I know this chapter isn't brilliant and seems really long and stuff, but trust me, it gets better! Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy it :)

Becoming The Best


In the region of Sentas; on the small island of Greensand; the village of Woodham, a young child awoke to the light cascading through her window. She was only 8 years old and still very immature for her age, but that's not to say she wasn't intelligent- quite the opposite in fact-she was the best in her year at school. The village of Woodham was small, a place where everyone knew eachother. The ground was green with grass all year round and surrounded by trees. It lay in the heart of a bounteous forest, teeming with wild Pokemon. There was a local Trainer School and an Academic School, but as much as Sarah adored Pokemon, she refused to attend the Trainer School. She believed that training Pokemon was about experience, determination and love, not sitting reading a book about what colour a Pidgey is.

On this particular day, Sarah's father was working (he was a teacher at the Trainer School and held Sarah's opinions with disdain) and her mother was in the garden tending to her garden. Sarah could smell the grass and the beautiful aromas coming from the forest. Being a child and therefore naturally curious, she wandered out of the house and into the trees. The grass felt springy and full of life as she walked over it, and the trees seemed to stand tall over her. Looking all around, she saw many Pokemon going about their business, finding food, playing; Sarah found herself smiling as she walked along, but the smell was still some way away. She kept on walking until she came to a small clearing and in the centre was a Roselia, sleeping quietly. Sarah inhaled deeply as the scent flowed through her, filling her with a sense of peace. Spellbound and wanting to know more about the creature Sarah approached the Roselia and stretched out her hand to touch it.

Roselia opened its eyes. Startled by the human, Roselia lashed out with its vines, knocking Sarah back. It closed in on her, readying its poison sting to attack her. Sarah closed her eyes tightly and brought her hand over her face, waiting in terror for the most likely fatal blow. But it ddn't come. Instead, she heard a fierce growl and opened her eyes to see a flash of orange hurl itself at the Roselia. Sarah stood up and saw that it was a Growlithe, saving her from the Roselia.

It was only young, probably not even old enough to be out alone. It soon became clear to Sarah that the Growlithe was weaker than it's grassy opponent, and was only winning due to it's super effectiveness and its fierce determination. Finally, the Roselia-realising it was going to lose-fled into the safety of the trees and the Growlithe stumbled over to Sarah. It had been badly poisoned and wasn't going to survive much longer out here. Realising that this Growlithe had just saved her life, Sarah decided to return the favour. Picking up the small dog, Sarah made her way back home as quickly as she could.

She staggered out of the forest and back into the village, clutching the Growlithe close, she could feel it's life ebbing away with each step she took, tears flowed from her eyes as she prayed it would pull through. She made for the small PokeCentre, but before she got there her mother and father came running at her; her mothers eyes were red as if she had been crying.

"Just where have you been young lady?" her father reprimanded, but he saw the weak Pokemon and gasped. He went to take it out of his daughters hands, but Sarah pulled away. She wasn't going to let anyone else touch this Growlithe before she got to the PokeCentre; she knew it wouldn't be able to hold on much longer and just wanted to make sure she got it to safety. Ignoring her parents blabbering, she ran past them and into the Centre, her face streaked with cuts from the forest and tears over the little Pokemon. Nurse Joy took one look and rushed over, taking the Growlithe out of her hands and into a room.

Sarah waited for what seemes like years for Growlithe to recover, when in actual fact it was little under an hour. Nurse Joy told her that poisons are easily treated, but if left too long can be fatal. When Nurse Joy told the good news to Sarah, a fresh bout of tears streamed down her face and she ran to the room where Growlithe was. The Pokemon turned it's head as soon as it heard Sarah and strained to lick her face.

"He really has taken a shine to you," Nurse Joy said from the door,

"He? You mean he's a boy?" Sarah asked, curiously,
"Yes he sure is. I think he wants you to be his trainer,"

"But I'm too young to be a trainer," Sarah replied bitterly. She wanted to be a trainer more than anything, but it was customary to leave when you were 16 in Woodham.

"He could live with you until you depart on your journey though. To be honest I think he would follow you home even if you sent him back into the forest," Nurse Joy told her. Sarah looked down into Growlithes eyes,

"Well if I'm going to keep you, you're going to need a name. I'm going to call you Arcane," Sarah stroked his head and Arcane licked her face again. Nurse Joy told them it was okay for them to go home, so together they walked out to meet Sarah's parents. Sarah's father was over the moon to hear his little girl had finally shown an interest in Pokemon training, other than playing.

That night, Arcane slept in Sarah's room and lay on her bed. As they were dropping off, Sarah whispered,

"You and me Arcane, we can go all the way,"