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The pale silver moon hung in the silent night sky, a cool breeze that carried the scent of the salty sea blew lightly. Ruffling the pale hair of a woman who was sprawled lazily on one of the desolate roofs of the many buildings. The unbuttoned grey coat that she wore splayed out underneath her like a messy blanket.

Her eyes were closed and her chest rose and fell evenly as she took regular breaths, it seemed as if she was asleep. With one leg was crossed over the other, and her arms folded behind her head in a make shift pillow against the hard concrete.

Silver studded black boots came up to her knees and a proportion of her well toned thighs were revealed. Her black shorts ended in the middle of her thighs and connected with a fancy belt which hung lopsided around her hip.

Her eyes were hidden beneath the silvery strands of her messy hair which splayed out around her. A length of black ribbon barely managed to restrain the wild strands of silver streaked with an occasional black here and there.

The woman's pale pink lips parted and she let out a soft sigh of content, her eyes cracked open, beneath a curtain of hair, revealing gleaming stormy grey eyes. She stared up dreamily at the clouds that drifted across the moon with the light coaxing of the winds, covering the silver orb from sight.

Everything was silent except for the dull rumbling roar of the waves that pounded the shore at the beach not far away.

A small smile curled her lips up as a salty breeze blew across her form, causing her hair to ruffle slightly.

What more could she ask for?

A quiet environment.

A stunning moon.

The lulling of th-



'Oh no.'


Twitch. Twitch.

'They can't do this.'


Twitch. Twitch. Twitch.

'They seriously can't do this to me!'


"SHUT UP!" Her voice overrode the sound of the academy students practising their kido on the dummy hollows nearby.

Thankfully, no other sound disturbed the night except for the cheers of triumph followed after the rumbling explosions.

Her eyes closed in annoyance, an eyebrow still twitching in irritation. A sigh mixed with a growl escaped her lips as she settled back down to listen to the lullaby of the surging waves of the ocean.

A few moments of bliss silence once again, now if only they would go away and leave her...



Not a chance.

Rayne cracked open her eyelids and her gleaming eyes slid lazily over to where the sound issued from. She couldn't be bothered to gather the effort to yell or to move.

"Why do they always come when I decide to come?" Rayne grumbled out loud instead, voice brimming with irritation.

"No point in complaining about it." Came a soft reply in her mind.

A deep, echoing voice that sounded like the whispering winds that swept across the world. Unintentionally seductive and low, a masculine tone that flowed with majestic power that made her tremble.

Steel grey eyes slid to the side where a katana rested, within her reach, the cold blade hidden beneath a black sheath.

Rayne sighed and then answered out loud with a tone of mock exasperation.

"I was just saying." She replied with a lazy flick of her arm and flopped to her side, curling around the katana.

"Ne, aibou…" Rayne murmured quietly, fingers curling around the onyx grey hilt of her katana.

There was no reply, but she knew he was listening, she could see him silently nodding at her to go on.

"I can feel it…"

Fingers twirled the silver chain around her neck, brushing along the smooth yet uneven surface of the crystal that hung around her neck.

"It's almost-"

Suddenly she stiffened, pushing herself up from the ground in a swift movement.

"What's wrong?" Her partner's deep voice revibrated within her mind, a hint of concern tainting his beautiful voice.

She didn't answer, instead she kept her eyes glued on the place where she had saw something odd occur.

A patch of air a few buildings away had just shifted, as if something invisible had moved.

"Huh?" She rubbed her eyes with the back of her hand furiously before locking her eyes back on the area where she had saw the air move.


A frown, her eyes flickered around cautiously.


"Partner, do you sense anything?"

She questioned, her brows still furrowed.

She could almost see his lips tug down into a slight frown at her question.

"Not reall-"

A sudden gust of wind washed over her, bringing the smell of the sea, but also the smell of…


Rayne jerked harshly, sniffing the air cautiously, eyes widened in disbelief as she confirmed the familiar odour that had drifted over.

"Hollows..." She murmured softly to no one in particular, her brows knitted together in suspicion.

"Why are they here…? It might have been attracted by their reiastu…but…" She muttered to herself softly and placed a thumb on her bottom lip. "To attract such a large number of them…and also…"

'I've never met a Hollow that can hide its reiatsu as completely as these ones…I only managed to sense then because of their stench and shift in the atmosphere…' Her brows knitted together in confusion as she scraped her thumb with her teeth.

'Unless…' Her eyes widened as a possibility struck her, her eyes darkened a shade as she stood up.

'Someone is using them for experiments and then setting them loose…' She yanked the katana that had been resting beside her up by the flowing white piece of cloth tied near the top of the sheath and slung it over her shoulder in a lazy fashon.

Her eyes narrowed.

'The only person I can think of that has that knowledge is Urahara Kisuke which is rather unlikely or…' Her darkened eyes closed as the name was murmured by two individual voices, like a prayer in her mind.

"Aizen Sousuke…"

"What are you going to do?" The masculine voice questioned in her mind, Rayne opened her eyes and replied silently.

"I'm leaving, it's none of my business anyway." Her eyes gazed blankly over to where the Hollows were heading.

"I have managed to avoid the Shinigamis for all these years…" She paused and clenched her hands together, her brows furrowed and her eyes were cast down as she muttered quietly.

"I will not involve myself in their fights until the time has come." The voice didn't reply, it had left her to her own swirling thoughts.

With that, she walked away, in the opposite direction where the Hollows were heading. Just as she was about to step off the edge of the building a panic-stricken cry echoed eerily across the area, causing a chill to run down her spine.

'Don't listen! Don't involve yourself in fights that are not your own!' She screamed in her mind as she tried to leapt away, to flee from the massacre of the amateur Shinigamis that was sure to occur later.

But she found that she couldn't move, her body seemed to have locked up, forcing her to hear the screams of terror that echoed unheard through the once peaceful night.

Images flashed through her mind, a flashback.

A grimy child, cowering on the ground.

Helpless and pitiful as a monster loomed above.

Jaws gaping as it bore down on the small girl.

An ear splitting scream-

Rayne shook her head furiously, knocking the flash of memory out with a mental fist.

Rayne ground her teeth, a war raging within her own mind.

Help them?


Leave them to the mercy of the Hollows?

Which one should she choose?

Well, she didn't need to struggle with the two choices for long.

The fearful screams that reminded her so much about herself all those years ago made her resolve on not involving herself in other's fight crack and disperse like dust.

The woman let out a irritable hiss as she spun around on her heel, stalking angrily towards the edge of the building she napped on occasionally, muttering darkly as she went.

"Stupid Shinigami academy students…had to get into a pinch right in front of me…" She ranted on, a scowl printed across her face.

The man's lips tugged up into a smirk, a cool breeze was blowing away the clouds that covered the sky of her world.

"Trying to act angry even though you actually wanted to help them…" The man let out a chuckle, as the wind tangled through his hair like whispering fingers.

"S-Shut up!" Her indignant squawk rang through the air, coaxing a laugh out of him.

A laugh that echoed the great expanse of water.

"Hey! I'm just helping them because I…" She trailed off.

"I owe them! Kind of…" She ended gruffly, puffing her cheeks out like a child.

Another chuckle at his wielder's antics.

"Very well."

"Seriously…making me do all this extra work…" She mumbled, footsteps falling swift and unhesitating as she approached the edge with wide strides.

If anyone had been watching, it would have seemed that she was going to commit suicide by stepping off the edge of the fourteen story high building.

But what made the drastic action different to a suicide attempt was that she had disappeared into thin air. Along with the night breeze that now carried the scent of freshly spilt blood.

A ghost of the clouded night.

aibou = partner



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