"How far will she go to obtain her sweet revenge by punishing the one she loves?"

Disclaimer: This is a HeiXOC story. T for future violence and mild language. Innocent people will die.

(Edited: May 15th 2010)

A/N: I realized that the first paragraph was an oxymoron and decided to edit it along with some parts of the story to explain the character's relationships with each other a little more.

Bittersweet: Prologue:

Pain shot through the brunette's body in immense waves, running down her spine causing her to gasp in agony as her figure contorted in the most excruciating forms imaginable. When it continued to increase, her screams grew silent even though her mouth continued to gape open like a fishes'. How she would have loved to scream bloody murder, to release some of the fiery pain which was building up inside of her. But she knew that it was pointless to even try and call for help. In fact, if she were to scream, she would most probably call for unwanted attention. So, she bit down on her lower lip drawing blood. She was nearing the brink of death and she knew that all too well.

The feeling of death grasping its cold, unforgiving hands around her heart; the feeling of a Contractor wringing her surprisingly strong hands around the brunette's slender neck sending waves and waves of electricity down her spine. Even if she were to survive this brutal attack, she would most certainly come out half dead or worse.

There have been a couple times when she had almost been killed on the battlefield, but none of those times had left her feeling as helpless as this.

Suddenly a familiar voice cried out, cutting through the cold night's air.

"Bai! Stop!"

The torture didn't end immediately, but finally the cold, calculating Contractor released her grasp on the girl's neck, letting the brunette crumple to the floor, gasping for the cold night air. It felt so dry compared to the air back in Japan. But this was not the time to reminisce about her homeland now. What mattered was to get out of her predicament as soon as possible.

Now, if only she could reach out for her weapon... Too bad it was embedded in the body of another contractor whose body was pinned against a boulder with multiple lacerations to his face, neck and body. If only she hadn't spent her time finishing him off to satisfy her remuneration.

The thought caused the brunette to shape her fists into two tight balls of anger getting ready to begin her Contract which was a danger to her enemies, allies and herself. But before she could do any more than that, the heel of another Contractor's foot dug into the back of her hand causing her to wince and release her grip. She silently cursed the two females who hovered above her, wishing that there was only one of them and not two to finish off. But even if there was only one of them, she knew she could not defeat them. She was not as quick as Bai or as cunning as Amber. No, it would take her a lot longer to reach them on their pedestal. The truth was hard and painful, but the truth nonetheless.

"What's going on with you guys? We're supposed to be fighting the enemy! Not each other!" the boy cried out again. This time he was much louder even though he was only a few feet away from the paused fight.

Bai, one of the most revered Contractors in the Syndicate thanks to her very Contractor-like abilities and her non-Contractor-like abilities, curved her lips into what seemed like a smile before speaking to the boy known as her brother. "You don't understand, brother; our dear friend here is the enemy," she said as she approached him with that fake smile.

When she used that term of endearment, why did she sound so distant? So detached from everyone and everything? She seemed so comfortable in stating that their childhood friend was a traitor without a second thought of the times they had spent together. But then again, she was a Contractor, a heartless being incapable of grasping human emotions such love and camaraderie. It was only to be expected.

"I… I don't understand! Sumi would never-" the raven haired boy, barely in his teens, was cut off by his younger sister in his desperate plea to set things right.


His codename alone was enough to shut the boy up. He didn't like it when his sister called him by that. His fake name uttered by his enemies. His name which meant death to those he was sent out to hunt.

In a calm voice, Bai continued to speak once she knew that she had his undivided attention. "Sumi here is a spy working for the government in eradicating Contractors like Amber and I," she spoke in a cool voice, sure in keeping Hei excluded from the ring of Contractors. It was almost as if she were implying that he was the outsider in their world; which was rather true.

A growl rose in Sumi's throat, but Amber was quick to press her foot against the base of the brunette's neck; a silent threat that if she were to say anything, the time traveler would break her neck. So, the brunette remained silent as her penetrating glares bounced feebly off Bai's back, trying to plan a way out of this predicament without endangering herself, or the boy.

There was no way that he'd believe she was a spy. They'd known each other long enough to actually trust. Close enough for a Contractor to trust a human and vice versa. They were like family and she knew that she cared for him much more than his 'sister' ever could. It just wasn't in BK-201's programming, unlike her.

Sumi and he had known each other ever since he had first joined the Syndicate with his younger sister. She had been the very first friend who had been there for him in this world filled with lies and secrecy. Sure she was a Contractor and all, but she wasn't always like that. She used to be nice. She used to be kind. She used to be human. But that was all she used to be. Now she was one of them.

She wasn't as human as she once was.

She could never return to the sweet little girl he had known her to be.

She wasn't the same anymore, and Hei knew that full well.

Hei's lower lip trembled before parting as he took in a shaky breath. Exhaling slowly, he spoke in a dead voice, "Sumi…you…us...Was everything just a lie…?"

The strained he used to control his emotions was agonizing to watch. Although his face betrayed no feelings, his body language spoke otherwise. His muscles were tense and his form, rigid as he clenched his gloved hands. Looking into his eyes, the Black Reaper was comparable to a man burning at the stake.

The girl who remained on her front felt her heart stop and her eyes widened in shock. Her lips parted, but no words could escape them. She bit her lower lip out of disbelief and frustration when she was unable to put her feelings into words; feelings which had been alien to her until now. She felt as if the wind had been knocked out of her lungs and that she would never recover. Her heart seemed to experience the strange sensation of being shredded into countless pieces that once broken, would surely never mend. It was just like that.

In less than a minute did Hei believe the words of his sister. It was unbelievable. She loved him and now, he was starting to doubt her. Before she was a Contractor, she had loved; she had once known the feeling. And now, she could feel the backlash of that hideous hormone caused feeling called love. If she weren't a Contractor, she was sure she would have cried there and then.

Her silence was followed by his. Their gazes locked for only a second before he averted his pained, midnight blue eyes from hers. And in that one second, Sumi saw something in those eyes that she never wished to see in him.

The eyes of a Contractor...
The eyes of a killer...

A stifled gasp escaped the lips of a slender young woman as she jolted from her sleep. Her light blue eyes quickly scanned the world around her, taking in every single detail. From the flowerless cherry blossom tree which she sat under, to the emerald green grass that swayed in the breeze. The top of the hill which she sat gave her a perfect view of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building, but more important, her surrounding gave her the unchallengeable view of the midnight sky.

After taking in her environment to make sure that there were no threats in sight, the nineteen year old leaned forward as she let out a sigh of relief, clutching a faintly trembling hand over the spot where her heart was supposed to be.

'It's been a long time since I've had that dream…'

She had to take in a couple breaths of the relaxing night air before she calmed down enough to turn her attention to the sleeping figure beside her, lying so still in the grass beside her. Just like a little doll. She reached out to touch his golden locks, but was unable to stretch her arms that far for her movements were restricted to her wheelchair.

After being brought back to the real world, her world, she couldn't help but utter a soft curse. She felt like a caged bird on the doorsteps to freedom; freedom which could only be found through revenge; revenge against the person who had confined her to the fate in this chair on wheels. But more importantly, the person who had let it all happen. She felt so close that she could almost taste it; yet so far that it was almost an unbearable pain in her side. Her feelings were always bittersweet whenever she remembered her past.

A soft touch against her curled blond hair caused the girl to snap out of her thoughts. Snapping her head to the side, her body tensed even more when she identified the man beside her.

'November 11.'

Not wanting to let the surprise show on her face, she let her facial expression return to their usual, deadpan stare. Surprise and anxiety was ill befitting of a Contractor such as herself.

At the corner of her eye, a single star streaked across the sky as it slowly fell towards the earth. So majestic, so beautiful, so fake. Looks like another Contractor had died that night, like many nights before then. Whether he or she had died from natural causes or had been murdered did not matter. All that mattered was the fact that another Contractor, other than Hei, had died.

"What do you want…?" she questioned in a bored tone, tilting her head skyward to gaze at the stars as the British man began to talk.

"I was just sent to get you back to HQ, May," November 11 addressed the blond by her MI-6 code name as he glanced at the night sky. At first, her alias with MI-6, would cause her to cringe slightly in disgust. But after five years of being called that, she had become so used to that name that she was now numb to it.

The blond British man then continued to speak knowing full well that that had gotten her attention despite the fact that she was acting uninterested, "And, if you want to star gaze, all you have to do is come to my place. My penthouse has a great view." His offer obviously having much deeper intentions than just that, and obviously weren't too appropriate. Plus, this wasn't the first time he had invited her to his house, and this wasn't the first time she was going to decline his offer.

Shaking her head curtly, May declined the 'generous' proposition without a word causing November 11 to let out a soft laugh which seemed slightly pained.

Dislodging his slightly crushed foot from under one of her wheels, he winced slightly thinking of the many times he had suffered punishment from her wheelchair. He had half a mind to replace that thing with one of the many hover chairs; even though they were still in testing. But there was no way that May would agree in using a prototype. After all, the girl had expressed her disapproval with hovering chairs in the first place.

Turning his attention to the little boy who had awoken to the sound of their voices, November 11 smiled at the sleepy little boy. In a kind voice the man spoke to him as if he were speaking to just a little boy.

"Time to go back, July."

Bobbing his head up and down a couple times, July got to his feet, dusting the dirt from his bottom in the process. Placing one of his small porcelain hands on one of May's slightly larger hands; he followed her closely as November 11 wheeled her back to HQ while keeping pace with the girl and her escort. Although his expression was empty, the gesture held a certain amount of emotion in it.

Shooting one last glance at a certain star which hung overhead in the midnight sky, the blond couldn't help but exhale softly as she began to lose herself in her train of thought. 'Looks like there's no change in your star tonight… Hei… So stay alive till we meet again….' Tearing her intense gaze from the single star amongst all others, she let it turn to the road which led to HQ.

Slowly, her stoic appearance transformed into an unreadable, hard, expression filled with despise as her thoughts continued.

'I want to kill you myself…'