OK here's my first chapter so bear with I REUPODED THESE CAUSE WANTED TO FIX THEM

I gripped the phone in my hands,it has been years since I heard a voice that I once heard every day of my life. My head filled with memories of my childhood in la push,the place I grew up and it was also the place I ran from.

''Bella are you there''

His voice brought me back from my thoughts.

''Jared?''I asked softly

''Yeah its me I haven't talked to you in forever,how have you been?''

''Im fine how are you?''While saying this I was wondering why Jared would be calling me.I haven't talked to any of my friends from La push since the day I left.
Back then I hated the looks of pity the people there gave me.

''Im great well more then great, me and Kim are getting married!''He said excitedly.I could tell that he couldn't wait for his wedding day.I always knew in the back of my mind that Jared and Kim would always be together,ever since we were teens you could always find Kim at Jared's hip. They could not be separated by anything.

''Oh God congratulates Jared,im so happy for you guys''

''thanks but that's not why I called you I was wondering if you could come to the wedding and be Kim's Maid of Honor''UMMM what I haven't talked to Kim in 2 years and she still wanted to keep the promise we made. me and Kim were best friends growing up and when we turned 13 we promised each other we would be each others maid of honor at our weddings.

''ummm..Hold on why isn't Kim asking me this?''I asked curiously

''Well you see when me and Kim first got engaged I heard her telling Emily that she wished you could be her maid of honor for the wedding but when I asked her why she didn't just call and ask you she said that she didn't want to bring up any bad memories for you by asking you to come back''i chucked quietly to myself.
Because it sounded so Kim,she was always thinking about other peoples feelings.

''you can count me in so when is it?''

''really you going to come?''His voice was so surpised you would have thought I told him I had two heads.

''Yeah I promised Kim I would when we were young''

''that's great!Thank you so much Bella your the best''

''Yeah yeah so when is the wedding?''

'its in 2 months but be here for the rehearsal dinner and surprise Kim then'

''Wait Kim doesn't know you called me? That's great! Hold on what am I going to wear?''

''Well only Emily knows I called you and she's making the dresses for the wedding so just give me your sizes and ill pass them over to her to make''

''OK that's great but you have to promise me something''

''um OK what is it'' he asked concerned

''No one else knows but you,me and Emily OK?''

''Yeah thats perfect it will be a surprise to everyone!''

''ooh yeah it will''
After I gave Jared my size for the dress and he gave me the address they were having the dinner at,we hung up.I felt both scared and excited about going back to La push but I knew one thing for sure that when I go there everyone will see that im not the fragile little girl who was betrayed by her first love.