Inuyasha pov

The following morning I woke up to Kagome rubbing my chest softly.

"Get up sleepyhead, we've got to get a move on."

I growled softly and she chuckled adorably.

"Come on Inuyasha. Don't make me get some water to pour on you."

I opened one eye and saw Kagome was wearing a towel and her hair was damp.

"We have to be down in the lobby in forty minutes, get a move on baby."

I slowly got out of bed and made my way to the door.

"If you hurry we'll probably be able to grab some breakfast."

"Okay, I'll be back in twenty so we can go down together. Kiss for the road?" I asked as I stood in the doorway.

Kagome donned a mischievous grin before sauntering her way over to me.

Her hand pressed against my chest as she kissed me gently.

I was half tempted to shove her back into the room and remind her how much I love her morning breath when I remembered that I needed to take my meds.

I pulled her off reluctantly but flashed her a toothy smile.

"See you soon kitten."

She nodded her head and closed the door after me.

Forget Folgers, the best part of waking up was a little taste of Kagome.

When I got to the room Sango was already leaving; I hopped in the shower and threw on some clothes before there was a persistent knock on my door.

When I threw it open to see who the hell had the gall to be pounding so loud so early I was greeted with the faces of Tsubaki, Miyoko and a very pissed off Kagome.

"Mr. Takahashi, we need to have a word."

I looked over my shoulder at Miroku who shrugged before disappearing into the bathroom.

"Are you going to come in?"

"We'll be doing this meeting in the lobby, if you're ready you can follow me."

"Give me a sec," I said before grabbing some essentials and made my way back to the door. "Okay."

I closed the door behind me as Miyoko lead the way and Tsubaki was close behind.

Kagome was so mad spiritual energy was coming off her in vapors.

"Kagome, what's wrong what did she do?" I asked.

"It's not about what I did," Tsubaki retorted looking back at us. "It's about what you did…to her."

Kagome's face got red and her fist balled up.

What the hell.

When we reached the lobby, Miyoko had us sit at a table before turning her eyes towards me.

"Inuyasha where did you sleep last night?"

"Why is that any of your business?" I shot back.

"Answer the question."

"You answer mine."

"Tsubaki said she saw you leave Kagome's room quite early this morning. And your state of undress paints quite the picture.

I laughed.

A loud and sudden noise that just erupted from my chest.

"State of undress, oh my God."

"Are you denying what Tsubaki saw?" She questioned.

"I ain't denying shit; I spent the night with my future mate I have nothing to hide."

"You were assigned to different rooms for a reason."

"A dumbass reason if you ask me. In a matter of months we're going to be married, there's a lot more than a toilet that we'll be sharing. "

"Avalon doesn't want it's student's parents to think that we condone this kind of behavior. "

I grinded my teeth and tried to keep my calm.

Kagome took my hand suddenly though I'm not sure if it was to calm me or herself.

"Well it's a good thing no parents are here to see."

"Even so, flaunting your night together isn't something we can permit."

Kagome snapped a second before I could.

"What night? The part where that my best friend was crying in my lap for more than half of it about losing love so quickly. Or is it the part when Inuyasha politely left his room so his best friend could work on his relationship. Though you could be very well be referring to the part where we slept in separate beds. No I guess you're talking about this morning when I gave my fiancée a goodbye kiss after a truly uneventful evening."

Her gaze turned to Tsubaki.

"You are sad, lonely and pathetic. I suggest picking up a hobby that doesn't include whoring yourself out."

"Miyoko if Avalon is so damn concerned about where and when I screw Inuyasha. I'll send them a map and the blood stained sheets from our wedding night. Can we go now?"

Miyoko looked taken back and stuttered a yes after several seconds.

Kagome yanked on my hand and we left the two where they sat.

Kagome had pulled me out of the hotel and down the street for several minutes before it hit her she didn't know where we were going.

"Ugh, I'm going to kill her. Like actually kill her." Kagome fumed.

She turned to look at me and her expression changed.

"What?" She questioned before I burst out laughing.

"What so funny?" She asked as I tried to control myself.

"A map and the sheets babe." I laughed and she grinned slowly.

"I get kind of crazy when I'm that mad, can't filter myself. "

I thought back to Sesshomaru's birthday dinner and realized she was right.

"God I love you," I said and gave her a kiss on her forehead. "You want to head back now?"

"I don't know if I can face Miyoko yet can we just find someplace to eat and the do the college stuff later."

I wrapped an arm around Kagome's waist and we started walking again.

"And the sheets," I chuckled lightly.

We actually spent the entire day without our class. We got a map of the city and just explored.

We found a vintage books and music which we both enjoyed. We bought a couple of vinyl albums and Kagome picked a few novels from the classic section.

We spent some time in a park, just lying on the grass cuddled under a tree.

Kagome complained about being hungry so we stopped for a bit at a pizza place before making our way back to the hotel.

We went to Kagome's room and were surprised to Kouga and Ayame along with Sango and Miroku.

"Enjoy your day playing hooky?" Kouga asked.

"Of course, how was the tour today?"

"Uneventful, "Sango sighed. "We were about to watch a movie, you guys in?"

"Movie night at Sango's, it's just like home. Of course we're in." Kagome joked as she jumped onto her bed next to Ayame.

"What are we watching?" I asked, taking a seat on the floor next to Kagome's dangling legs.

"Some old snappy love thing Ayame picked," Kouga explained.

"Jane Eyre is a classic and this is the most recent version so shut up and enjoy."

After the movie finished we filled our friends in what happened that morning.

Kouga and Ayame said they wished they had seen Kagome's reaction but she said she glad they didn't; no need for more people to relive her embarrassing moment.

After awhile we decided that we should be going to bed. We'd have the morning free but tomorrow night we were flying to New York to see NYU before going back home.

I wanted to stay the night to prove a point but Kagome thought that we already pushed Miyoko a little too far, no need to rock the boat even more.

Kagome POV

We didn't hear from Rin until the next night when we were packing up. I got a text which said that she and Sesshomaru went ahead to New York and that she'd see us there.

"Guess she realized the time is winding down." Sango said as she put the last of her things into her suitcase. "She'll want to make the most of it."

Before I could make any comments someone was knocking on our door and Sango walked over to let Miroku and Inuyasha in.

"You ladies ready, we're supposed to check out in twenty minutes." Miroku reminded us.

"All done," Sango replied as she picked up her bag and retreated into his arms.

I zipped up my own suitcase and Inuyasha picked it up for me.

"It'll be nice to see New York again, hopefully this time it'll turn out a little bitter."

"I don't know," Miroku shrugged. "The screaming fans were kind of cool last year."

"Getting kidnapped was not." I grimaced.

We made our way downstairs, returned the keys for all of our rooms and loaded the bus to get to the airport.

Miyoko acknowledged Inuyasha and I, but didn't attempt to talk to us which I was thankful for.

Tsubaki smiled at Inuyasha when we passed her to get to our seats and I had to restrain myself from slapping the taste out of her mouth.

The bus ride to the airport was boring and the flight had us to New York in the blink of an eye.

When we got to the hotel Miyoko passed out our rooms keys and made sure to give me mine last.

"We're a high school; we're not under the delusion that you kids won't be having sex. However rules are rules so please stick to them, I don't want to have to report anything to the principal."

I nodded my head and silently took my keys from her.

She wasn't the one I was mad at after all.

"One more tour and we're home," Ayame sighed on the way up to our rooms.

"Thank God, all this jet lag is started to get to me." Sango whined.

"See you guys in the morning." Kouga said once he located their door.

"Night," I replied while moving further down the hall.

Inuyasha and Miroku had been placed a few doors down from our own this time so we said our goodbyes at the door.

"Night of the new moon is coming up, "Inuyasha whispered so the others wouldn't hear. "I'll get to hold you all night long."

"It's a date."

He kissed my forehead before we split and each went to our own rooms.

"How you holding up?" I asked Sango once our door was closed.

"I'm okay." She responded and even managed a smile.

She and Miroku had been holding hands since we left Boston, it seemed like a good sign.

After taking a nice hot shower, I changed into my pj's and fell asleep before Sango returned from the bathroom.

The next morning we were at NYU at 8:00 a.m.

I actually paid attention on this tour.

It's not that I wanted to move to America; but if we were going to I knew New York would be the place for Inuyasha and I.

He seemed more engaged during this tour too, I think it was the singer/song writer in both of us that wanted to live that lifestyle.

Who knows, maybe we'd get a summer home.

I kind of liked the idea of being a starving artist in New York City.

After the tour we got lunch and had an hour to pack up before we had to leave for the airport.

I tried calling Rin but her phone kept going straight to voicemail.

"Do you think she'll miss our flight?"

"Doubt it; Sesshomaru won't want her flying back alone. They'll meet us there."

Sure enough when we got to the airport, Rin and Sesshomaru were already waiting at our gate.

Inuyasha made a step to walk over to them but I pulled him back.

They were seated next to each other holding hands but looking in different directions.

"Let's just…not."

He gave them another glance and nodded his understanding.

When they started boarding our plane the others moved to stand in line but Rin didn't budge an inch.

I told Inuyasha to go on ahead and waited patiently by the ticket attendant for Rin.

It wasn't until last call that she slowly rose to her feet.

Sesshomaru stood as well and Rin latched onto his larger frame.

His hand stroked her hair softly while she squeezed him as tightly as she could.

I wanted for a speech of declarations of love but none came.

They simply held each other.

She reached up and placed a kiss on his nose which brought a faint smile to his face.

Sesshomaru kissed the top of Rin's head and gave her one last squeeze before stepping back.

Rin opened her mouth but then closed it quickly like she had changed her mind.

She brought Sesshomaru's hand to her face and pressed a gentle kiss to his knuckles.

With one final squeeze she let go of his hand and walked towards me.

"Rin," Sesshomaru called with an obvious croak in his voice.

She turned after handing over her ticket.

Her head tilted to the side like she was confused.

Sesshomaru's usual passive face was cracking away and the pain he was feeling was rushing to the surface.

Rin smiled her big goofy grin and Sesshomaru visibly relaxed.

She shook her head as if saying silly Sesshy and waved to him while taking backward steps.

He waved back slowly and started to move backwards as well.

She turned towards me and nodded for us to go.

We walked down the corridor together and found our seats quickly.

She didn't start crying until the plane was off the ground.

"He thought no words would make it easier." She explained. "Silly Sesshy, it'll break my heart no matter what is or isn't said."

"You guys are half way through it'll be okay."

"We won't be okay," She said while shaking her head and brushing away her tears. "We won't be okay, but we'll survive."