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Matthew Williams walked briskly through the halls of his school, making sure to keep his head low and avoid eye contact. When he woke this morning he told himself today was going to be a normal day. He would go to school, go to the mall with his twin then go back home. Today there would be no incidents, mishaps or breakdowns. Today was going to be normal if it killed him.

So far, everything was okay. Well, other than the rush of students that were basically slamming into the poor, unnoticed boy as he tried to exit the school, but that was expected. Today after all was a Friday, and many of the students wanted to get off school property as soon as they possibly could. He would be lying if he said that that wasn't his intention as well.


Matthew had a second to physically brace himself before he was tackled from behind by his brother, Alfred. He surprised himself when he didn't fall over and crash head first into the lockers he was currently facing.

"Ready for the mall?" His twin asked excitedly, breaking the hug before swinging a strong arm over his slant shoulders. Matthew couldn't help but smirk at Alfred's behaviour. Leave it to his brother, the self proclaimed 'hero' of the masses, to be so touchy feely.

"Y-yeah I was just about to go find you actually," Matthew responded, allowing himself to be lead out the door. It wasn't until they were a safe distance from the school that the older of the two retraced his arm and allowed his sibling to walk on his own.

"Hey, by the way…" Alfred lowered his voice and leaned in closer to the other. "What colour am I today?"

Matthew let out a small groan. "Please Alfred, not today." Today was going to be a normal day. Normal. Normal.

"Ah c'mon Mattie, just this once I swear!" His brother whined, once again letting his cuddly personally show as he pulled Matthew into a one arm hug. Matthew sighed and threw a short glance in his brother's direction.


"Oh c'mon! You're not even trying. Everyone's white!" A dark skinned teen gave him a strange look at the statement. Matthew smiled sheepishly at him, Alfred didn't notice. "So really tell me, what colour am I? Just this once, okay? I've been thinking about it all day!"

Matthew sighed. Ever since he could remember he had had the ability to see people's… colours. He didn't know why and he didn't know how he just… could. He found it every strange, it wasn't like his eyes were better than anyone else's. In fact, he was practically blind without his glasses. But the matter was… he could. As much as he didn't want to… he saw colours.

When just looking at someone the only thing he could see was a white light. He called this light people's 'life'. Not because it diminished the older someone got—he's seen some very old people with very bright lights—it was brighter because the person was happier and more 'full of life'. Though it wasn't just people's 'life' he could see. If he stared at a person long enough or concentrated he could see their 'colours' as well. He still wasn't completely sure of what the colours meant exactly, but so far he connected it to people's emotions, and for the most part that seemed to be working. For example, if a person was happy their colour would be yellow. Blue was sad, red was angry, and et cetera et cetera.

Matthew tried to avoid looking at people's colours, especially after that time in middle school when he had the bright idea of telling his parents of his 'gift'. They took him to a therapist. Alfred was the only one who believed him and told Matthew that he should become a superhero. Even now Matthew had no idea how that would work, but he tried not to think much about his brother's 'ideas'. Anyways, since then Alfred would sometimes ask about his own colour or the colours of others. Though Matthew thought it was a little annoying, he was glad there was someone he could talk to about it.

"Mattie? Hello, earth to little brother."

Matthew was brought from his thoughts by a pair of snapping fingers in front of his face. He turned a light pink when he saw they were already at the bus stop. Really, did he space out for that long…?

"So anyways, tell me pleeaaaaseee…"

Oh gods, he resorted to whining. Anyone who knew Alfred knew that when he started whining he wouldn't stop until he got his way. Matthew quickly looked around to see if anyone was looking in their direction. There was a group of students a ways away who were too busy laughing to care, and a lone student who was staring in the opposite direction with his headphones on.

"Okay fine." Alfred pumped his fist in the air in a silent victory. "Just… hold still, 'kay?"

Matthew took a step back and finally lifted his head enough to stare right in his brother's eyes. It took a little longer than usual to see his colour emerge since he hadn't done it in a while. He looked away as soon as he confirmed the colour, blushing slightly at the intense moment they just shared.

"Dark yellow-orange."

Alfred made a face at the colour. "Sounds kind of ugly."

"It was kind of pretty."

Alfred grinned and slinked his arm around the other's shoulders. So touchy feely. "Aww, thanks for calling me pretty, bro."

Bromance, it's a beautiful thing.

After a few minutes of joking around and annoying the lone student who was standing close to them, the bus came and they made their way to the wonderful mall of shopping. Nothing exciting happened much to Matthew's delight, they just walked around going into different clothing stores trying to find something they liked. They didn't make much progress, and were only able to find a couple of witty t-shirts and a pair of jeans before they decided to give up. They both knew that their father, Francis, would be somewhat annoyed at them. He was the one who wanted the two to 'spice up' their wardrobe, and had even given them money to do so. They knew that t-shirts and loose fitting jeans weren't what he had in mind.

But the two didn't care. Instead they sat at the food court, laughing about nothing as the older twin swallowed his third?—fifth?—hamburger.

"So Mattie," Alfred started making sure to shallow his food before he spoke. "Anyone at the school you like yet?"

"No… not yet," Matthew replied, his cheeks a light pink at the embarrassing question. "But I hadn't really been looking…you?"

"Nah," Alfred said, waving off the issue like it was nothing. "You know the hero can't have any distractions anyway! What kind of hero would I be if I blew people off for some Joe or Jane?"

Matthew nodded at the answer. There was a brief silence before the Canadian almost choked on the soda he was drinking. "W-wait… Joe or Jane?"

"Ah, don't be so uptight, bro!" Alfred laughed punching his brother on the arm lovingly. "We're still young! Who says we have to settle on one sex right now?"

"What selfish thinking amigo!"

The Spanish student sat down at their table, smiling widely. Alfred's eyes lit up at the sight of his friend.

"Antonio! What are you doing here?"

"I just had an urge to get a present for Lovino! He's so adorable!"

The pink-yellow colour that emitted from the Spaniard was so brilliant and obvious that Matthew jumped at its sudden appearance before looking away. Alfred rolled his eyes at his friend, not noticing his brother's discomfort.

"You and Lovino... man, how long have you two been dating this time?"

"It is almost our two week anniversary!" Antonio answered happily, not fazed by the number of times the two have broken up at all. "I am giving it to him today! Do you want to come?"

"Oh yeah! There's a party at the Vargas' house tonight! I am so there!"

"But Al, we promised papa we would come back right after we were done shopping."

Antonio jumped at the new voice and turned to the unnoticed third party, "Oh, hello Mateo! I didn't know you were there!"

"Hi Antonio," Matthew greeted back shyly, able to look at him now that his colour had died down. Alfred blinked, clearly having forgotten of his promise he made just the day before.

"Oh right, I did say that didn't I?" He crossed his arms to think for a moment before he turned to his twin. "Mattie." He said this seriously, instantly getting the Canadian's attention. "If I'm allowed to go to this party will you go with me?"

Matthew hesitated. Unlike his brother, he didn't like going to parties. For one thing he was a bit of a wallflower and spent most of the time in another room or the kitchen, away from the loud music and people. Also he didn't like dealing with drunken people. The drunker a person was the more forward they were with their emotions. The more emotional they were, the more brilliant their colours were. The barrage of colours that occurred always gave Matthew a headache. From that point it was routine.

Matthew would drink to try and get the colours to go away. Alfred would find him either throwing up in the bathroom or weeping in a bedroom. Then Matthew would pass out and wake up the next day at home with a hangover and blackmail pictures lovingly taken by his twin. He hated it. He hated that his 'gift', as Alfred called it, drove him to drinking when it got too bad.

But…the way Alfred was giving him those puppy dog eyes. And…they both haven't been to a party in a while…

The blond sighed before nodding. Alfred grinned before he pulled out his cell phone and dialled a number as he talked.

"Okay Mattie! For this to work I need you to use your cuteness!"

Antonio perked up at the word 'cute' now looking at the twins with interest.

"'Cuteness…?' Al, what are you talking abou—" But before he could finish the phone was shoved into his hands.

"No time for thinking Mattie, just talk!"

Matthew blinked before he placed the phone to his ear. "H-hello?"


"P-papa!" He looked at Alfred with slight panic. Just what was he supposed to say? Alfred just smiled and gave him a thumbs up.

"What is it Mathieu? I'm at work right now."

"Oh, um, sorry Papa. I didn't mean to interrupt. That is um…," Matthew blushed at he stumbled over his words in a vain attempt organize his thoughts. "I-is it okay if Al and I can go to, um… well we don't have to but…" He was cut off by a faint chuckle.

"Mathieu, are you asking if you and Alfred can go to that party the Vargas' are holding?"

Matthew was stunned into silence before nodding slowly. Just how did he know about that? He then realized that nodding didn't make a sound and corrected himself. "I-I mean oui! Oui…vous êtes…correct."

There was a pause when Antonio turned to Alfred with a happy go lucky smile. 'Cute!' he mouthed to his American friend who couldn't help but grin proudly. For some strange reason he found having a cute brother a compliment. Matthew hung up the phone and handed it back to his twin, blushing with embarrassment.

"Well?" Alfred inquired, practically hanging off the edge of his seat. Matthew crossed his arms and pouted, clearly having not approved of his brother's plan.

"…As long as we're back by midnight."

Alfred let out a happy squeal, pulling Matthew into a hug.

"I knew you could do it!"

Matthew patted him awkwardly on the back, his blush deepening. Did he really have to be so touchy feely around his friends as well?

"Maravilloso!" Antonio cheered, standing up from his seat. "I'm meeting Lovino before the party, are you coming?"

Alfred broke the hug and looked up at his friend. "Yeah! We're done here anyways." He stood and looked down at his brother with a smile. "Let's go!"

The Canadian sighed again before throwing out their trash and following the two. Antonio had driven to the mall that day and so they took his car. The Vargas lived in a rather large pink house a few blocks down from the mall. Matthew had only been there once before, but he recognized it straight away. He had always loved their house; it just seemed to reflect their personalities so well. From its cheery exterior to the rather prickly looking bushes to its decorated door. They were artsy people, and were not afraid to show it.

Alfred bounded up the steps two at a time and readied himself to knock. But before he could do so the door flew open to reveal a happy looking Feliciano. Matthew immediately averted his gaze. The yellow around the Italian was so bright and everlasting that if he looked at it for too long it would start making him feel nauseous.

"Ve~ Alfredo, Matteo, Antonio!" He hugged each person as he said their name. "Come in, come! You're the last ones!"

He turned and skipped away, leaving the others next to no time to remove their shoes and follow after him before he disappeared into one of the many rooms. He led them to the rather large family room where a few of people were sitting around watching soccer on the television. Feliciano, who was the first to come into the room, settled himself on the couch between Ludwig and Kiku.

"Lovino~!" Antonio exclaimed happily, going up to his boyfriend and pulling him into an affectionate hug. The Italian turned a deep red and tried to pry the other off him.

"Get off me you tomato bastard! Ah! Don't make me break up with you again!"

Alfred laughed before making his presence known in the room, "Hey guys!" The others looked up at the loud volume. "The hero has arrived!"

The albino sitting on the floor rolled his eyes before turning back to the screen. The dark haired male bowed at the American.

"Hello Alfred-kun."

"Hey Kiku," Alfred greeted back, walking over and squeezing himself on the couch next to the Asian.

Feeling a little awkward standing in the entryway to the room, Matthew settled on sitting on the floor next to the albino. The silver haired male turned to the Canadian.

"Hey, you're Alfred's brother, right?"


"Your brother's a bit of a tool."

Well…that was straight to the point. Matthew blinked, not sure how he should respond. He thought that everyone here were friends. Though looking at them now, the albino seemed to stand out from the rest of the crowd, almost like he didn't really belong with this certain group of companions.

"I guess that would mean you are too. Apple doesn't fall far from the fuckin' tree." He smirked at his wit before taking a swig of beer, absentmindedly flashing his infamous black leather gloves. Matthew blinked again and something clicked in his mind. He had heard of Gilbert Beilschmidt, the self proclaimed 'most awesome person on earth'. He had never spoken to him before, but he did hear stories about his rowdiness and strange obsession with leather gloves.

"You're Ludwig's brother, right?"

"Wrong." Gilbert deadpanned, turning back to the TV. "Ludwig is my brother. Not the other way around. I'm far too awesome to belong to anyone."

Matthew arched an eyebrow at the response. Jeez, what a strange guy…

"Who wants pasta?" Feliciano suddenly exclaimed. Lovino, Ludwig, Kiku and Antonio, who were used to the Italian's random outbursts, simply raised their hands half-heartedly in agreement.

Alfred smiled broadly. "I do! I'm starved!"

Matthew looked at him in disbelief. What happened to those hamburgers he had before he got here?

Feliciano smiled happily at the response before jumping off the couch.

"Okay! I'll make enough for everyone! Matteo!"

"Y-yes?" Feliciano hopped over to where the Canadian was sitting and urged him up.

"I haven't taught you how to make pasta yet!" He looped his arm around Matthew's and dragged him out the room. At the last moment the blond looked back at his brother who only winked and gave him another thumbs up. Some help he was.

"O-oh, but I already know how to make pasta," He protested weakly, trying not to look at the Italian, lest he see that yellow again. His free hand played with the bottom of his sweatshirt nervously. Again, though he had nothing against Feliciano, he just didn't like being alone with someone so… emotionally open.

"Oh but you don't know how to make my pasta!" Feliciano replied surprisingly arrogantly as he pushed open his kitchen's swinging door with his free hand. Matthew looked in awe at the kitchen. At was at least two times the size of his own and three times as shiny and nice, almost as if someone had copied and pasted it directly from a magazine entitled 'Dream Kitchens'. It was definitely the nicest kitchen he had ever seen in anyone's house before.

Feliciano released Matthew and scurried to the stove, where a large pot of water was awaiting. He stretched out like he was getting ready for some kind of marathon before he suddenly started running about the kitchen, speaking merrily of how he made pasta as he worked. Honestly, Matthew found it rather impressive. With how fast the Italian was moving, he was basically a blur. All Matthew could think of doing was to step out of the other's way and try to comprehend what he was talking about.

"—and that's how you boil pasta in the middle of the desert! Huh?" He stopped talking for a moment to look inside a cabinet with a confused expression on his face. There was a pause before he closed that cabinet and went to open another one, a small frown on his face.

"Is something wrong?" Matthew asked as the other began to open up random cabinet doors.

"Nooo…" Feliciano said slowly, his brows furrowed in thought. "…I'll be right back! You watch the pasta, okay?" And before the other could say anything back he ran out of the kitchen, shouting for Lovino.

Matthew stood there for a while in stunned silence before sighing and shaking his head with a smile. Leave it to his brother to befriend the weirdest people. Not sure what else he could do, he walked over to the stove to watch the pasta. After a few moments of silence there was a sudden clink behind him and the Canadian squeaked before turning around. Purple met red as the two stared at each other, both their eyes opened in mild surprise. Matthew looked away first, his face pink.

"I'm sorry." He apologized, not meeting the other's gaze.

"…For what, Blondie?" Gilbert closed the fridge door with his elbow, twisting the top off his beer. "Unless you're apologizing for that rather girly squeak you just d—"

"I never got your name," Matthew interrupted, quickly changing the subject before his blush could get any deeper. Really, what was with this guy? Suddenly appearing out of nowhere like a freakin' ninja. The older male paused mid drink and stared at the other incredulously.

"How could you not know the awesome me!" He insisted, slamming his drink down on the island and stomping up to the other. Matthew, surprised, stepped back until his back hit the kitchen counter. "I'm only the awesomest, most handsome guy in school!" He slammed his hands down on the counter behind the other, efficiently trapping the Canadian. Matthew blushed furiously under the other's intense, unwavering glare. They were so close that their noses were but inches apart. There was silence as the staring continued and Matthew began to shiver under his gaze. Just why was this guy so weird? And what was he trying to do?

Finally, after what seemed like forever, the elder of the two smirked, a sparkle of amusement in his eye.

"You know…" He cooed, leaning in closer to the other, making Matthew lean back until he was practically sitting on top of the counter. "…You're kind of cute."

Matthew's blush only deepened at the comment and he frantically looked for a way to get away from him. The albino chuckled before he took a couple of steps back and retracted his hands, allowing the other his freedom back. Matthew let out a breath he didn't know he was holding, looking warily at the other. Just what the heck was his deal? The older male chuckled again, tugging off the leather glove on his right hand.

"Gilbert." Matthew looked at him in confusion as he held his un-gloved hand out towards him. "My name. Even though you should already know of the awesome me, I'll forgive you this time, babe."

Matthew looked from his outstretched hand to Gilbert's cocky smirk, trying to figure out just what the other was trying to do. This guy probably had some kind of ulterior motive for the friendly handshake. Why else would he take off one of his famous gloves?

...Maybe he was thinking about it too hard. Yes, the guy was...different, but that's no reason to think that he was going to cause him any harm. So, hesitantly, he shook the offered hand.

"Hello Gilbert." He greeted, still watching the other cautiously. "I'm Matth—"

Suddenly his body felt numb and his vision turned white. The last thing he could remember was Gilbert's surprised shout before everything went blank.

Amigo – Spanish for friend
Oui…vous êtes – French for yes…you are
Maravilloso – Spanish for Wonderful (Thank you
ForeverTheHeroAndKing for the Spanish corrction. Cuss you Dora the explorer for teaching m wrong!)

Well this concludes the first chapter of Colours! I'm so used to writing them as countries I kept on writing Matthew as Canada, haha. Honest mistake really.

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