Hello Everyone! I'm Back! I will be posting more chapters for my first story PLUS posting ideas of mine for new stories so if you like them send me a message telling me so!

My story Idea's:

Our Love is a Lie-Innocent 22 year old collage student Bella met Dangerous 24 year old mob boss Edward Cullen. She has no idea who he really is but soon head over heels in love with will Bella do when Edward tells her who he is AFTER the wedding?Leave?Stay?Will she even have a choice in the matter?Could she ever trust him again or will everything they had crash and burn?Is Bella also hiding something from Edward? All Human.


Secerts- Isabella Volturi Adopted Daugther of Aro Volturi and Sulpicia Volturi has always wished for a normal life. No vampires,guards,or death. She would never tell her family of her wishing scared to hurt them. But when her father hears of her wish he can not say no. He makes a deal with his daughter, she may go to any place she wished for 4 years. In that 4 years she would there would be No guards,vampires etc. But when she returns she must marry the man Aro has chosen for her. Felix whom has always loved her since she was a child. But happens when she throws a dart at a map and it lands on La push? Or when she goes there and met Jacob who imprints? Will she get the normal life she wished for or the life she never knew she wanted?


Lost-Bella and Jacob have been together since they were Bella is 16 and Jacob is 17 everything seems perfect. But what happens when Jacob Phases and is told to stay away from her?What happens when Bella finds out she is pregnant?Jacob imprints on her but can she forgive him for leaving her when she needed him most?Why is her belly growing so fast?And what is the growing friendship with the Cullen that Jacob doesn't know about?