They had finally done it, they had captured Phantom. Jack and Maddie grinned at each other. Now they could test their newest invention, the Specter Spiller. It was designed to force ghosts to show their true forms, tell their greatest weakness, and cause intense pain. Phantom was the ghost that always seemed the center of trouble. Phantom was the only one that could completely disappear from their sensors. Phantom was the perfect first candidate. And Phantom was now theirs. From in his anti-ecto containment unit, Phantom groaned and began to stir. Maddie frowned, the tranquilizer was supposed to be in effect for at least another hour…

"Wha…Where am I?" His voice sounded a bit slurred due to the after-effects of the tranquilizing drug, his neon green eyes looked around him with an unfocused gaze. Suddenly his body tensed, and his eyed lost their unfocused look. They were sharp and clear as they stared first at Maddie and Jack, then at his cage. "Let me out." He told them, "You have to release me! I didn't do anything! I'm not evil! Why won't you guys just understand that?"

"Because we're not that gullible spook. Ghosts are evil, they are manifestations of malicious feelings and intents brought into existence by ectoplasm! They can't feel anything else!" Maddie told him matter-of-factly. Phantom rolled his eyes, then his gaze traveled around the room once more, stopping at the Specter Spiller.

"What's that?" Maddie didn't know if it was her, or if she actually heard a bit of…fear…in Phantom's voice,

It's the Specter Spiller, it forces ghosts to reveal their true forms and show their greatest weakness using pain as the inducer." Maddie looked at him smugly, "And you are to be its first subject." Phantom's eyes widened and he gulped,

"Y-you can't d-do this!"

"Yes we can! You are nothing but the spirit of a deceased person, you have no rights!" With that, she pushed a button and the floor electrified enough to knock Phantom unconscious.