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Chapter 57

"You chose that pathetic mutt? He'll never withstand the force of Boulder. Kick thing off with giga impact!" Hazel cried out, catching Sarah off guard.

The huge Aerodactyl swooped through the air and using all of it's power in an attempt to crush Arcane under it's weight. But Arcane was light on his feet, dodging lithely out of the way and sinking his teeth into Boulder's leathery wings. With a shriek of rage, Boulder twisted around and slammed Arcane away with an iron head attack. The Arcanine threw his head up, tossing his magnificant mane back and let out a ferocious roar before crouching low and snarling menacingly at Boulder, ready to attack.

Boulder opened his huge jaw in retaliation and his voice reverbrated through the room. Arcane took the oppurtunity to charge at Boulder cloaked in fire, with an infernal flare blitz attack. The resulting volcanous eruption blasted Arcane back, hurting him some deal. It was no comparison to the damage that Boulder received however and the Aerodactyl was sent barreling into the already battered wall, causing it to crumble around him as he fell to the floor. Arcane gazed readily at the pile of rubble, ready to attack the moment the Aerodactly showed itself. He didn't get the chance though, as the entire room was bathed in a pale light, before it congregated into a sharp beam that was shot directly at the Arcanine, penetrating the rubble around the Aerodactly and blasting it in all directions. Arcane took the brunt of the attack as well as the flying shrapnel head on, his mane billowing in the force of the blast; the light seemed to emanate from him as he stood, proud and determined to remain standing until the end of the battle. Hazel stood, awed at the sight of the magnificant Arcanine and for a moment she doubted wether she would actually be able to defeat such an awe-inspiring pokemon. A prehistoric roar made her turn to see her giant beast. His purple leathery skin was etched with battle scars from years of winning and training. A sense of pride filled her up as she realised that her pokemon has survived through many millions of years. She sneered at the Arcanine, seeing a mop of tangles instead of the luxurious fur that coated it. She then looked upon her pokemon, a titan in her eyes. It stood towering over the Arcanine, a haughty look in it's dark eyes.

"I told you before, your pokemon is going DOWN!" Hazel yelled. The Aerodactyl rose into the air at the sound of his trainer and beared down upon Arcane with an ice fang, his freezing teeth missing Arcane by mere inches. With an agile leap, Arcane was atop of his foe, tearing into Boulder's neck with ferocity. The Aerodactyl started to panic, thrashing about in an attempt to throw Arcane off.

"Boulder calm down! Use rock slide, just like in practice!" Hazel frowned. Boulder obliged and summoned tons of heavy rocks smashing down to the ground; he then folded his wings close to his torso and rocketed upwards towards a particuarly large and jagged rock. Just as he was about to collide, he spun lithely around in the air, skimming his back along the rock until it crashed into Arcane with a sickening crunch. Sarah stared up at her Arcanine suspended in the air for a second, before he plunged to the floor, landing with a thud.

The breath was knocked out of her, she was finding it hard to breath. Ignoring the giant beast of a pokemon looming over her in an offensive stance, she ran out into the arena, arms outstretched to reach her pokemon. Boulder saw. He didn't think the battle was over-he wasn't going to let the human intefere. With a rumbling growl and a swing from his battering ram tail, he threw Sarah clean off the floor and into the concrete seats that stood empty, like a deserted ampitheatre. Pain burst through her body as she fell like a rag doll down each step. There she lay at the bottom, blood seeping out of her mouth. Her entire body groaned in protest as she pushed herself up onto her elbows, wiping the blood with the sleeve of her hoodie. She couldn't bring herself to stand up, instead she lay propped up on her elbows and staring avidly at Arcane.

His orange fur swam in front of her eyes and she felt herself falling forwards. Her face hit the floor, the cold surface felt refreshing. A voice floated into her head, a voice she hadn't heard in months.

"I'm pretty sure you could crush her,"

"One day I will,"

The memory was so real, so tangible tha Sarah felt she was back outside in the sun. She looked up and saw him. His green eyes still full of the amused expression he wore, his mop of blonde hair blowing in the slight breeze as he glared at the speck in the distance that was Hazel and Boulder.

"One day I will..." Sarah whispered. She shook her head and once again she was back in the ampitheatre-like room, staring at Arcane who was still lying unmoving. Not having the strength to stand up, Sarah managed to push herself up into a sitting position, leaning back against the stone seats behind her.

"I'm pretty sure we can crush them Arcane,"

The great golden mane shook as Arcane lifted his head to look at Sarah. His body was aching with pain but the anger he felt towards the Aerodactyl burned like a raging fire through him, giving him the strength he needed to rise up. His eyes flashed with anger as he launched himself across the gound and up, right at Boulder's face, the giant jaws a gaping hole, ready to bite down on Arcane with a crushing force. A satanic fire erupted from Arcane and a bellowing roar rang through the room as he attacked, hellish flames blazed and scorched Boulder. An agonized screech was choked out of Boulders charred throat and he tumbled to the ground with an almighty crash. Arcane pulled himself out of the enclosed jaws and padded over to Sarah, then curled himself around her looking triumphantly over at Hazel.

Hazel didn't say a word. She didn't need to. Nurse Joy had come rushing in as soon as the match had finished (there was some sort of alarm that alerted her when the battles had finished), and as soon as she saw the state of Sarah she demanded to know the full story. After it was explained, Nurse Joy looked disdainfully at Hazel, outraged at the lack of control she had over her pokemon. Before any more could be said however, Sarah was ushered into a long hall lined with gilded statues of only the very best from Sentas. Sarah didn't recognize anyone on there and she felt a smirk creep onto her face as she realised they hadn't glorified Hazel anymore than needed. What happened then was all a bit of a blur to Sarah; lots of paperwork and congratulations from people she didn't even know. Then she saw Kaleb.
"You did it!" he yelled, running over and pulling her into a huge bear hug.

"Nope. It was my pokemon," Sarah smiled and looked behind her. Her pokemon were all out and positively beaming at their victory.

"Ha, well I guess that means you'll be becoming the Champion then?" Kaleb asked, looking down at her. The smile faded from her face.

Champion. Champion Sarah.

It just didn't sound right. At all. Then there was the fact that she would have to sit around the Elite Four all day waiting for challenges from trainers. After all that had happened, she realised that she wouldn't want to do that. She wanted to travel. She wanted to face new challenges that didn't just entail battling. She wanted something... Different.

"You know. I don't think I want to," she said absent mindedly.


"Well I did what I intended, I became the best. At least in some senses of the word,"
"But isn't the best being the Champion?"

Sarah pondered this for a moment.

"Depends on your perspective I guess," she shrugged.

"So what's your perspective?" Kaleb asked her,

"I think I am where I need to be, I've done what I needed to do and now all I've got to do is see what else is out there,"

"Not content with staying in Sentas then? Ha, you always did want to do that extra mile. You never stop looking forward do you?" he ruffled her hair and chuckled,

"Guess that leaves you to be the next Champion of Sentas then," Sarah replied, shoving him lightly,

"I guess so," he said, smiling slightly.

"Hey, are my parents here?"

"SARAH!" a voice bounced off the walls and she turned around to see her sister prancing towards her, golden curls bouncing. She was closely followed by Sarah's parents and the next thing she knew, she was pulled into a three way hug.

"Uh.. Hi," Sarah laughed. Then the tears started to trickle down her face. Then she broke down into uncontrollable laughter, tears dampening her face as she did so.

Less than a month later, Sarah was ready to leave. It was a fine sunny day and the village was bathed in the usual green light as the sun cascaded through the eaves of the trees. Kaleb had since become the Champion of Sentas, Hazel had fallen from her title with disgrace. The story of her most powerful pokemon attacking a trainer had astonished the entire country and she was immediately discharged from being the Champion.

"I'm gonna miss you," Kaleb said, ruffing Sarah's hair as she stood ready to leave.

"Well you could always accompany me. You know what I'm like for almost dying," she laughed.

"I'm pretty sure Arcane won't let that happen,"

Arcane barke in approval.

"This is it then. I'll see you when I get back," Sarah smiled a sad smile and turned to her parents.

"Now do you have everything?"

"Yes mam,"


"One step ahead: full restores,"

"Don't get smart with your mother young lady," her dad scolded.

"Whatever. I love you guys," Sarah hid her smile and hugged her parents. She then turned and headed for Glistenport, ready to catch a ferry over to Kanto.

The boat pulled away from the dock, sounding it's horn as it did so. Sarah looked out over Greensand, knowing it would be a long time until she returned. Looking down at the docks, she saw a Lapras. Standing on the pier next to it was an old lady. She bowed her head to Sarah and then smiled. A smile that reached her brown eyes and filled them with warmth.

As the waves steadily pounded the hull of the boat, Sarah waved and then turned to look out at the horizon. Arcane sat by her, his beautiful mane glowing in the warm light. Together they looked out at the sea, ready to face whatever would be thrown at them.