Ever heard of the expression, "The same old song and dance."? Well, this is my interpretation of what can happen when one rocks the jukebox to a tune of a different kind.

My base idea for this is centered around two questions. what if Harry decided that Dumbledore's way only got him into trouble and stopped listening? And..... What if, in casting aside what Dumbles wished for Harry's life, he found love a place he least expected? I will do my level best to answer these questions in my usual... quirky, oddball, scribble inside and outside of the box kind of way. So... enjoy?

Warnings: Male/Male relationships abound!!! So don't like 'em, don't read as this is a slashy fic fic with few hetero pairings tossed in as my muse, and the plot bunnies may or may not demand.

Disclaimer: I own nothing that is recognizable as JKR's brilliant work. i do; however, own the very loose leashes on my muses and plot bunnies who toss ideas into my story world potion. Please remember, at times my fictions are like Forest Gump's box of chocolates, "You never know what you're going to get." Read and enjoy my dears! ^_^

It was the last straw, the one that broke the camel's back for Harry. When Albus refused to allow him to go see his godfather, and refused to even check on him, Harry did the only thing that seemed logical at the time.... he'd grabbed up his spelled feather-light trunk with everything he owned securely tucked inside, waited until Albus was away from his office and stole into it as silently as a ghost, took whatever he noticed that was his, destroyed a few of those nifty silver and glass instruments that kept him a puppet beyond what even a repairo could fix, and kindly asked Fawkes to drop him off at his godfather's house. The pheonix, who was as loyal to Harry as Dobby and Hedwig, trilled beautifully and did as his favorite person had asked.

To say that Sirius was surprised at Harry's improptu arrival, would have been an understatement, but he was pleased to see that his godson had gotten out of the old man's clutches. It shocked him further to learn that Harry had sicked both Dobby and Fawkes on Wormtail so that the rat would be captured. That night, Harry slept peacefully in the strong, comfy, arms of his beloved Siri as a child would his father, curled up in the man's protective embrace. Both were blessed that night with no nightmares.

As the morning dawned bright and fair, both man and teen were greeted with Sirius' exoneration boldly gracing the headlines of the Daily Prophet, along with photos of the captured and kissed Peter Pettigrew. In celebration, they went shopping for new wardrobes, wands, books, and other things. They even stopped by Gringott's where Harry was officially adopted by both Sirius and Remus, who'd met them at the bookstore earlier during their shopping spree, with the aide of a blood adoption potion.

Harry James Potter, from that moment on, was replaced by Brandyn Caelus Black. Bran, as he was to be called, was taller, by a head, than Harry had been. His hair, while still a dark, nearly black brown, was a riot of loosely coiled curls that fell to the middle of his back. His skin was lightly tanned and taunt over Quidditch, and working all of his young life at the Dursley's, toned muscles. His build was strong, yet lanky in the usual teenager growing into themselves fashion and no longer malnurished thanks to an added potion that reversed the more harmful effects of such treatment by muggles. His eyes, once a brilliant emerald green, were now a brilliant, jewel-toned amber in a face that was the perfect blend of Black aristocratic Adonis and Lupin soft warmth. And oh how those eyes shown without the aide of glasses he no longer needed.

Sirius and Remus' mock argument gave both Harry and Griphook the most amusing bit of free entertainment that either had been blessed with that day.

"Look Moony, he's carried on the Black tradition! He's going to be a sexy heartbreaker!"

Remus' growl was both annoyed and playful. "No, Siri, that is one thing that you will not be passing on to our son! I will not allow you to corrupt him until I've made a proper bookworm out of him!"

Bran, much amused by this, was quite sure his new papa would have a hissy if he knew that his new son already was a certifiably closet bookworm. Hadn't the man seen him in the book shop? Merlin, most of his bags were so full of books that they'd needed bottomless charms, strengthening charms, and featherlight charms! Griphook, aware of this as he'd seen the amount of galleons leaving the teen's trust vault and moving to the book shop's vault, settled in for the show.

Sirius' smirk is devilish. "Too late Rem, Brandyn already is a bookworm. He quite nearly bought every book in the damned bookstore we just left and even more in the two other bookshops we'd dropped by before we met up with you! He's probably got enough books to fill the Hogwart's library and then some by now! You honestly have yet to see what he's hidden in the false bottom of his trunk beneath his photo album and cloak. There are miniature shelves Moony, filled with shrunked books that are built into the sides of the trunk, from the top to the bottom of the false bottom. So I, according to your premise, can corrupt at will!"

Remus, clearly shocked, stutters for a moment, before coming back to himself. His amber eyes narrow. "You can corrupt him with Quidditch and pranks and even by teaching him to become an animagus Siri, but I absolutely refuse to allow you to corrupt him into becoming a maneater!"

Sirius huffs regally. "As if I would Moony. Honestly, he could do that on his own if he didn't have the strict code of morals he had, or even the care for others and their feelings. Can't turn the boy into what he doesn't have the potential for love."

As Remus opens his mouth to say more, Brandyn politely clears his throat. "Excuse me, Papa, Dad, if the two of you are quite finished I would like to settle into our safehouse now. I do have a room to decorate and fill from wall to wall with books..... or maybe dad would be nice enough to let me have a room connected to another through the bath so that I may have my own, private library? If anything else, I suppose we could have me re-enrolled at hogwart's as your son?"

Remus blinks, then nods. "Yes, I do suppose we should do just that. What do you think Siri, home first, then back to Hogwart's and his education for our cub?"

Sirius, grinning in his usual way, nods. "Sounds perfect. We will even apologize for our cub's rule breaking and explain the reason we kept him so long. Griphook, may your fortunes flourish and your gold never lose its shine. I thank you for your services."

Griphook tilts his head in acceptance and smiles. "It was my pleasure Lord Black."

Bran smiles as he leaves with his new parents and looks forward to seeing the look on the old man's face. After he sets his room up the way he wishes it, of course..... and repacks his trunk. after all, those books had gotten boring by now and his old clothes were atrocious and he'd enjoy looking like a proper Black when not wearing the school uniform.

Albus Dumbledore was worried and furious. He sat behind his desk, glowering at his office door as if it held all the answers to the disappearance of Harry Potter and the destruction of his equipment set up to monitor and keep a bloody eye on the little twit. Had his weapon behaved properly, that troublemaking Black wouldn't have been exonerated and he wouldn't have lost his power over the boy's life. That meddling mutt would have been dead and his weapon would have been sharpened into a precise and deadly killing machine that would then be easy enough to be rid of once it accomplished the purpose he'd taken the time to sharpen it for!

The boy'd been gone for the past two days, as had all of his belongings. Annoyed enough not to take a peek into his mirror and see who'd just knocked on his office door, Albus gruffly calls out a seemingly pleasant, "Come in."

To his shock and hidden rage, none other than Black and Lupin step into his office, ushering in a boy who looks as if he could be their son that he knew was the missing Harry Potter! His grandfatherly facade is weak, but managable as he speaks. "Harry, I know you worried for your godfather's welfare, but you should not have left this school. Now, why don't you release the glamours and go back to your dorm while I talk to your guardian?"

Bran, disliking the fakeness of this man's obvious mask, sneers in a way that would've made Snape proudly assign points to Gryffindor in front of the whole student body, and speaks coldly. "I left, Headmaster, because you did nothing to alliviate my fears for Siri. As you've kept things from me in the past that would've saved so many lives had I been told up front, I decided to go to Grimmauld and see for myself, after which I sent two very dear friends to capture Wormtail and present him to the Ministry so that my godfather could move around freely. As for my supposed glamour, I am happy to inform you that I've been blood adopted by Siri and Remy. I am now their son and you will address me, from now on as Brandyn Caelus Black. Harry James Potter is dead, so don't expect him to magically appear ever again."

Albus nearly snarls, but just barely manages to keep his temper under strict control. "I see. You shall be introduced at lunch Brandyn. I suspect that this most... joyous occasion is the reason behind your having been gone for the past two days?"

Sirius answers calmly. "That, and our shopping spree. We decided to celebrate making it official before we brought our wayward son back to school where he belongs during the semester. I do hope that his leaving has not cased any undue upset?"

Remus smiles kindly. "Yes Albus, we know how worrying it can be when the very boy you've taken so much effort to protect disappears on you without a word."

Albus, stuck in an uncomfortable position with the way their words were spoken, sighs heavily and looks at Harry sternly. "I was worried as I could not explain your disappearance to your friends, Mr. Black, so please do not leave again without permission."

Bran smiles in a boyishly lop-sided way. "Of course, professor, I do apologise for the worry. Not that I'm rushing our discussion sir, but is it not lunch time?"

Remus fixes his son with a stern gaze. "Brandyn Caelus Black-"

Bran smiles sheepishly as his stomach growls. "Sorry Papa, but I need sustenance."

Amused, Remus snorts and pulls the teen to his side. "Of course you do cub."

Sirius grins wolfishly at Dumbledore, able to easily see how very vexed the man is. "Shall we?"

Albus could nearly growl at the casual way he's supposed to be treating this situation and smiles endulgently at the teen and his new fathers. "Of course, let us go to lunch gentlemen."

The four leave together, one plotting ways to get his weapon back under his thumb, and three smirking inside at the losing game the old man was planning to continue to play.

By the end of lunch, Bran's things were sorted, once again, in Gryffindor tower as they'd been before he'd left, and he was back to rushing to Potions class. Hermione was at his side this time as he planned to begin showing everybody exactly who he was and why none should underestimate him any longer. It made Mione happy to have at least one friend at her level who would understand her in front of anybody now instead of in private with just her, and Ron sulk at losing his fun best friend.

Bran didn't care much for Ron's sentimentality about friends who goof off and completely ignore their studies until the last possible moment as he'd had his fun with Harry for four years, nearly five had the fifteen-year-old not come to his senses. Settling at their usual table, both Brandyn and Hermione begin to set up their stations and prepare for the beginning of class. Bran took his time to carefully arrange things after looking over the Potion Hermione'd told him they were to brew today, making sure his cauldron was just so and his tools were set up in the order they'd be used.

As they were still a good five minute early to class, even after he'd gotten set up, Harry took the time to read carefully, albiet quickly, through the ingredients, preparation, and concise instructions for the brewing of the potion of the day. Glancing up at a amused snort, Brandyn finds himself staring at Draco Malfoy and smirks before speaking in an almost sultry tone.

"Spot something surprizing, did you, Malfoy?"

Draco, slightly shocked at the fact that his tone was anything but angry, scowls. "Just wondering if I should take refuge behind the professor's desk should your cauldron decide to blow up Black."

Bran chuckles softly. "Amusing, Draco, really, but I honestly have no time for our petty fights. Truthfully I'd have been happy to have taken your hand of friendship in first year had you not insulted both my first friend and my intelligence within the space of two sentences. Our childish bickering could be further avoided if such a thing were offered in a more adult.... and Slytherin way. Unless, of course, you'd rather me be foolishly Gryffindor enough to hold a grudge until you apologise to Ron who is currently sulking because I refuse to continue hiding my actual intelligence. Only one of my victories was an accident despite outward appearances."

Draco considers this for a moment before huffing haughtily. "We shall see Black."

Bran watches him walk off and raises abrow at Hermione. "Okay, what's that look for Mione? You know that I've given up the rebellious insolent, lazy brat act. Why would trying to befriend Malfoy be so bloody odd now?"

Hermione scowls darkly. "Maybe because you've hated one another for nearly five years and now you all of a sudden forgive him without a thought to Ron's feelings on the matter!"

Bran sighs softly. "Because Ron needs much more forgiveness than Draco does. Ron is like a brother to me Mione, but he completely turned away from me last year and accused me of being everything he was supposed to know I'm not, out of jealous rage over things I have no control of or want for myself or my life. I have all I've ever wanted with Dad and Papa now, a true home, and a family that loves me as I am despite my faults and doesn't put me on some sort of pedestal or spoil me rotten either. You knew the truth as he should have. I may have given him a chance to redeem himself Hermione, but I can't trust him, or feel the same as I did then until I'm able to completely forgive him and trust him again."

Amber eyes lock with brown seriously. "He cared so much about my feelings and our friendship to throw away all we'd shared as friends and brothers in arms over his own jealousy and bull-headed pride. He helped me through others only so he wouldn't feel guilty if I died because I didn't know about the dragons. It was fine for me to face his jealousy and anger and have him lash out at me if I were alive, but it just wouldn't do for me to die and him to feel guilty over being wrong about me for the rest of his days. I care enough to know that Ron will just have to tolerate Malfoy should he decide to offer his hand of friendship again. I am no one's doormat anymore Hermione Granger and both of my best friends will do well to remember that."

Hermione huffs. "What about Professor Snape then?"

Bran raises a brow in amusement. "I've never really been a doormat for the man, but if I ever am, the man's allowed as he does tend to help me keep a good head on my shoulders in his own snarky way. He's as brilliant at making you respect him as he is at making you behave in class."

She laughs softly and smiles at her best male friend. "Good. I really am happy that you've decided to be yourself Bran. Now.. if only you were gay and loved shopping... you'd be every girl's perfect best friend."

Bran actually perks up. "You want to go shopping? When? What day and what time?"

Hermione's eyes light up with excitement. "You're serious!? You really do like shopping?"

Bran chuckles. "No, Sirius is my Dad, I'm Brandyn..." He dodges the swipe cheerfully and grins. "You should've seen Dad and I yesterday Mione, we went on a shopping spree that included both muggle and wizarding London. It was brilliant! You would love my new library! I actually have a small portion of it shrunken on miniature shelves in my trunk. I'll have to let you borrow a few when you've gotten bored with the library here."

Smiling, Hermione moves over and hugs Bran's arm happily. "We are going to have so much fun next Hogsmead weekend."

Draco, watching them, allows a small amused smile to curve his lips. Maybe he could invite himself on their shopping trip and bring Pansy. The girl loved shopping and hanging out with those who shared that love as he himself did. He could call it their bonding experiment if Brandyn really did take the hand he would, of course, offer once more in the name of friendship. For now, he merely watched his godfather's face in amusement as the man billowed his way behind the two friends and snarks at them for talking after he'd made his dramatic entrance that they'd not seen.

The man's dark eyes were fixed on Brandyn in an interested sort of way that Draco could easily recognize. The young Slytherin smirks, oh yes, this year would indeed be one for the books. It would be entertaining to see how well his godfather kept himself in check around the Gryffindor this year, for it was only when Brandyn turned sixteen that his new parents could give their permission for Severus to begin to date their precious little cub. The only hitch that Draco could see in Severus' future courtship of Brandyn Black, was one Charles Weasley. He too was more than interested in the bright-eyed teen and he, unlike Severus, had been able to see the intelligence behind the mask of foolishness the boy'd been wearing as Harry.

It was a toss-up really, who would win the heart of the boy-who-lived, and Draco would enjoy watching every second of the best kind of free entertainment life offered in these dark times...

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