"So Ichigo," Renji said around a piece of sushi as he chewed. "How did you meet your wife?" Ichigo looked at his friend and sometimes rival with a horrified look on his face. The piece of eel sushi that he'd just picked up to eat- fell from his chopsticks as he gaped at the red head as all of the soul reapers suddenly leaned forward as if expecting some great, romantic story.

If he had been asked that question while talking with Renji outside; he would have gone mid evil on his sorry ass. But as it was he was trapped. Putting his chopsticks down on his plate, he glanced nervously at Honey knowing that she probably didn't want anyone to know about what her family had been doing to her. It would rub salt on wounds best left to heal.

But he couldn't exactly dodge the question either.

Renji and many of the other soul reapers were his friends, and were pretty sharp. They'd know if he lied to them. Just like they'd inevitably need to know the truth about his wife.

Rukia stood next to Renji, waiting like everyone else to see what Ichigo said when she felt his spirit energy take on a murderous feel as a dark look crossed his face. Renji and the others must have noticed too, because one moment everyone was laughing and joking and having fun- and the next it was as if a terrifyingly strong hollow had just walked over all of their graves.

Reacting quickly, Rukia elbowed Renji in the side with one of her sharp little elbows and said in a light tone that she hoped didn't shake, "It's okay Ichigo. You can tell us another time."

Ichigo blinked and after a heartbeat or two let out a soft sigh as his spirit energy returned to normal.

Causing everyone to relax again with the exception of Honey who looked from one face to another with a confused look on her face. What was that strange pressure? She wondered as she set her plate down and moved over to Ichigo and tapped him on the shoulder, causing him to turn his head and look at her as she leaned in and brushed her lips across his.

It was a bold move to make in front of company, especially when Ichigo had been the one initiating everything up until now.

The second Ichigo felt her lips on his, his heart stuttered in his chest in shock and he parted his lips slightly- curious to see if he could coax Honey into a deeper kiss regardless of who was watching. He was happy that she had finally mustered up enough courage to initiate something with him without feeling shy or falling to pieces.

It meant that his efforts were finally getting through to her.


Honey, taking his slightly parted lips as a signal of some kind- framed his face in her hands and gave him a more thorough kiss. Ichigo closed his eyes and lifted his arms to wrap around Honey's slender body, pulling her almost into his lap as he leaned more fully into her touch wanting to savor the feel of her softness while he could.

It was right about then that both he and his wife were reminded that they weren't alone by the sound of someone clearing their throat awkwardly. Causing Honey to pull away from him, her face a bright red color as Ichigo shot a killer's glare toward the damned idiot that had ruined his kiss. And saw Ikaku shift uncomfortably.

I better not catch that bastard in a dark alley- Ichigo thought darkly as he continued to glare at him. Thinking up creative ways to murder him and not get caught.