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Chapter 15

The group of men landed awkwardly in the enclosed area, the high fences which surrounded the empty lot shielding them from view.

Two of the men were used to the sensation of apparition while two were down and one was just indifferent about the whole thing.

Dean and Sam had to regain their breath as it had all but been squeezed from them during the travel here, the two men refilling their lungs as they had to stop themselves from retching.

Castiel didn't really have much of an opinion on the whole thing although he did lament to himself that angel travel was much more comfortable than that.

Jamesly just shook his head with a chuckle as Dean and Sam both glared at him.

It was still strange to see yourself glaring back at you and Jamesly realized just what sort of expressions his face held.

He in his new body however still had to cope with the whole thing. It was strange, having to adjust to another persons' body but he was happy.

Jamesly had to be thankful that to change with anyone, it had to be the Winchesters' and their guardian angel rather than some randoms.

Draco brushed himself off, his normal muggle clothing which Jamesly had made him wear so he wouldn't stand out having been fitted to his form perfectly.

Jamesly had been impressed when the blonde had altered the clothes magically to refit his size as Jamesly had always been a few sizes smaller than Draco.

"Everyone alright? Ok, what was the number again?" Jamesly questioned, turning to Draco.

"Number 27," Draco replied as he looked down at the paper he held in his hand with the address scrawled in script neatly.

Draco turned to his newly found companions, gesturing with his hand as he spoke, "alright, this way then."

He led them from the building site, checking that the coast was clear before they crossed the street, trying to look as inconspicuous as possible.

They kept their eyes on the letterboxes for the numbers as they passed houses, the odd numbers slowly rising higher and higher.

21…23…25…27! Jamesly said to himself in his head, excited when he finally spotted the correct house number on the letterbox beside the driveway.

The house was painted a dark green, the small lawn out the front holding a bicycle which he had to assume Mr. Shurley rode. The grass was slightly overgrown and the plants looked like they needed a bit of a watering but overall, it looked just like a normal house…except for the rubbish piled up around the yard.

The five men all walked along the small path within the front garden which led to the porch, all of them casting glances about, scouting out the area for any danger. As they all climbed the few steps to the verandah, they found themselves before the front door.

They could hear shuffling within the house and despite the walls which muffled the sounds you could still hear the soft echo of someone speaking in a low, throaty voice, although they could not make out what was being said.

"Any wild guesses at to what he's doing in there? Betcha 5 bucks he's wanking," Dean said with a light laugh.

He lamented was so unlike his own usual deep chuckle, but he liked the sound anyway. It was Jamesly's laugh…Dean pushed his embarrassing chick flick thoughts from his head quickly.

"Gross," Jamesly replied but the smile on his face betrayed his amusement.

Sam just shook his head, "really Dean, really?"

"What? It sounds like it mate," Dean said with a grin.

Jamesly ignored Dean's grin which made his heart jump a little. With a small shrug as he glanced over his shoulder at his comrades before he pressed the doorbell, he lamented, "well here goes nothing I guess."

All five men turned their attention to the glass on the door as it opened.

There was a small man standing there, his face was covered in stubble and he wore a bathrobe (in seeing this Dean grinned to himself, he was so right), his eyes had dark bags under them and he looked as if he hadn't slept in several days.

"Are you Chuck Shirley?" Jamesly asked, eying the man before them, inside happy dancing at the fact that he was taller than him (in his real body of course).

"The Chuck Shirley who wrote the 'Supernatural' books?" Dean added for him.

The man looked around at the five men, his eyes lingering on them all as he said slowly, his tone questioning, "maybe…why?"

He shifted at the door, probably a little confronted with five men turning up at his door, all of them looking quite professional; the only one who looked kind was Jamesly who was smiling down from his giant height known as Samuel Winchester who's height alone was a intimidation.

"I'm Dean, this is Sam, the Dean and Sam you've been writing about," Dean said, Jameslys lips forming the words as Chuck's gaze was drawn to him.

Sam continued on from his brother, "and these are our friends, Castiel, Draco and Jamesly."

The man looked at them with the thought 'you're crazy, get off my property' look evident on his face as he proceeded to close the door in their faces.

Draco, raising a brow at the rudeness of the male pressed the doorbell again.

Chuck appeared once more, looking rather exasperated as he said, "look, I appreciate your enthusiasm, really, I do. It's always nice to hear from the fans. But, for your own good, I strongly suggest you get a life."

With that, he went to close the door once more on the men on his front porch.

Dean's anger was obviously seen on his face as a hand snapped out to stop Chuck from closing the door yet again in their faces. "Get a life? Get a life? Dude, you stole ours to write your books."

He really didn't like having his life on paper for all to read…no matter how small a cult following was of the series, and Dean let that anger come to the forefront of his mind, controlling his actions.

Jamesly rested a hand on his own body's arm, knowing that Dean would probably lash out in anger at the male at the door.

Dean pushed open the door, knowing that Jamesly's hand was on his arm but he walked through the doorway anyway, knowing that his brother would be right behind him. Neither of the two siblings was pleased about this situation, their lives were for their own, not for some weirdo's entertainment.

Chuck looked alarmed at the intrusion, stumbling backwards into his own house. "Now wait a minute…this isn't funny."

"Damn straight it's not funny," said the older brother of the two, although currently boy-who-lived-countless-times.

"Look, we just want to know how you're doing it," Sam added.

The man looked confused, as he shook his head, "I'm not doing anything, really."

"Are you a hunter?" Draco asked calmly, leaning up against the wall of the entrance way, his eyes trained on Chuck.

"What?" Chuck said, eyes wide as he began to quickly deny it, "no, I'm a writer, just you're average writer."

"Then how do you know so much about demons? Or tolpas or changelings?" Jamesly asked, his tone friendlier than the other's hand been, "how can you know so much in such vivid detail?"

The man fell back onto the couch as Dean advanced on him in anger. "Is this a misery thing? Oh it is isn't it? It's a misery thing!"

"It's not a misery thing," said Castiel, his face in a frown. The angels had been whispering about this male, although he could barely catch their conversation in this new body which was not his own vessels.

"We are not fans, believe me what I say that," Dean spat out.

"What do you want!" Chuck yelled, his hands flailing about in the air as the five men practically surrounded him as he lay sprawled on the couch, his eyes wide betraying his fear.

"I'm Sam, that's Dean," the youngest Winchester stated, gesturing towards Jamesly whom his brother was currently residing in.

"Sam and Dean are fictional characters! I made them up! They're not real! They can't be real!"

Chuck seemed to be on the verge of a break down as he stared up at the men around him, his eyes flittering between each.

"What can we say to prove to you that they are indeed real?" Jamesly asked.

"They're not real! They can't be, ever! They are a figment of my imagination!" said the author, trembling slightly.

Dean finally seemed to snap, un-holstering his gun, "does this look real enough to you?"

"Is that…?" Chuck eyed the pearl handled gun which Dean held, the barrel facing his chest.

The author looked up at Dean, saying in honest surprise, "wow…you guys really are my number one fans."

Jamesly sensing the American hunter's irritation quickly pushed his arm down, making the gun point to the floor incase he tried to shoot the poor male in his bathrobe.

Sam stared him down, his voice stern as he asked, "how much do you know? Do you know about the angels? Lillith breaking the seals?"

"Wait a minute…how do you know about that?"

"Question is how do you," Draco replied smoothly.

"Cause I wrote it," Chuck replied.

"You kept writing?" asked Jamesly.

"Yeah, even after the publisher went bankrupt," Chuck explained as he looked between them all, "but those books never came out…"

"Is this some sort of joke?" Chuck settled on, "did Phil put you up to this?"

Dean just looked towards Sam, the two sharing a small silent conversation.

"Well, nice to meet you, I'm Dean Winchester and this is my brother Sam," said man stated.

Chuck seemed to be taken aback by something they said as he sat up, his eyes seemingly growing twice their usual size. "Last names were never in the books…I never told anybody that, let alone wrote them down."

At that, Chuck got off the couch, pushing his way through the circle of men as he quickly grabbed a bottle of scotch, pouring it into a glass on the bench before he gulped it down, wincing.

Turning back around he saw the five men still standing there as he rubbed at his eyes furiously, "oh god you're still there…"

"Yup," Dean replied.

"You're not a hallucination," was the reply they got.


"There is only one explanation…" Chuck said slowly, "obviously I'm a God."

Draco scoffed despite his usual stony faced attitude. How on earth did this man come to that conclusion was beyond him.

"You're not a God," Castiel said, he'd know if Chuck was a God, he'd feel it, even despite his loose connection he was having with his angelic powers.

"How else do you explain it? I write things and they come to life. Yeah nah, definitely a God," the male said, still only clothed in his bathrobe as he stood facing the men over his desk which was in the centre of the room. "A cruel, cruel, capricious God."

He looked up at the men, "the things I put you through…the physical beatings alone…"

Chuck's eyes were apologetic and his tone sad, almost making Dean roll his eyes at the pity they were currently receiving.

Screw you and your pity, Dean thought to himself as he said aloud, "we're still in one piece."

"I killed your father."

Both brothers tensed.

"Burned your mother alive."

Another shared wince.

"Then you had to go through the whole horrific thing again with Jessica."

Raised brows from Jamesly and Draco, Castiel stoic as he knew what had happened, Dean looking at his brother in concern and Sam looking saddened yet the tensing in his shoulders was noticeable.

"Chuck…" Sam said in warning, the twitch in his mouth showing his irritation.

"And for what? All for the sake of literary symmetry! I toyed with your lives, your emotions, for…entertainment." Chuck turned away from them, staring off at the wall.

Dean stepped forward, still peeved as he unconsciously moved closer to Sam who still seemed to be affected by the mention of his passed girlfriend in silent comfort.

"You didn't toy with us, you didn't create us," the elder Winchester brother said.

Jamesly could tell that Sam was upset as he bit his lip, he had no idea why but it wasn't his place to pry about this Jessica so he stayed where he was.

Draco, sensing Jamesly's sadness about not being able to help a friend, as per usual with his weird martyr complex, reached over to give the man's hand a squeeze.

"I'm…I'm so sorry," Chuck said sincerely.

"Chuck you're not a God," Jamesly said.

"We think you may probably be just psychic," Sam continued from Jamesly.

Chuck stared at them like they were crazy once more. "No. If I were psychic I'd be writing? Writing is hard."

Chuck sat down on his swivel chair, seating himself at his desk which was littered with papers and pens, a computer smack bam in the middle of the wood.

"It seems that somehow you're just focusing on our lives," Sam tried to give the male some light to their theory.

"Like laser focus," Dean added.

Jamesly shook his head at Dean's tone, asking, "are you working on anything right now?"

Chuck seemed to have a thought dawn on him as he let out a long, "ho-ly crap."

"What?" the blonde aristocrat said snappishly, he was getting annoyed at how much time this interrogation was taking to even get a shred of information which could aid them.

Chuck picked up a pile of papers which were before him, rubbing a hand over his face with his free one. "The latest book, it's uh, kinda weird."

Dean leant forward on the table, eager to hear what Chuck had to say, "how?"

"I…I wrote myself into it," Chuck said awkwardly, "I wrote myself, in my house, confronted by my characters and their friends…"

Chuck looked up at the five, "what did you say your names were again?"

"That's Draco Malfoy and that's Castiel and I'm Jamesly Black…" the latter introduced.

"Oh god…you're…you're my new characters that I wrote…you guys…" Chuck trailed off, looking from the paper in his hand to the five men before him.

Chuck took a deep breath, saying, "you guys switched bodies in that house." He looked over the four original men before turning to Draco. "And you, you're his best friend from England."

"Yeah, that's me," Draco said with a snort as Jamesly rolled his eyes at his best friend and brother in all but blood.

"Oh god…what have I done…" Chuck gripped at his brunette locks as he turned to Dean, "dude, I'm so sorry…this must suck for you…I never…I never meant to…"

Dean seemed to get the gist of what the male was saying as his eyes flittered over to Jamesly momentarily before he looked away.

Jamesly quirked a brow in curiosity, what was this all about?

Two of the other three men understood as well while the other was indifferent, as per usual.

"Yeah now shut up and tell us if you know anything about what the hell had happened at that house that day," Dean said gruffly, although his voice was a few tones higher than his usual one, making it sound less threatening that it usually would.

"Well…I mean, the only thing that I wrote about was you meeting him," jerked head in Jamesly's direction, "and the witch who lived there cursing whoever came to her in need."

"...and?" Sam said.

"That's it, I didn't have anything else on it," Chuck replied.

"That's it? We came all this way for absolute nothing, well if this was a waste of our precious time and effort than I don't know what is," Draco said with a drawl.

"Shhh Dray," Jamesly said as Chuck shot the blonde a look of irritation.

"Look, that's all I know alright? You can't blame me for not saying anything more when I don't know anything else," the author said in reply, his brow furrowed.

Castiel seemed to look up at the ceiling, his eyes searching as if he were looking for something…or someone.

All of a sudden the room began to shake, the floor quivering beneath their feet as it seemed the whole house began to sway.

"What in the name of Merlin is going on?" Draco said loudly over the rumbling which accompanied the earthquake which seemed to rock the house.

"No idea!" shouted Jamesly back as he hung onto the couch which he stood behind to try and steady himself, making sure he didn't fall over.

"Michael is coming," Castiel said in a whisper, none of his companions hearing him.

Dean saw his angel friend's lips moving his own as he said, "what? Cas, what did you just say, I can't hear you!"

"I said, 'Michael is coming'," Castiel replayed, this time his voice louder, letting all of them hear him.

"Who's Michael?" Chuck all but screamed out.

"My brother," Castiel said in reply.

"That's good then!" Draco yelled back, steadying himself against the wall of the room.

"…it's not," Castiel said as his eyes flickered over to the vessels, "we are not safe."

"No you're not little brother," a voice said from the center of the room as all eyes were drawn towards the figure there, a man in his mid twenties with dark blonde hair and hazel eyes.

"Hello Michael," was all the other angel said in reply, "I see you have found a vessel."

"Temporary at best. As you can see, my powers still cannot be contained within," Michael stated as the room continued to shake, the sheer power could be felt by the two wizards within the room.

"We know why you're hear and the answer is no!" Dean yelled from within Jamesly.

"Ah, Dean Winchester," Michael said as he turned his current hazel gaze to lock with emerald, "a little flaw there. You see, my brother is currently possessing your body and seeing as I outrank him, he listens to my orders. Now Castiel, say yes so I can take my promised vessel."

Castiel seemed to be in a dilemma as he was silent; not saying a word but a frown marred his face. He was probably deep in thought.

Jamesly looked over at Draco, a silent plea expressed on his face as his blonde friend nodded.

Not having time to pull out his wand, Draco lifted his hands before him, his legs planted firmly on the ground to stop himself from swaying and with a simple accio wandlessly and non-verbally his four companions plus the author were all flying towards him.

As soon as he felt skin connect with his he began to spin, apparating them away.

Jamesly felt himself be pulled towards Draco at an alarming rate, but not before he felt a hand latch onto his leg as he flew forward. He felt his stomach begin to compress as they apparated away and before he could shake the hand off he felt himself being squeezed tightly and he knew.

He knew that the second they landed that Michael would be inside the wards of their haven and he knew they'd be in a whole heap of shit.

The only thing he could think was, aw, crap.

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