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Timeline: After the death of Darren and Steve




"Are you ready, Harkat?"

"Of course."

"Come on."

Vancha preceded the Tiny People to come inside the house where the homeless people and vampirites lived. Both of their faces were full of determination.

"Welcome," said Evanna. "Gannen Harst had arrived earlier."

Vancha just nodded. Evanna guided them into a room, where Gannen Harst was waiting there. His expression was tense. He was accompanied by another vampaneze.

"Mr. Tiny is not here, is he?" Harkat whispered to Vancha.

"No," Evanna answered. "It's me who will oversee this meeting. Please sit down, Vancha, Harkat."

They did it.

"Brother," Gannen greeted his brother in a calm voice, not stiff like when he was Steve's guardian.

"Hey, Bro," Vancha grinned to his brother, trying to relax.

"Enough for family reunion," said Evanna. "Let's start this meeting. Vancha and Gannen, who want to start first?"

The brothers looked at each other.

"Me," said Vancha. He cleared his throat. "I, Vancha March, came here to represent the vampires."

He paused.

"As we have seen, Darren and Steve were both dead and that condition made both of our clan's position are not clear for two years. I and the other vampire princes—they can not come today—had spent a lot of time to debate about what step we should take next. Arrow did not agree with my statement that vampires and vampanezes should try to live together, while Mika Ver Leth preferred thinking in silence while I and Arrow argued.

"As our debate dragged on, War of Scars was still raging out there. When finally Mika agreed to my suggestion, considering the reason for the sake of the clan, Arrow couldn't do anything. He was forced to follow. It took a very long time to convince him, you know," Vancha grimaced for a moment, before continued, "then we convey this decision to the vampire generals. Then the debate was begun… again."

Vancha sighed.

"We had passed a winding road to be here now."

He ended his words with a huge grin.

"For the sake of the clan ... can you explain please?" Evanna asked.

"There are many vampires killed in the War of Scars," Vancha explained. "Of course we, the vampire princes, do not want the victims increase."

Evanna nodded knowingly. Now she turned her head to Gannen.

"Your turn, Gannen."

"Actually, it's almost the same as theirs," he said seriously. "I and the other vampanezes who support me had to fight hard against the other vampanezes who do not agree about the idea of living peacefully with the vampires. But now everything is under-control. Majority of vampanezes are ready to live side by side with the vampires."

"That's why we are here now," Evanna took out a piece of parchment. "Both of you, as the representatives of the vampires and vampanezes, will make an agreement about the rules and the other things needed for the two clans to live together. I believe you two have enough wisdom to not hurt each other."

Vancha and Gannen exchanged a look, and then they nodded together. After that, until several hours later, they discussed about the rules agreement that would apply in the life of vampires and vampanezes in the future.

Which would change their clan's life forever.


That day, there was a new thing at the Prince Hall. It was stuck on the gray stone wall which usually was plain, without decoration.

It was a Vampire-Vampaneze Treaty, which was framed neatly. The legal agreements between the two clans.

Now, when every prince looked at that treaty, the name of Darren Shan would be flashed in their heads.

Darren Shan, the vampire's hero.

The End



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