As you know, i love Supernatural and just recently i have discovered Haryy Potter cross overs with Supernatural and i have fallen in love!! They are so good and so here is my attempt here!! I will try fit the story into 7 chapters tops...hopefully:P

Eventually will be DeanXHarry

I don't own Harry Potter or Supernatural and both belong to their respectful owners....only thing i own is Harry's new name...copyrited by me!

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The London air was crisp from the morning rain as it pelted down softly, hitting the cobble stone pavement. A hooded figure walked down Diagon Alley towards Gringotts Bank, the rain soaking the hood covering his head and face. When he reached the doors he strode straight through and headed towards one of the desks where a haughty looking goblin sat, his spectacles perched on the bridge of his boney nose.

The hooded figure walked up and dropped an envelope on the desk as the goblin looked at the figure suspiciously before picking up the letter and opening it. The goblin's eyes went wide as he quickly gained his composure.

"If you would follow me this way please," the goblin said as he stood up from his seat behind the high counter and got down before motioning for the figure to follow him. The goblin led the cloaked man down small tunnels before stopping outside a large door. The goblin knocked.

"Come in," a voice said as it resounded from the other side of the door. The goblin looked at the figure before nodding and turning on his heel and heading back to his desk in the foyer.

The figure watched as the little goblin walked away before turning to the door and opening it and stepping inside.

Griphook looked up from his desk as he saw a cloaked man standing in his office and smiled.

"Well, this sure is a surprise Mr. Potter," Griphook said. The hooded figure reached up and pulled back the hood of his cloak to reveal a soaking black haired man with striking green eyes.

"Hey Griphook," Harry replied as he took of his cloak and slung it over the back of one of the chairs in front of the desk the said goblin was sitting behind.

"I suppose you're here to discuss the papers?" Griphook questioned the young wizard who only a few months ago had vanquished the darkest wizard to have walked the planet, he-who-must-not-be-named Voldemort.

"I am actually," Harry replied as he sank into the cushioned chair with a sigh, "I was hoping I could get out tonight, the press and the ministry are driving me insane."

"Perfect timing," Griphook said as he bent down and from the bottom draw of his desk he pulled out a file and handed it to the wizard. Harry took it and opened the file before smiling.

"I have converted most of your savings into muggle money and also there is 10 000 euros in the plastic sleeve in the folder," Griphook explained as Harry gave a quick nod.

"I see you did go through with the name I requested to be put on the papers," Harry said with a sad smile as the goblin just nodded, understanding the pain in the man's eyes.

"Yes," Griphook said as he just watched the young wizard sitting across from him, "I think it suits you."

"Thanks Griphook," Harry said as he flicked through all of the papers once more, "you have no idea how much I appreciate this."

"No problem," Griphook said as he smiled, displaying his sharp yellow teeth to Harry, "I would help you with anything Harry Potter, or should I say Jamesly Black?"

Harry gave a small laugh before standing up, still holding the folder in one hand as he picked up his coat in the other.

"Thanks again Griphook, for everything," Harry said and before the goblin could reply the wizard turned and apperated out of the goblin's office.

The goblin blinked before he whispered softly to himself, "be safe Harry Potter."

~At Heathrow Airport~

A young man looked down at the ticket he was holding in his hand, his backpack slung over one shoulder. The one-way plane to New York was leaving in half an hour and the young wizard had all of his new papers in his bag. He was throwing away his old name, life and world. The black haired man smiled before he walked towards the gate where his flight was to be boarding as he thought to himself America had better watch out because Jamesly Black was coming!

Ok, anyone guess why i gave Harry that new name?

Anyway, next chapter will introduce Harry to the Winchesters and something will happen...something very strange... XP