Chapter 1

Well, here it is, the sequel. I know it is short. Let me know if you can think of a better title. And of course, tell me what you think.

Temperance Brennan was bored. Very bored. So she had gone back to her favourite activity. She was once again staring out the window. She had nothing to do these days. She had been teaching science at the local high school but it had been closed down due to flooding and would not re-open for some time.

Booth walked past and saw her staring outside, specifically at the neighbour's house. Since the school had closed down, she had become consumed by the mystery of their neighbours. They had not come around again after that very odd first meeting. He sighed and was about to go over to her to tell her that lunch was ready when she suddenly perked up.

"What is it Bones?" he asked.

"Look Booth! Something is finally happening!"

He looked out the window but could only see a family of three, the mother (who looked VERY pregnant), father and little boy who looked to be about two or three.

"What Bones? I only see that family"

"That's it Booth! The family, look where they are going!"

The family were heading towards the neighbour's house.


He stood beside her and watched as the group walked up to the house and knocked on the door. There was no answer.

Brennan opened the window a crack to see if she could hear what was being said.

The man turned to the woman.

"I told you they wouldn't be here, Ziva!"

"Ziva" rounded on the man.

"And how exactly would you know that, Tony? He is my brother!"

Well, that solved that mystery.

The little boy spoke up then.

"Daddy! No 'noy Mommy! It no 'ood for babies!" He points to his mother's stomach.

Just then the door opened and Eli stood in the doorway.

"Achoti!" he exclaimed happily.

"Shalom achiv" she replied, seemingly just as happily.

She leaned in and whispered something in his ear. He looked across, right at Brennan, ushered them inside and closed the door.

"Interesting," she muttered to herself.

"What is Bones?"

She jumped slightly, as she had forgotten he was standing there.

"Oh, nothing, just that our neighbours actually associate with people."

He shook his head and walked off, letting her stew in peace.

What do you think? Many thanks to Anthony D. DiNozzo and the wonderful person behind him. I love you and Ziva loves Tony =]. Ani ohevet otkha.