Pokemon Zircon: Journey in Kanto
Chapter 6: Battle for the Boulder Badge

The next morning, Leith and Rebecca stood in the lobby of the Pokemon Center. Leith was preparing for his upcoming gym battle with Brock. He was going to use both Bulbasaur and Mankey since the rules for the gym were two on two.

"Since it's a rock-type gym you'll have the advantage," Rebecca informed.


They were unaware that someone was listening in on their conversation. "You're having a gym battle, right." She appeared before them. It turned out to be Alice Midnight. Apparantly, she was excited to here that someone was going to take the Gym Challenge and she wanted to watch. It would be a change from contests. She rarely had time to see gym battles. "Can I come watch?" she asked excitedly.

This was unexpected to the two, but they agreed to let her come. After having Leith's Pokemon checked by Nurse Joy, they headed to the Pewter Gym. Before one of them could knock on the door, it sprung open with Brock standing in front of them.

"I didn't expect to see you here."

"I'm here to challenge you to a gym battle," Leith exclaimed.

"That's good to here, but you won't be battling me. You'll be battling Forrest." All three of them entered the gym and the plain floor was soon replaced by a rocky platform with boulders covering the entire gym.

"I'll be your opponent." A man stood on the platform facing the challengers and held out a Pokeball ready for battle. Leith stood on the other platform while everyone else sat at the stands. They both released their Pokemon from their Pokeballs. Bulbasaur and Sudowoodo were now on the battlefield. Rebecca flipped open her pokedex and pointed it at Sudowoodo.

"Sudowoodo, the Imitation Pokémon. Although it camoflages itself as a tree in order to avoid being attacked, its body is actually more like a rock than like a plant. It hates water and disappears whenever it rains." the Pokedex stated.

"Let the battle commence," the referee announced.

"Bulbasaur, Razor Leaf!"

Bulbasaur sent leaves flying from its bulb straight at imitating tree. At the last second, Sudowoodo made a swift dodge.

"Use Mimic," Sudowoodo sent Bulbasaur's attack right back at him.

"Dodge it!" Leith quickly commanded.

Bulbasaur jumped up to avoid the Razor Leaves, but with Sudowoodo right above him. Forrest had used Razor Leaf as a diversion in order to get closer to Bulbasaur.

"Hammer Arm," Forrest wasted no time with his commands.

Sudowoodo slammed his branch against the bulb on Bulbasaur's back sending it crashing on the ground. "You have to get up," The referee was about to declare the win to Forrest when Bulbasaur brought himself back up at the sound of his trainer's voice.



Neither of them commanded their Pokemon until the referee allowed the match to continue.

"Your lucky your Pokemon survived that attack, but your not going to last much longer," Forrest taunted.

"We'll see about that! Bulbasaur Vine Whip!" Yet again, Bulbasaur struck its vines at the imitating tree, which resulted in it dodging.

"Time to finish this, Smash that rock then use Rock Throw!" As instructed Sudowoodo used its Hammer Arm attack to reduce a boulder into a giant rock and used its other branch to launch it at the opposing Pokemon.

"He's not doing too well," Alice stated.

"Just you wait, everything's gonna turn around for the best," Rebecca encouraged. She knew that Leith wouldn't lose to this guy. "I knew him from childhood and I know that he won't give up until he beats the Pokemon Master," she reassured. Rebecca's smile soon turned into a frown once she thought about the Pokemon Master.

Back on the battle field, both Bulbasaur and Sudowoodo were still in a heated battle. Bulbasaur had turned the hurling rock into rubble from its Razor Leaf attack. "Awesome job, Bulbasaur," Leith cheered. "Now finish up with another Razor Leaf!" Bulbasaur did as told and sent another barrage of leaves at the unsuspecting Pokemon, knocking it out.

"Sudowoodo is unable to battle, Bulbasaur is the winner!" the referee called.

"All right!" Everybody in the stands, noticeably Rebecca, was cheering about the win that Leith earned. Bulbasaur made a weak victory cry. It did its best to keep standing on its feet for the next match.

"Well you just got lucky that time," Forrest teased. "Now let's go, Geodude." From the flash of light from the Pokeball a rocky humanoid type Pokemon appeared. It floated slightly above the ground with two muscular arms that were ready for battle. Leith flipped open his Pokedex and looked up the Pokemon in front of him.

"Geodude, the Rock Pokemon. Geodude has incredibly high defensive power, making it virtually resistant to any physical attacks." the Pokedex stated.

"Let the battle commence," the referee stated.

"Okay, Bulbasaur use Vine Whip on Geodude," he ordered. Bulbasaur sent out two strong vines forced at Geodude but the result was different. Geodude caught the vines in its stony hands ready for the next order from its trainer.

"Good job Geodude, now hurl it towards that boulder," Forrest said. Geodude thrust the defenseless Pokemon as it was flown off its feet and slammed head first into the rock making it fall unconscious.

"No, Bulbasaur!" Leith called out.

"Bulbasaur is unable to battle, Geodude is the winner," the referee called.

"You did great Bulbasaur, now take a good rest," Leith congratulated.

"Now choose your next Pokemon," said the impatient gym leader.

"Hold your Horsea." Leith took a Pokeball from his belt and sent out Mankey. He was a bit unsure about this Pokemon since he had just caught it. Mankey sent out a battle cry and got into its battle stance.

"Mankey's a fighting type, which is super effective against a rock type like Geodude," Alice informed.

"Just because he has the type advantage doesn't mean it'll be an easy win," Brock countered. Rebecca remained quiet eager to see the outcome of the battle.

"Okay Mankey use Leer!" Leith ordered. Mankey sent a menacing glare at Geodude, which caused it to huddle up in fear. "Use Low kick." Mankey took a dive close to the ground and delivered a devastating blow to Geodude.

"Geo..." it wailed while wincing in pain.

"Just a little bit more, Geodude!" Forrest tried to encourage his Pokemon since he, too, didn't want to lose teh gym battle. Especially in front of his older brother, Brock. The two opposing Pokemon were at it again fighting each other like they were in a cage match. Blow after blow the two Pokemon were losing stamina and health. The two stood at their respective spots on the battle field ready for the fight to be over.

"Mankey, Focus Energy!"

"Mannnnkkkk!" Mankey focused all of its remaining energy into its right hand while getting ready for its attack.

"Geodude, use Strength!"

"Karate Chop!"

The two Pokemon collided with each other to create an explosion that covered the field. The spectators watched in awe as the smoke cleared. Only one Pokemon was standing, which was Mankey.

"Geodude is unable to battle, The victory goes to Leith of Pallet Town." the referee declared.

A huge smile appeared on Leith's face as he ran up to his Pokemon in joy by giving Mankey a high five. Leith was congratulated by both Brock and Alice while Rebecca gave him a huge hug that resulted in him blushing a bit.

"That was a great battle and you rightfully deserve this badge," Forrest annouced giving him the Boulder Badge.

"All right!" he said as he placed his newly earned badge into his badge case. Outside of the Pewter Gym Rebecca and Leith were saying their goodbyes to Alice as she explained to them about going back to Cerulean City for more training.

"Rebecca, we should be heading to Cerulean City too since the next gym is going to be there." Leith informed her not noticing her saddened look.

"Since you guys are going to Cerulean City too maybe we should travel together?" Alice wanted to travel with the pair for a while since she had thought of them as interesting and maybe should could have a little fun with them. Fortunately, that was something Rebecca and Leith agreed on as the trio left to go to the next gym location.

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