Demon Disease

Author's Note- you know, being lazy is terrible (trying to stay away from profanity this whole story, I was very tempted to use it in that last statement) Still I'm working on Mother Malice as I write this, and still I'm too incompetent to bother dealing with the writer's block (maybe not incompetent, more like just plain lazy, but that's just splitting hairs) Anyways, here's some crazy idea I came up with at about midnight on a Friday, Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Unfortunate Luck

We are demons.

I say this so flatly since such a statement can mean so many things to so many people, and I wonder what you think.

Now that I think of it, you must think it quite rude of me asking you what you think when I haven't introduced myself to you yet- I am called Patrick 'Lucky' Zenthaille, but please just call me Patrick, and I am proud to call myself a demon.

Some people think of us as a race of horrible creatures simply existing to give angels something to kill, others see us as a scapegoat for all evil in the world, still others think of us as nothing but a derogatory term for someone call people who wrong them; but my personal favorite is, of course, the least common of all beliefs of what demons truly are, and it is of course the truth.

I suppose that the truth is a sort of mixture of the above beliefs, since all of them can be seen in the truth. The truth being that demons are freedom, how much freedom depends on the individual, and since often one's freedoms can interfere with another's, all the victim's feelings of hatred need to be bound up into one little neat and tidy word- that being demon.

As I said before, the limits of freedom depend on the individual; some are satisfied with just a bit, like the freedom to live and work on your own to survive for yourself; others feel they need total, unrestricted freedom to do whatever they wish, so they take whatever they wish, and bring harm to whomever they wish. Added with the concept of demon as a derogatory term, it raises the question: where is the line drawn? Most people can agree that it stops where one's freedom either interferes with another's or brings another harm.

At any rate, all this philosophy is detracting from my main point- demonism as freedom is a disease- By that I mean that it can be spread from one mind to another; true, some may argue that this makes it more of an idea; while I do not totally disagree, in my slight experience demonism changes people far too drastically for it to just be a simple idea; still you may think an idea can do the same, but not to the extent I have seen.

I will recount a tale of a couple that fell into the depths of demonism and were changed forever; perhaps after I tell you this tale you will think of demons as I do, or perhaps you will think me a madman, that's up to you.

It started as a normal day in the forest in close proximity to Lacrima Castle, the former home of the arcs and in the foreseeable future, a famous tourist attraction for its permanent night. If I recall correctly, I was taking shelter in an abandoned town called Rosalina, this was after the genocide of the arcs, so there were none to kick me out, or so I thought.

I was eating a fish I cooked just a few minutes before while admiring the moonlight (the town was close enough to the castle to also be bathed in eternal moonlight). I heard two distinct voices talking and laughing from the forest, quite far away but I could tell that one was male and the other female (I took residence in a house on the outer edge of the town in close proximity to the forest, this way I could hear someone coming, like now) I quickly hid myself in the house behind a small sort of barrier that divided the stairway to the upper floor from the foyer sort of area- all for hoping they would pass through the town and leave me in peace; tragically this is where my nickname of 'lucky' failed me, or perhaps it's just because I made a very bad and outright stupid decision.

I carefully listened to their voices grow louder and footsteps come closer, evidently one of them saw the half-eaten fish I was too scared to remember to not leave on the ground, I think it was the male who pointed it out, and both drew their weapons almost in perfect unison. Slowly and with a practiced awareness to any possible ambush they both entered the first house they saw- the one I was in. I was too scared to think with any logic, and I quickly decided to abandon my hiding place and try to outrun them. The doorway was not even 10 feet from my hiding place, so I quickly rushed right at them unarmed, and evidently I managed to catch them off-guard and I managed to charge right through the girl, not even catching a glimpse of who either of them were, and I sprinted as fast as my feet could carry me into the forest.

Despite my terror at the time, I heard the girl I knocked over yell "Don't just stand there- catch him, Ein!" Then the sound of feet chasing after me. I figured that due to his quick reflexes he started running somewhere less than 2 seconds after me, so I figured there wasn't enough space between us for me to try and outmaneuver him by taking a sharp turn or two and losing him, so I just kept sprinting, and foolishly I didn't pay any attention to where I was going, and I ended up running right into a tree.

Quickly I scrambled to my feet, closed my eyes and sprinted past the tree and went straight, hoping for the best of luck- which again I didn't get. Probably less than 20 seconds of running from where I hit the tree the ground disappeared from under me- or so I thought, I actually ran straight off a cliff into Rosalina Lake.

Still in complete terror, I frantically flailed my arms and legs in a desperate attempt to gain an idea of where I was. It took a while before I finally realized I was in water, so I swam as fast as I possibly could to the opposite shore, just now realizing and lamenting that I left my favorite spear back at the house- I was too panicked to remember it. After swimming for some time, I finally realized that there was no one swimming after me, so I stopped and rested for about a minute.

Once I gained a more definite idea of where I was (earlier when I realized I was in water, it didn't occur to me specifically what body of water I was in) I realized I must've run for at least 3 miles and swam for another eighth a mile or so. Once this realization occurred to me, I slowed and quieted my breathing to near-silence so I could think of what to do next; in this silence I heard something, something very far away, but curious enough of a sound to draw my attention on this otherwise silent lake, save for the foaming of the water made by my earlier frantic swimming. I soon dismissed this sound as a negligible sound of the wilderness creatures of the night, another foolish mistake on my part.

For a minute or two I simply closed my eyes and thanked anyone who would listen to my prayers that I managed to get away alive, then I looked into the sky, and saw a breathtaking sight I never would have expected, and still I lament that I was the only one to have seen it.

A dark-blue haired maiden, more beautiful than anyone I have ever seen, graced the sky above me with her masterpiece of a figure. Her short hair was kept in place by what I thought of as a black bow, and her graceful figure was covered by a dark-blue sort of cloak, and under that was a sort of white corset with some extra cloth running down her waist, making a sort of dress. The sort of corset had a large black stripe right down the center of it running vertical-wise, covering the area in between the cloak's two sides. On her back I saw a pair of large bat wings, while it occurred to me that they seemed too small for flight, she seemed to fly so gracefully and easily that she probably could've carried me while flying with no trouble. Just above her white gloves and black shoes, the maiden's arms and legs were gracefully covered in bandages, I figured that was most likely on purpose since it seemed unlikely to me that someone deliberately attacked and injured such a heavenly maiden. Her magical eyes, my own gaze was drawn to them for some time, dark-blue like her hair and giving me an understandably furious look as she flew towards me- evidently she had sharp eyes to spot me, as I was just a dot at her height, and I was in the middle of the lake blackened by night.

For far too long a time I just stayed still in the water and admired her figure, then as she came closer I realized that her graceful and soft-looking hands held a very large and very deadly looking scythe that was the color of night- jet black, but I think she wanted it red- it was poised to strike at me so vulnerable in the water. The maiden began a swift dive right towards me, and I myself dived as well. I dove a few feet underwater so even if her blade did reach me it wouldn't have enough momentum to really hurt me, and if she followed me into the water, all the better for me since she probably wasn't as strong as me and thus couldn't swim as fast- or so I hoped.

I dove for no more than 3 feet when I collided face-first with the bottom- I must've been close to shore. I waited for the inevitable feeling of water rending to the passage of her brutal strike above me, but it never came. After about a half-minute of waiting I re-surfaced and stood up; once I cleared my eyes I realized why I felt no strike above me- I was hardly 10 meters from the shore and there she stood, a taunting smile on her face, scythe in her right hand, the other hand motioning for me to come closer. Completely forgetting my other pursuer, thoughts of lust filled my head, then they quickly dispersed when I realized she was very obviously going to kill me once I got there, so the logical thing to do would be to continue running; then another thought occurred to me- there was no escape now. She was standing on shore, and if she had at least two working legs (I would think so, she was standing upright) then she should easily be able to run faster than I could swim, and I can't keep swimming forever, I would eventually have to go to shore, and there she would be waiting. True, I could probably dive in the middle of the lake and swim underwater to make her lose sight of me, but she can fly, and with her sharp eyes, what good will that do once I have to re-surface?

I resigned to my defeat and waded to shore while mentally praying for mercy. As I approached her I was surprised she was about a head shorter than me, but even more surprising was that her scythe was about a foot taller than me when its butt was resting on the ground, which now it was. On her forehead was a bruise, I assume that was my causing. I was fully expecting to die, but at the time I was glad so beautiful a girl would be my slayer, and I filled my head with what I thought would be my last thoughts of sinful lusts that would never happen that involved me and her, then I closed my eyes and waited for my inevitable decapitation.

What felt like an unbearable eternity passed, but it was probably only like 10 seconds until I elected to open my eyes, and I saw that she was a few feet away, looking back at me and impatiently motioning for me to follow; again the thoughts came back, with a bit more hope than last time, what a fool I was to even hope in this situation.

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