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Pokemon Zircon:Journey in Kanto
Chapter 1: Setting Out

It's a beautiful day in the region of Kanto where unique pokemon love to thrive in the oceans, forests and grasslands that are there, but our journey begins in the small town of Pallet Town. There in a small house lies an aspiring trainer who has finally turned ten and will receive her very first pokemon from Professor Oak. Her name is Rebecca who has set her sights on becoming top coordinator in the Kanto region. She had long brown hair reaching slightly below her shoulders. She wore a light pink shirt with short white khaki jeans. Right now she was packing the necessities needed that were in order for her journey. Inside her white knapsack held the following items:antidotes, pokemon food, journal, poffin case, sleeping bag, and a couple of potions.

"I'm all packed for today," Rebecca exclaimed happily. Pikachu sitting next to her replied with a happy cry. She headed towards the front door to see her parents, Ash and Misty Ketchum, waiting for her.

"Today's your big day," Ash said.

"So be careful okay," Misty added. She became a bit teary eyed to see her only daughter about to leave for who knows how long.

"I will," Rebecca reassured her mother. Before she was able to exit her home, she felt a hand placed upon her shoulder. She turned around and the person revealed to be Ash. In his other hand he seemed to have a small device.

"Rebecca, here take this," Ash carefully placed the item into his daughter's hands. Rebecca questionably looked at the item before her. It was a red and white object which resembled a phone.

"What's this?"

"It's a pokegear," Ash began." It has a phone, map, and everything built right in."

"Wow thanks you guys,"she said. "I'll see you later." After that being said, she set out on her way to Professor Oak's laboratory in hopes of receiving her very first pokemon. About ten minutes later, Rebecca finally reached the laboratory. "Finally made it, but I'm a little late though," Rebecca said referring to the time on her pokegear. She was originally supposed to be here no later than seven. trying not to waste any time, Rebecca hurriedly went inside the building to see Professor Oak waiting for her.

"Rebecca, you're finally here,"Professor Oak greeted Rebecca as he prepared two pokeballs on the table. "Do you know which pokemon you want?"

"Of course I do, but why are there two pokeballs?" she asked.

"Someone came a little bit earlier and took the Bulbasaur that was here," he explained. "But out of these two you can choose either Squirtle or Charmander." The professor took the two pokemon and released them from their pokeballs revealing two healthy pokemon. Rebecca seemed a little disapointed since she originally intended to pick the bulbasaur as her starter pokemon, but felt better since she was going to at least have a pokemon to train.

"I choose...," The brunette had a hard time choosing between the two pokemon as she stared at them them intently. Suddenly, the Charmander jumped into Rebecca's arms cuddling up with her. "It's so cute. That's it, I choose Charmander," Rebecca answered as she hugged her new pokemon.

"Then here's Charmander's pokeball and five other pokeballs," he said as she gave her the pokeballs. "You'll also need this pokedex. It'll record any pokemon's data you'll meet during your journey."

"Thanks professor," she packed the extra items into her bag and exited the building. Once outside she headed north toward Viridain City along with her new pokemon, Charmander, happily walking beside her.

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