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I've Got You

Chapter 1: The Meeting


I couldn't move any part of my body.I was scared. I was weak. I was....going to die. Six PSICOM soldiers were all about to finish me off at once. At least I made it this far...right?

Oh, forgive me. My name's Adeline Griffith, and I am a l'Cie. In just a few seconds I'm pretty much about to die because of it. Yeah, being a l'Cie is kind of like being the only lion in a field of just deers. A threat. The thing that should be exterminated immediately. Not the best thing to be at this moment, if you're catching my drift right now.

My eyes scanned the area for my faithful sword-whip. I saw it. About three feet behind one of the PSICOM soldiers that surrounded me. Damnit. I couldn't reach it.

"Say, should we just take this one back to the airship?" questioned one of the soldiers.

"I don't think so. This one's a little fiesty if you ask me. Let's just kill it and get out of here." said another one as he pointed his gun at me. The rest followed his move.

Well...I guess this is it.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa I don't think so! Have no fear, your hero is here!" a loud booming voice yelled. Next thing I knew, I saw the PSICOMs getting beat up by an incredibly tall man with blond hair and a black bandana. His only weapon was his bare fists, pretty impressive if you ask me. There was also a young women about his age with light pink hair, wielding a gun-blade and slashing off the other soldiers. Now that was awesome! Only the most skilled soldiers use gun-blades. But wait...why were they helping me? I'm a l'Cie.....

Then I took a closer look at the blonde haired guy. There it was! A l'Cie mark on his left arm. I looked at my right hand where my mark was. They were the same. So he's a l'Cie too.... I looked at the pink haired lady, but I couldn't find her mark. Was she a l'Cie too? Well...I guess I'll find out later.

The two finished off the PSICOMs, and one by one fell to the ground lifeless.

"Heh, not bad sis!" the blonde haired guy said in a cheery tone.

The pinked haired lady narrowed her icy blue eyes at him as if they were daggers, "Do not call me sis. I am not nor ever will be your sister." she said rather coldly.

"Alright, whatever you say, sis." He said chuckling as she groaned in annoyance. He then finally took notice of me. "Oh whoops forget about you for a minute there! You okay?" He asked me. "I believe this is yours." He said handing me back my sword-whip. I smiled and took my whip. He reminded me of my older brother, Brice. Cheerful and laid back even in the most horrible situations. Man, I miss him....

"Yeah, I'm fine. Thank you so much for helping me out there! I don't know how I could ever thank you two." I said, bowing as I noticed they were both clearly older than me.

"Don't sweat it! I'm just doing my job. Being a hero and all you know?" Oh nice. Hero with an ego. Yup, definitely like Brice.

I smiled once again, "I'm Adeline, and I'm grateful to have met you and your....um sister?" I said kind of confused not sure what to call the pink haired lady. She gave me a look. Yeah okay...I'm guessing they really aren't related. Great I just made things akward. Smoooth.

"Snow Villiers! And that over there is my future sister-in-law, Lightning." He snickered.

"I am not your sister!" she yelled. Lightning....not the kind of person anyone should mess with from what it seems.

"Okay okay fine Light." He then looked at my hand. "So you're a l'Cie too huh?"

"Yeah...but I'm not exatly sure what my focus is. I don't even know how or why I became one." It was true. One day I just woke up. Next thing I knew I was a l'Cie being hunted down by everyone.

Just when Snow was about to reply, he was interrupted by someone.

"Heeey! There you guys are!" said a voice with a distinct Australian accent. The voice came from a young girl. A little older than me. I'd say she's about 19? Probably... She had red hair tied up in curly pigtails and her outfit....looks a little tribal, but nonetheless she was adorable. Behind her were two other guys. One was a tall black man with a noticeable afro and....and...a Chocobo chick inside is hair? Umm...okay. Cute, but than again a little odd. The other one was a boy about my age. He had silvery blonde hair and light green eyes.

His eyes were so....mesmerizing. Well hey, I'm not going to lie. He is pretty cute. Okay....more like insanely amazingly cute! Yeah...I'm such a girl sometimes.

"About time you guys caught up! Looks we've got three kids to take care of now." Snow said as he noogied me, messing up my hair! I gave a small pout. I was not a kid. I was a teenager! I mean hello, I'm fourteen years old.

"Oh, well hello! My name's Vanille! And you are?" The perky red-head girl asked me with her big curious eyes and a friendly smile.

"Adeline, nice to meet you."

"Likewise! I'm sure we'll get along just fine!" She said happily as she grabbed my hand and started to drag me towards the two guys. She then pushed me infront of them. Luckily I could get my balance before I was close to falling on my face.

"Well, don't be shy now! Why don't you to introduce yourselves!" Vanille said.

"Oh alright!" said the afro guy. "Sazh is the name, pleasure to meet you." Just then, his little Chocobo chick popped right out of his hair and started chirping. "Oh and of course this little guy right here is my Chocobo. Don't be afraid now, he's a friendly one." I laughed a little as the Chocobo went right back into his hair.

The silver haired boy didn't say anything. His head was down, probably not even acknowledging me as he looked lost in thought. I just akwardly stood there. Should I just introduce myself first? I was about to say something until Vanille snook up behind him.

"Go on, say something to her!" she said as she pushed him closer towards me. Once he regained his balance, his head was still down. Shyly he looked up to me and finally spoke, "My name's Hope." he said almost in a whisper. He looked back down, his eyes seemed....sad.

I gave him a wide smile, "Hope, huh? Well that's a cute name." I said. Oh...shoot I didn't mean to say that out loud. He looked up at me again and blushed. Great now I just made things awkward. Quick Adeline just try and change the subject! "Uh well it's nice to meet you!" I said quickly as a extended my hand towards him. Wow I am smoooth.

"Um...yeah it's nice to meet you too." He said giving me a slight smile. He had an amazing smile. Even though it was barely a smile...it was...nice.

"Alright! So now we all know each other. Let's go and catch up with the others!" Vanille said ever so cheerfully. She grabbed both dragged both of us and ran as we followed her (as if we had a choice).

Just a feeling, but this is going to be one heck of an adventure.


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