This was the stupidest most irresponsible thing his father could have ever done to anyone. And he would have to live with it because the damage was already done, the sly bastard had slipped a marriage license in with his home work and now he was legally married to the wide eyed, petite girl across the table from him. It wasn't that he didn't like her. He just didn't know her. He did however dislike his father for doing this to the both of them.

And as usual he would have to be the adult in the house and take care of the girl whom was now his one and only priority. "God damn it, dad. What the hell were you thinking when you did this?" Ichigo asked as his blood started to boil. His dad's stupid smile never faltered.

"Helping you out, son. Your mother and I want grandchildren someday soon, and this way you don't have to go looking for the one who will bear your children, she's already right here. Is'nt that nice?"

"No, not really. I always thought that I would do things like you and mom. Ya know, fall in love with the mother of my children and such." Ichigo said sarcastically as his amber eyes flickered over to the girl he was married too. She wasn't even participating in the conversation, hell she wasn't even looking at him. He frowned, what was she thinking right now? Her face was paler than it had been a few minutes ago.

"Aw, Ichigo. Falling in love is easy. Just spend some time getting to know her and you'll see." Iishin Kurosaki said as he ruffled the girl's hair affectionately and stood up.

"By the way Ichigo, I found a place for the two of you to live for the next three years. I'll be closing down the clinic to move your things into the apartment while your at school." Iishin said as he pulled a key out of his pocket along with a sheet of paper with his new home address on it and walked off.

Ichigo sighed and picked up the paper and the key and looked at the girl. "And that is that, I guess. Come on. I'll walk you to school." Ichigo said as he got to his feet. She said nothing as she stood up. Her long black hair slipping over her slender shoulders as she moved to grab her bag as he waited for her at the front door.

"My name is Ichigo, by the way. What's yours?" He asked curiously since he would need to know what to call her. She glanced up at him but said nothing, maybe she just didn't feel like talking. He thought with a frown. Or maybe she was just shy. It was hard to tell at this point as the two of them walked to school together, Ichigo found his gaze flickering over to her small frame every few minutes or so.

She really was a pretty girl now that he really looked at her, but the fact that she was his wife now just felt odd to him. He wasn't quite sure what to think of his current situation, but he had never failed to do his job. And now his job included a family of his own, he was going to punch his dad the next time he saw him. The insensitive bastard had probably conned her into this marriage too.

The thought pissed him off even more as they reached the school and a few of his friends ran over to talk to him. He turned around to say something to his wife but noticed that she was gone already, having decided that it might be a good idea to simply disappear instead of being introduced to his friends.

She felt so stupid for believing Kurosaki Iishin about his son wanting a companion. But that is'nt what made her eyes sting with unshed tears. It was the fact that even the one she was now married too didn't want her. It was so sad it was funny. She had always wondered if she would ever find a person who wanted her, someone, anyone would do. But no one wanted her. Her family had'nt wanted her. The ones she had thought were her friends saw her as a toy, and had'nt cared about how much they had hurt her as long as they found her pain amusing. And now this.

She had been intrested with Iishin's request for her to marry his son, had even thought that maybe this was it. That she had finally found someone who would love her, and care for her. But it had all just been pretty lies. I'm so pathetic. She thought as she closed herself in one of the bathroom stalls just as tears started to slip down her pale face. She should have stayed at home. She should have let her family and friends toy with her until they finally killed her.

Anything was better than this sad and lonely fate. Even death.