This was going to be a very long school year.

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