The loud sound of grunting echoed off the burgundy walls. The queen size bed squeaked over and over again. The smell of sweat and sex lingered in the air. "Ah…" a female's voice called out in fake pleasure. The man's grunting and rough moans grew louder and louder as he pounded deeper into the young woman. The back of her head was buried into black satin pillows; dark brown locks were sprawled here and there. Her pale legs dangled over the man's shoulders and her small breasts jiggled up and down, left and right. Her eyes were black and distant. She moaned again, her focus on the black and gold headboard. She then parted her redden lips, "Uh…Do you like that?"

The man panted against her cream skin. Hot sweat poured down his face, dripping onto her bare chest. "I do. I do," the man gasped out like a kid in a candy store.

"Cum for me," she yelled as passionate as she could. She rolled her eyes and then sighed to herself as she stared at the man, whose physique she had finally noticed. He was short, pudgy, hairy, and had man boobs. He was a creep in her book. He was a guy who couldn't get a girl even if he tried. That is why he came to her. Those types of guys were her clients nowadays; and this particular guy was becoming a regular. Bust a nut already! she thought silently.

She used her vaginal muscles to squeeze him as tight as she could and then released him. He balanced his weight over her with his hands. He gasped loudly as his chubby arms and the rest of his body began to shake and wiggle. Works every time. He reached his orgasm, spilling inside of her before pulling out completely.

Knock! Knock!

"Times up!" A male yelled from behind the black wooden door. The gold doorknob jiggled and then turned. The woman sighed in relief, seeing a man with short black hair enter the bedroom. He was dressed nicely, in a tight fitting gray shirt and black jeans. He was pale and built like a football player or a male model. Maybe even a bodyguard. "Get your ass up!" he yelled while grabbing the guy's shoulder, pulling him off the woman and onto his feet.

The man stumbled to his feet and then pulls his boxers and pants up before reaching for his wallet in his back pocket. He pulled out a crisp one hundred dollar bill and then handed it to the black haired macho man. The guy straightened out his shirt and knocked the wrinkles out of his khaki pants, before putting on his shoes and then rushed out of the bedroom.

The macho man looked towards the woman with his golden brown eyes as she pulled her extremely small shirt over her head. She then stood up, her five foot four frame naked from the waist down. She grabs her denim blue jean miniskirt from off the black carpet floor and slips it up her legs and then zips it up in the back. She shakes out her now matted brown locks and then frowned.

She held her hand out, her face soft like a child, but underneath the exterior she was hard like a broken woman. She snapped, "I don't have all night Emmett. Pay the fuck up!" Her eyes no longer dead and lifeless, but filled with anger.

It was all in a day works for me. Suck a dick or two. Lick a pussy or two. Dance for a few hours at Wonderland. This is the life that I've chosen and it is not for everybody. Not all girls--- I say girls because we are nothing, but broken little girls. Let's be real about it. Do you know anybody who actually enjoys being a stripper, hooker or a prostitute? No one enjoys it. If they say that they actually love fucking ten to fifteen men a night they are just stupid. They only do it because they have too or they just don't know how to get out. Like I said --- all are not able to live this life. Shit, I wasn't cut out for it either when I first started working the streets, but you soon learn how to use what your momma gave you.

I could tell you how I came from a broken home; how my parents divorced when I was only an infant or how my step-father physically and sexually abused me until I was sixteen years old. I could tell you about that, but I won't. That shit is irrelevant now. I don't want you to feel sorry for me. I don't need the sympathy. I just want you to sit down, shut up and enjoy the ride. Every girl you see out here rocking the short skirts and the hooker heels, they all have a story. Each may be different, but we all have one thing in common. We are trying to find a purpose in life.

"Bella?" He yanked me forward by the arm, pulling me out of my deep train of thought. I looked up as if I didn't recognize his stern, yet velvet voice. I should have known his voice. It was a voice all too familiar, one that I've known for quite some time now, it was Edward Cullen, my master, my owner, my pimp. He was the youngest son of the wealthy Dr. Carlisle Cullen and his wife Esme. They were a very powerful family in the sex industry, second to the infamous Volturi family out of Italy. But in L.A. where it is always sunny, the Cullens run this. I was one of the lucky ones to fall into the hands of a Cullen, I was a pampered ho. Well, that's what some of the girls on the streets called me. Bunch of jealous bitches.

"Get in the car!" he ordered as I watched his tall, pale, slightly muscular frame walk around to the driver's side of his shiny, silver Volvo. What a crappy car for such a rich guy? He opened the door and then banged his right hand against the top of the car. He was staring at me with those signature golden eyes that all the Cullens possessed. It must have been hereditary. He swiftly bent down, slipping into the car and then started up the engine. I did not plan on getting left behind tonight. Trust me, he'd done it once before when I was spacing out and I had to crash at one of my girl's apartment. I reached for the door handle as the nightly air brushed against my bare legs. I knew that it was going to be brutal for the girls who did not have a home to go to tonight.

I sighed as I slid into the light gray interior of the car. My back relaxed against the matching leather seat and then soft classical music engulfed my ears.

I glanced at Edward out the corner of my eye, his jaw was set, and eyes locked on the traffic and then pulled out into the road. He leaned back in his seat, one hand on the steering wheel the other just under his chin. He was constantly pulling at an imaginary beard and then he rubbed his long fingers through his unusual bronze hair. "I don't understand you sometimes, Bella." Once again I sighed. I wasn't sure where he was going with this, but I had a good feeling. "I don't understand why the hell you space out like that." He went on, "What if a cop saw us together? He would automatically know what is up."

I cut my eyes towards the side-view mirror, staring at my reflection in the glass. "It wasn't like you were going to get into trouble. You're a Cullen…The police worship the ground you walk on."

"Why?" he said glancing at me every so often. "Is it because we take girls like you off the street so they won't have too?"

"What do you mean girls like me?"

"You know exactly what I mean. Prostitutes."

I crossed my legs at the ankles and rolled my eyes. "I am not a prostitute."

"Oh, you're not?" he said while coming to a stop at a red light. "Then what are you, Isabella?"

"I am a lady of the night."

Edward began to chuckle lightly, each one becoming louder and louder. He pressed the accelerator down and we were moving again. "You truly are a silly little girl. So, that is what they call it nowadays. 'Lady of the night', ha!"

I folded my arms across my chest and pouted my lips. I was going to give him the silent treatment and then he noticed that he had upset me. He replaced his right hand on the steering wheel for the left one and then brushes his finger lightly across my jaw bone. "Do you want me to make it up to you?" he murmured. He began to lightly trail down my neck, his fingers felt like feathers against my skin. So light, it was as if a ghost were touching me. I was not going to respond to him, but my body was telling me otherwise. A soft approving moan escaped my lips when he instantly grabbed my left breast and began to massage it like dough. I tilted my head back, eyes closed, and gnawing on my bottom lip. His hand was now on my thigh, kneading and inching its way up to my warmth.

I was use to this. It didn't bother me that I had just fucked another man only twenty minutes ago. It didn't bother me that I did not feel as clean as I should have. I just wanted him to slip those long fingers of his inside of me and make me really come like there was no tomorrow. He touched the bareness of my pussy, rubbing, massaging, and pinching. I squeezed my thighs together, trapping his hand in between them and then reopened them. His hand was flat against my wet pussy, his fingers teasing me as he tapped against my lips causing a light vibration. "Mmm…" I purred while licking and biting my bottom lip. "…Stop playing." I gasped when I felt his pointer finger press against my folds, pushing deeper within me. One, two, no three fingers. I was on edge as I began to slowly roll my hips, working his fingers like they were my own personal toy.

The car shifted, causing an odd feeling that I liked and my moans grew louder. "Are you still mad at me?" he asked. His fingers were still moving in and out of me. Every so often he would slip them out just to play with my clit.

"No, no," I moaned.

"Good girl. Now come for me." He patted my pussy again as if it was his pet. It was his pet. It was his pussycat. I worked his fingers harder and harder when he slipped them back inside of me. I felt my orgasm creeping up my spine and down my legs. I jerked forward, bracing my hand against the dashboard and then my juices poured over his hand and onto his leather seat. My breathing was intense as my chest rose up and down, aftershocks trembled throughout my body. "Oh god…that was good." I gasped out loud as his fingers slipped out of me for the final time. He held his wet fingers in front of me and I immediately took them into my mouth, sucking away my own juices before he placed his hand back on his thigh. I could see the budge in his pants already hard and aching to be set free.

"Do you want me to take care of that?" I asked, sliding my fingers over the hard muscle in his pants.

His words were caught in his throat. "M-Maybe later, when you are much fresher."

I guess you are wondering how I got here. Why would a sweet girl like me fall into the hands of a sex slinging, prostitute ringing family like this? Well, we would have to start from the beginning, but like I said that shit is irrelevant. I am strictly about the now and the future. But since it might take a little while before I reach the Cullen's house, I might as well reminisce on life; take a little stroll down memory lane. Besides, I am feeling extremely relaxed thanks to Magic Fingers over there. So, where to begin…

* * *

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