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I re-played LA1 the past two weeks and fell in love with it… again. Anyway, this is my first fic ever. If this is successful, I may have plans to update more LA stories – maybe a crossover of LA and LA3 :]
Oh, and I've maintained some of the conversation between Alph and Lucia since I couldn't find anything else better. (The ending of LA is just superb.)

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Rating: K

Genre: Adventure / Romance


An alternative ending

Once again, Witches and Ryms had come together to fight, this time with the joined forces of human warriors. And once again, we faced our common enemy. We had come a long way, from the search for my Rym to the cooperation of the humans, and finally, we were in the last battle for peace.

Just the last few minutes of fighting Zehaal's army of Angels had already been crazy. Each of us was panting hard, hoping our remaining strength was enough to defeat the large, somewhat glowing, figure before us.

'Now!' Claire, our oldest sister and leader of the Witches, ordered. We knew what we had to do. Each of us in our places, we prepared for our final strike – the Rainbow Synergy.

Zehaal laughed coldly. 'You think you can defeat me? Me, your God!' He clasped his hands together and said, 'The incident 1,000 years ago will never happen again. Prepare for THIS.' He let out a loud cry and slowly pulled his hands away, and a hole of some sort emerged between them. For the first time, I could see him look strained as he created that hole.

'Let's finish this,' Claire said, determined. She held out her weapon, and the rest of us followed. The vitae on top of each of our weapons started to glow as it shot strands of light around Zehaal, creating a spinning seven-colored ring, gradually building up its strength and picking up its speed as we concentrated.

I cautiously let a little bit of my concentration slip as I turned to look at Alph. I'd told him to stay away when it came to dealing with Zehaal, yet I could see he was so worked up and concentrated that he was ready to spring in and help whenever something got wrong.

'No!' Claire suddenly shouted, drawing my attention. I could hear Zehaal's dark laughter again.

'What, Claire? What's happening?' I demanded. Strange, we seemed to be doing fine. 'Did we do something wrong?'

'No… It's the hole. It's sucking away our magic.' Claire looked stressed. 'We'll never be able to create a ring with enough energy to destroy him.'

'Oh, great,' Vanessa growled, withdrawing her weapon. 'Good work, Claire.'

'Stop it, Vanessa,' Mel snapped, fighting hard to concentrate on creating the ring. 'Now's not the time! We have to do this. Gathering the strength of all seven of us is the only way to defeat him.'

'I'll deal with him myself.' Vanessa picked up her scythe and approached Zehaal. I saw Claire just about to call her back when I sensed the sudden shift of the air around us. The wind changed direction, and it was blowing right toward Zehaal's direction.

'Oh no,' Claire gasped as the wind picked up strength. 'He's trying to consume us using that hole, right now!'

The wind grew stronger and stronger, and I realized what was happening. 'Claire,' I shouted, withdrawing my staff. 'Stop it! Stop attacking Zehaal! He's using our ring against us! He's absorbing our magic!'

It was too late. The wind grew too strong to withstand and it knocked us all down, and I felt I was slowly pulled towards the hole. 'Shine!' I cried, hoping my magic could at least slow down our progression, but it didn't work.

Then it hit me. The Spear of Dawn – the ultimate magic that could surpass even Zehaal's power. Cecille had said that I was the only one that was able to use it. I looked around and saw my sisters trying in vain to stop Zehaal's attack. Maybe this was the time for me to perform my duty as the Dawn Witch.

'Lucia!' Alph called out from behind me. I stood up just as he reached me.

'Are you okay?' His face was saturated with worry. Although I was worried that Alph might get hurt by coming here, I was glad I could see him one last time before I cast Over Flash.

'Alph, I want you listen carefully,' I cried, my sound barely audible under the roar of the strong wind. 'I'm going to use Over Flash, and I want you to concentrate.'

I waited for him to process it. 'To protect you, right,' he said. 'Okay, I'm ready.'

'No,' I cried. 'To protect them.' I waved my hands around, gesturing at my sisters and other teammates. 'When I cast Over Flash, the power it emits may hurt others as well. I'd tell them to leave first, but Zehaal's hole was making that an impossibility. Please, Alph, swear that you'll protect them!'

'What? What about you?' Alph cried. 'Won't you be sacrificing yourself if you use Over Flash? Don't you need my shield to protect you?'

I sighed. 'Look, there is no other way. If I can save the planet, then I don't care if I have to die. That's the Dawn Witch's fate. The Dawn Witch's duty.'

'Are you insane?' He cried. 'That's not true! I swore I'd protect you!'

'Of course I want you to protect me! I don't WANT to die! I just didn't expect I'd have to cast Over Flash right here!' I could hear Zehaal's loud cry again, and the wind picked up even more strength. 'Look, there's no time.' I held his face in my hands. 'I know you'll do what's right. Protect the planet. Protect everyone.'

I straightened up. Alph tried to grab me but I shook him off. 'Goodbye, Alph.' I looked at him one last time, his face a pained expression. Then I rushed toward Zehaal's direction.

'Lucia!!!' I could hear Alph's desperate cry, but I couldn't bear to look back. It would only hurt us even more.

'Spear of Dawn!' I cried, determined. 'Eliminate our foe with the ultimate light! Over Flash!!'

The vitae on top of my staff glowed to an extent I'd never seen before. The light it emitted enveloped Zehaal within its glow, and I could feel magic being sucked right out of me. 'Luuciaaa!!!!' I heard Alph's muffled cry behind me, and I felt a drop of tear appearing in my eyes. Why couldn't I have cherished our time together more? Images started to flash in my brain – the first time Alph and I'd met, the time when I'd discovered he was my Rym, the time we'd spent in the hot spring, and the many times he'd protected me from hurt… The tear dropped to my cheek. Goodbye, Alph. Maybe we'll meet sometime again. The blackness I'd been trying so hard to overcome finally overpowered me and loomed over me, and I blacked out.