Bella POV

I took a deep breath, and carefully set the basket and bag at my feet. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest, my cheeks flushed and my palms were sweaty. Bending down, I glanced one last time at the little bundle snugly wrapped in the basket. Slowly I pressed my finger tips to my lips and then lightly grazed my fingers over the sleeping baby's forehead. "I love you" I whispered as my eyes started to fill with tears. I straightened up, rang the bell and then ran down the steps, not waiting to see if anyone opened the door.

I jumped into my car, starting the engine and sped off down the street as fast as I was able. Not really looking where I was going.

On the outside, I must have looked a mess as my body trembled, my eyes filled to the brim with tears as they slowly filled and ran down my face. On the inside, my heart was physically breaking in two.

But this was the choice I had made, and this wasn't about me. This was about her.