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Chapter 5

S and M by Virgil Hawkins. 3:28 am.

Richie spent the night tonight. Its late and I'm wide awake. I hope I didn't wake him. I'm in the bathroom, on the floor, writing. I must really have problems. Especially if I had another dream about my best friend. Another sexual one. This makes number two. The first one was really...vivid.

This one was not only vivid, but...I can't believe I would think about doing that kind of thing to my best friend! It was so weird. I can't believe I'm even writing about it. The first one was bad, but not like this.

Richie sighed. He wished Virgil's story would get to it's point, already. "V, did you really have to explain your disbelief in a journal meant for writing one's dreams?" He adjusted to a cross legged position.

Virgil, who was still trapped within the coils of the Zap-Cap, huffed, but stayed silent. He kept staring at the floor, watching a beetle make it's way slowly across the room. He was nervous about writing the dream he had that night, and he procrastinated it by writing his disbelief and surprise. He was proud to say, because his dream was so vivid and realistic, that when he did finally write it out, the words came to him easily. He assumed it was from his medicine and the relaxed feeling that helped him sleep.

I even named this dream S and M because... well...that's what it was. S and M. A slave and master based setup. Though, I was told S and M has another meaning, but I can't really remember what that was. Anyways.. I felt the urge to dominate him, but I didn't have much to use. We had fallen asleep on the couch,-

Richie turned the page.

- him on one side and me on the other.

I opened my eyes. It was dark; The only illumination coming from the streetlights through some of the windows. I had groaned aloud, and I think I also did, physically...can't remember. I had a hard-on. Again, I think I did, physically. Richie shifted on his end of the couch. We had no blanket because of the heat. I was in a tank and boxer shorts. Richie was wearing, as always, a large white t-shirt and boxer shorts. I don't get how he wears it. I tried, but it's hot as hell.

Richie looked up. "Its not hot to wear a large t-shirt when asleep. Its loose and cool."

Virgil was now slumped against the wall behind him. He shrugged as best he could. "I think a tank is better. Less clothing."

"I don't like them. Too constricting."

"Yeah, I know the feeling." Virgil struggled in his bonds to emphasize his point.

Richie leaned forward and extended his arm out and clicked the uncoil mechanism on the main Zap-Cap cartridge. The coils unraveled from Virgil's body and fell to the floor, each of the metallic cylinders tucked securely within. Virgil stretched his arms and legs, and twisted until his back popped, but stayed on the floor. "Thanks, man."

Richie nodded and lowered his head to indulge in the pages.

Richie looked so...pretty? Uh...I guess. His mouth was partly open and his breathing was steady and deep. I almost didn't want to wake him. Almost.

I smirked and pushed myself up on my knees. All I could think about was the uses for that little mouth. I steadied myself above Richie and I had kept a hand on the back cushions to keep my balance. I just admired how amazing Rich looked. My heart had sped up and I found myself inching closer. I was moving to kiss him, but my eyes had ventured further down his body. It stopped at his stomach and moved back to his neck. A neck completely untouched and vulnerable. The feeling of possessiveness overcame me.

So I bit him.

Richie's face was warm and flushed. That bite, he remembered well. The marks that Virgil left had to be hidden by Mrs. Foley's coverup for a week. He reluctantly turned to the next page.

I pressed my body into him, unmindful of the small space we had on the couch. Richie moaned, which made me only bite harder. His skin was slightly salty-tasting and smelled of his vanilla body wash. I don't really get how I can remember the taste or smell, but anyways.

I heard him say my name, and I let go. I loved how raspy it sounded. Turned me on more. He was looking at me confusedly. It was strange seeing him without his glasses, even in the near darkness. He asked me what I was doing-

"Hey, Rich? Where are you at?" Virgil asked, snapping Richie out of his musing.

"Uh...You said it was weird seeing me without my glasses." He answered.

Virgil nodded and scooted forward, away from the wall. He looked at the book and Richie was inclined to move it away. "Relax. I'm not gonna take it. Just promise me something."

Richie blinked, but nodded.

Virgil took a deep breath. "Promise me, this won't make things weird between us. I don't know why I'm having dreams like this." His voice dropped considerably. "Please don't let this ruin us, Rich. You're my best friend. I can't control what my mind does; I just wrote it down."

Richie laid a comforting hand on his shoulder. "Bro, I promise. Though, you may be more stressed out later tonight than I am."

"What's that mean?"

Richie leaned away and quickly returned to the pages, ignoring the rapid questioning from his friend.

He asked me what I was doing. I just smiled at him, and whispered in his ear. "Say my name like that again, Rich." I wanted to hear it again. But, even in a dream, he's stubborn. So I decided I'd make him say it. I straddled his waist and pulled him lower on the couch, so he was laying completely across it and not half on the left side. I had grabbed his wrists and roughly kissed him. It was... new yet familiar, I guess would be the best way to put it. Wet and slimy, hot breathing, and I even bit his lip. Overall, I loved it. Though, I wonder if that's really what its like to make out with a guy; with Richie.

Richie bucked his hips. I assumed that to be an invitation. Especially since he was kissing me as feverishly as I was kissing him.

At this point, Virgil was leaning over to see the book. He had almost made a grab for it but with a growl from Richie, he played it off like he was moving his arm to scratch his nose.

Richie's face was red and warm, and he wanted to read this book in privacy. He couldn't understand why Virgil was sticking around through his reading this, and was even more confused as to how Virgil grew the courage to show him something so intimate and private. Though, his friend was so spontaneous, even Richie's super-brain couldn't keep up with the actions he'd make. He did, however, respect Virgil for trusting in Richie, and their friendship. "Virg? Can you back off a bit? It's hard to read with you right there."

Virgil eyed him. "Come on, man, I'm letting you read this book, and I'm bored."

"What do you want me to do?" Richie asked, annoyed. "Read it out loud?"

Virgil pondered for a moment. "Sure.. I guess.."

Richie was taken aback. "Are you out of your mind!" He lowered his voice when Virgil noticeably flinched. "Bro, I get you're bored, and I can understand you're worried as to how I'm taking all this in, but reading it aloud would make it way worse." Richie knew he'd be throwing in comments, and not purposely, but from his over-analytical point of view. It was hard enough to read this book when he knew every detail from another angle, and every thought that went through his head, muffled by the lust that overcame him, remembered with each sentence. No, reading aloud was not an option.

"The next one isn't so bad. You should be able to read that one." Virgil sounded hopeful.

"No." Richie stated blankly.

"Please? I won't interrupt. Cross my heart,-" Virgil made crisscross movements over his chest with his finger. "-hope to be Ebon-ized."

"No, Virgil."

"I'll take it back."

"What are you, in elementary school?"

Virgil crossed his arms and narrowed his eyes.

After a long pause, Richie sighed. There was no way he was getting out of this. "Fine. The next one. Now let me finish, we'll take a break, and I'll read the next one." It wasn't until Virgil seemed satisfied with getting up and walking to the desk, scrounging for a deck of playing cards, and sitting again in front of Richie to play a game of solitaire, did Richie turn the page and continue.

I decided to take it a bit further. I let go of one of his wrists, intending to lift his shirt, but he used the opportunity to push us off the couch. We rolled, and he landed on top. He was nipping my neck and collarbone, and straddling me.

I tried to get up but when I'd push off the ground, he'd grab my hands from the floor and back down I'd go. I was, truthfully, getting frustrated. I got one hand under me long enough to manage a sitting position. He grabbed my shoulders at the same time as I grabbed a fistful of his hair. I pulled his head back so he couldn't move.

I know I didn't hurt him; It wasn't that hard. I just did it so he'd stop trying to dominate ME!

Richie inwardly smiled. He had been thinking about the first time Virgil had tried to seduce Richie in the middle of the night, and when he did it again, Richie wanted to show Virgil how he felt. But when Virgil had yanked his head back to keep him still, he just wanted the submissive end. He gave in to it that night, and he'd be willing to give in to it again. Give in to Virgil.

I ran my tongue slowly up Richie's neck to his earlobe. I paused for anticipation. I blew in his ear very softly, and the shutter that wracked up Richie's body had me grinning like a kid in a candy store. I licked it, and Richie's fingers on my shoulder gripped harder. He was turned on.

"You have no idea." Richie said to himself, to which Virgil looked up and raised an eyebrow.

I loosened my grip on his hair so he could move his neck again. He looked at me with this expression that...Its hard to explain. He looked longing, wanting. Willing.

I nearly lost it right there. I moved forward to kiss him again, but his hands stopped me. I backed up a bit, thinking he wanted me to tell me something. But he just stared at me. For a few moments, he watched my every movement. I advanced a kiss, but more forcefully. He stopped me again.

Those hands wouldn't let me claim the soft, mint-tasting, sweet lips that I so desired. I moved my hand from his hair and stood up, bringing Richie up with me. I drug him to a pile of clothes we were wearing earlier...well, I guess you could call it today. Because this dream was based off today, I think.

Anyways, I rummaged through the clothes until I found the pants I had been wearing. I pulled off the belt and turned around. Richie was backing up toward the couch. Fine with me, I thought. I stalked to him. He didn't look...Yeah, I guess he did. He looked frightened. I reassured him by stopping and telling him I wasn't going to hurt him. I never would.

Richie looked up to his friend, who was staring at him intently. Mindlessly, he turned the page and lowered his head. He was only frightened because he didn't know how far Virgil might have gone in his sleep-seduction. He knows now, but considering this was only the second time Virgil had done it, Richie had a right to be even a little frightened.

Richie may have had a frightened expression, but as soon as he felt his leg touch the sofa, he stood his ground. Firmly, he said "wake up." I didn't get it, so I kept moving closer. He said it again, then a third time. I just ignored it by now. Soon, we were only a few feet apart. I was holding the belt, ready to pounce. Richie seemed ready to bolt.

Both happened simultaneously. He darted to the left as I jumped forward. I missed him, but when I swiftly turned, still in the air, my foot caught his. I only fell on the couch but he tumbled to the ground. I took advantage and straddled him from behind. I sat on his back and gripped his wrists, pulling them behind him. He didn't struggle as I tied the belt and tightened it.

I raised myself off of him enough to turn him over. He looked fairly annoyed, but I didn't want him to run from me, or be scared of me. Though, now that I think about it, why would I tie him up to reassure him that I won't cause any harm? Seems kind of hypocritical, eh?

Richie didn't move at all, just laid there and watched as I pulled off my own shirt and lifted his to his chest. I remember thinking that I should have taken his shirt off before I tied his wrists. I ran my hands over his exposed skin, trying to avoid his gaze. He was making me paranoid with the way he was looking at me. I tried to ignore it, but he looked so pissed. I asked why, but he didn't speak.

Guilt was overcoming my desire, so I gripped the belt, about to untie it. Then, I thought about the way Richie had said my name earlier, and how he kissed me with such passion, that this had to be a charade. So I smiled, and pinched his left nipple. Softly at first, then a little harder, and harder. I pinched until he bit his bottom lip, then I let go. It was adorable and sexy, by all means, but I didn't want him biting his lip; I wanted him saying my name.

When I stopped, his face fell into the same bland expression. I pinched the right nipple, much in the same manner, and he did it again. I leaned down and bit the right bud, licked it, and bit harder. Same for the left; Bit it, licked it, and bit harder. I kept my eyes upward to watch his face change. I licked the center of his chest, and slowly ran my tongue down his stomach. He was stifling any noises from escaping his lips, which just invited me for more teasing. I kept moving downward, until I reached the waistband on his boxers. I slid one of my hands over the floor, down to his thigh, as I tugged lightly at the waistband with my teeth. As soon as I touched his skin with my hand, a small gasp escaped his lips. It was definitely music to my ears, but humans are greedy. Once we get a taste of something, we want more, and I wanted more noises from him.

I touched my fingertips to the edge of his boxers and slid my hand up further. Richie's eyes were closed and his scowling expression was completely gone. He was biting his lip and his hands were struggling against the bonds. "Rich," I whispered. "do you want me to keep moving my hand up?"

He nodded immediately, and I complied. I moved my hand up a few centimeters, until I felt a large source of warmth. He was right there, so close. I could pleasure him in unspeakable ways. Ways that no girl could do for him. I could claim him as mine, claim him in my hands, or mouth. Use my tongue to make him submit to me. Oh, how tempting it was. But not enough. I knew what we both wanted, and I wanted my name to come from his little mouth, then he'd get what he wanted.

I slid my hand out from his boxers and slid back up his body, straddling him once again. "Pl-lease?" he begged.

I shook my head, and licked his bottom, swollen lip. "Richie, say my name." I told him.

He closed his eyes and, stubbornly, said nothing.

I figured as much, so I sat back up and slid off of his body with my knees, and maneuvered myself to lay on my stomach in between his legs. I told him, again, to say my name. When I heard nothing but silence, I licked his upper-thigh, near the rim of his boxer-shorts' leg opening. He tried pulling his leg away but I kept a firm grip on it. I licked it a few times, before nipping the tender skin. He arched his back, but with my teeth touching him, he didn't pull. I opened my mouth wide, and bit down, hard. I sucked on the skin until it was enough to leave a large, scarlet marking. It was a wonderful feeling to know he had been marked by me; To be claimed by me. It felt like an addicting drug, like he was the drug, and I wanted more.

I felt him struggle to sit up and I stopped. I looked up at him with an innocent expression and asked what was wrong.

He growled, and told me this: "Stop teasing me! If you're going to do, do it! Just stop teasing!" He pulled at his wrists from behind, and I smirked.

I sat up, and reached one hand around his back to the belt, and my other hand gripped the back of his blond hair. I pulled him close and touched our foreheads together. "Now, Rich. I don't think you're the one holding all the cards here." I released his hair and touched his dry, pink lips. "I want to hear you say my name, Richie."

"Make me."

Richie hastily stood and walked over the door into the main room. "I'm going to sit in the bathroom to read this." He said before Virgil had a chance to ask. "I can't read this with you sitting there and watching."

"But I'm not watching." The dark skinned boy protested. He held up the three cards he was holding and motioned to the rest that were laying in small piles in front of him. "I'm playing this card game that was invented for the lonely."

Richie shook his head and made a b-line for the bathroom.

Virgil quickly followed, and caught the door knob before Richie could shut it. "Whats your sudden problem, Rich? I know its really, really weird to read this, but we made a deal. Either you read it in front of me or not at all."

The blond looked away. He couldn't tell his friend that he already knew what was going to happen. He couldn't tell Virgil that he knew about the teasing and the moans and the begging. He couldn't tell him that he already knew that he'd completely submitted to him. And he definitely couldn't tell him that he knew all this from first hand experience. "V, I just want to read this alone. I've only got about two pages left to read, and I'd prefer to read them alone. This scene... seems to be getting very intimate. And it's too awkward to read them in front of you, even in my head."

Virgil reluctantly let go of the door, and turned around, heading back to the workshop without a word.

Richie whispered a quick 'thanks' and shut the door. He flipped on the light and sat in front of the mirror for the second time that night. He reopened the book to the page he was at and took a deep breath.

"Make Me."

Its kind of confusing to write down everything that happened at this point, but I'll try. I sat him on my lap and slowly bucked my hips. He had wrapped his legs around my waist. I used my left to rub his thigh, moving it a bit higher with every slow stroke. With my other hand, I directed his head with my movements. To bite his neck, I'd tug his hair to have plenty of access to the soft skin.

When I bit down, I sucked as lightly as possible. I had already left one large bite mark on his neck, and I wanted only one to be there. I've no clue why. It was a dream. No matter how realistic it seemed.

Within a few minutes, Richie started to buck his hips in rhythm to mine. I let go of his neck, and he immediately moved for my own. I allowed him, as I was occupied with something else. I had stopped rubbing his leg and reached behind me for one of the old pillows on the couch. His tongue felt so good on my skin. It was warm and wet, and when he would bite down, a rush of warmth would race through my body.

I ripped the pillow a bit more than it already was, and reached in it, grabbing a small feather. I threw the pillow to the side and pushed him away a few inches, just enough to cease his own teasing on my neck. I returned to stroking his leg if my left hand, but differently. I traced the feather very, very lightly on his skin. Higher up his leg, and back down, stopping to rub the spot I had bitten, and continuing down, then repeat.

This seemed to drive Richie wild. He tossed his head back and squeezed his legs tighter around me. I bucked my hips fast and hard, knocking him out of rhythm with me.

"V-vir..." He gasped as I bucked and ran over the bitten part of his thigh with the feather simultaneously.

I could feel myself coming close to climax, and I knew he was closer. I stopped moving my hand and hips, and leaned forward. "What was that, Rich?"

He narrowed his eyes and slumped foreward. "Please, please don't stop. God, please."

"God isn't the one doing this. I am."

"Stop teasing. Please."

I smirked and bucked my hips lightly. "Say it."


I shook my head. "Oh no. I want to hear-" I bucked my hips again. "-you say my name like before. Beg it." I moved my hand up his leg again, but I didn't stop. Further up his shorts, slowly. I held the feather with my index finger and thumb, and kept my other fingers to my palm. I stopped, the source of warmth was directly in front of my hand. I wanted to touch it, but instead, touched the tip of the feather to it.

As soon as it made contact, Richie bucked his hips. I claimed his lips with my own, and ran the feather up and down him.

He pulled at his arms to no avail, and slung his head backwards, and yelled, "Virgil! For God's sake, Virgil!"

I bucked my hips as hard as possible as he did, and he hit his climax. With a few more thrusts, I hit my own.

It was pure ecstasy, so deliciously wonderful. A white light behind my eyelids, and we slumped into each other, breathing heavily. I waited a few minutes before reaching behind him and untying the belt.

I climbed back on the couch, sticky and wet. It was a dream, what did it matter? I laid my head back, smiling, and triumphant, as Richie went straight to the bathroom. I heard the door click, and closed my eyes.

That's when I woke up, for real. Richie was on the left side of the couch, blanket pulled over him. That's when I got up to come in here. I wasn't surprised that it was a wet dream. That part was way too realistic to have been completely a dream. So I quietly went to the bathroom after grabbing this book from my backpack and a change of clothes.

Well, I guess that's all for this dream. Odd, exciting, and utterly confusing.

-Virgil Hawkins

Richie closed the book. He couldn't read that in front of Virgil. He looked up to the mirror, to his sweaty, shirtless reflection. It was still terribly hot, and being in this stuffy bathroom just made it worse. He picked himself off the floor and switched off the light. He opened the door and stepped out of the bathroom. The only light on was in the workshop, and Richie could see that Virgil was pacing, from the shadows on the floor. He ran his fingers through his hair, deciding how to approach the topic at hand.

He could tell Virgil that everything in these books are real, and wait for a reaction. He could keep it hidden and continue to try and find answers to it. The latter had the least risk of ruining their friendship. 'Though,' Richie thought, 'Virgil took a leap by showing this thing to me. He probably had thought I would have flipped and told him to get lost, that I wasn't interested in any of this. But he trusted in our friendship. So that's what I'll do.'

Richie stepped into the light of the workshop, and Virgil stopped pacing. They eyed each other for a moment, and Richie held up the little black book. "Virg, we have something that we really have to talk about."