This is my first try in short story. I have this idea while finishing SECRETS (again..). I always wonder how Edward copes with the events after Breaking Dawn; his marriage life, his full grown daughter and of course his future son-in-law :) A lot of story about their life after BD, but I want to try in Edward's words how he pictured his life for the beginning, literally..

SM once mentioned if she ever continued Twilight Saga after Breaking Dawn, it'll be about Renesmee and Leah. Let's just hope she really did that someday.

Chapter 1 With Bella

I laid on my bed--our bed--with Bella curled up beside me in our cottage. Renesmee, our daughter, already asleep in her room. We literally didn't sleep anymore but I found out I could use the bed for another activity...if you know what I mean. I just laid there with my beautiful wife, under the sheets, with nothing separated our body together (*sigh*believe me...I can imagine that). It had been seven years since our marriage and Renesmee had reached her full growth. It was only a matter of time for us to move on to another city. And believe me, this was one thing I would like to discuss with my wife.

"Edward," Bella murmured in my ear.

"Yes, sweetheart," I replied, enjoying she called my name.

Bella sighed. "You know that Renesmee is reaching her full maturity, right? Have you consider about what our plan would be next?"

I smirked and looked at my wife. Her chocolate orbs were no longer there, replaced by golden orbs similar like mine, but still could hypnotize me. A reminder that she will be mine for eternity. "Sweetheart, are you sure you want to discuss that matter now? Especially in our bed? We could use this bed for another purpose." My voice was deep and husky.

Bella raised her perfect eyebrows. "There's no time like this moment, Edward. Everytime I want to discuss this matter, you distract me."

"Hm...well, I can deal with that," I said to her and beginning to kiss her jaw and her neck. Bella growled. "Edward!!" she pushed me, far enough to cut my kiss. "What? You don't want my kiss?" I put my hand on my chest, feigning hurt. Bella huffed. "Please, stop playing, Edward."

I chuckled and sighed. I laid my head on the headboard. Bella mimicked my pose, so we were half sitting in our bed. "Believe me, love. I've been thinking about that too. Renesmee may look like a 17 years but technically she is still 7 years, and the most important thing is she spent all of her early years around us. She interacts with human only with your father, Billy, or Sue. She still needs to learn."

"Are you refer to the imprint?" Bella asked. Ha! Ditto!

"Yes, love. As a matter of fact it is. I know Jacob always protect her but he doesn't say anything about the imprint to Renesmee yet. I don't know if I will agree for that matter but everything is done. As much as I don't like he imprinted on our daughter but I also couldn't imagine someone will be good for Renesmee."

"Do you think Jacob will let her move on with us?" Bella asked again.

"We also need to talk about that with Jacob too, honey. He's the Alpha and if he left, it meant Leah will be the Alpha, not that I don't mind. I just want Renesmee to be happy. What I want the best for her is different with what she wants for herself. I learn from experience." I surpressed the urgent to grimace to the memory of Bella's birthday. I still couldn't believe Bella still loved me and wanted me. I vowed to spend my existence to make it up to her.

Bella noticed my weariness and stroke my cheek. "What are you thinking?"

I smiled. "I'm the one who asked about that a lot, do you remember?" I chuckled and looked deep to her eyes. "Bella, why don't you hate me for leaving you?"

Bella looked shock. We never discussed about this thing anymore. "Edward, why are you asking that question? You know the answer."

I sighed. "It's not just you still love me, is it?"

Bella smiled. "No, it's not. It's because you are my life, Edward. The moment you left, I was dead, literally. Even though Jacob healed me, I will never be the same. And then you come back....I feel alive again. That's why I can't hate you and I won't hate you."

I closed my eyes and our foreheads touched. "You are too good for me, Bella. I don't know how I must repay your kindness."

"Hey," she said. I opened my eyes. She smiled and ran her hand in my hair. It felt good, really good. "You already did, Edward."

I stared to her eyes. "Bella, marry me."

"Huh? What?" She sat up straight, confused. "We're already married, Edward."

I shook my head. "No, not that. Not because I agree to change you or because you want to make love with me for your last human experience, but marry me to spend our eternity together." I cupped her face with my hands. "Isabella, will you marry me?"

Bella stared back at me. For a moment we just stared at each other and then she smiled and kissed me. "Yes," she answered in my lips. "Yes, I'll marry you and spend my eternity with you, Edward Cullen."

I smiled and kissed her forehead, inhaling her sweet scent.

Bella sighed and leaned to my shoulder. "We should tell her about our story. You, me and Jacob." I didn't answer her. I knew this day will come, the day when we have to tell the truth about our unique relationship. I didn't know how Renesmee will react, for Alice couldn't see her and Jacob. Perhaps I just had to trust with my parental instinct.

"Edward, do you think Renesmee will accept our story?" Bella asked worriedly.

"Honestly, I don't know. Alice can't see them but we have to tell her the truth. That's why we have to settle this matter before we decided what would we do with the imprint thing."

"You mean when you have to walk her down to the altar?" Bella grinned. I rolled my eyes. " makes me like an old man."

"Well... you are an old man," Bella chuckled. I smirked. "And what is that supposed to mean, Mrs. Cullen?" I rolled her to her back. Bella smiled. "I mean that you are a very beautiful old man."

"Really? An old man still needs tender loving care. You know that, right?" I grinned. Bella laughed. Her beautiful voice warmed my heart. "Edward, you are sound like a love struck teenager." I smiled and kissed her gently.



"Just kiss me." and she did.


After our little discussion in our bed, I decided to talk more seriously with Bella. She was right, though. If we were talking in our bed, it'll ended up with another activity. Thankfully, my daughter provided me with a little trip to Seattle.


"Three days in an expensive hotel at Seattle?" I asked my daughter. "So, you're going to get rid of your parents?"

Renesmee smiled. "Just say yes, Dad. I know you want to spend your time with Mom. So, I had a little conversation with Aunt Alice to trade my fashion budget for your days out with Mom."

I stared at her blankly. Sometimes she was more like Bella rather than me and I still couldn't believe I didn't want her at the beginning of Bella's pregnancy. I shook my head. "Did you speak with your Mom about this?"

She rolled her eyes. "Of course, Dad. She said it was up to you. She'll go if you go." Besides no one can separated both of you. She added mentally.

I looked at her and sighed. "Alright. What about you, young lady? What will you do when we're gone?"

"Don't worry, Dad. Aunt Alice and Aunt Rosalie want to take me to Vegas." She grinned. A flash of a luxury hotel and casino ran through her mind.

My eyes widened. "What?"

She giggled. "No, Dad. No gambling, I promise. We just want to try the new spa. You could ask Aunt Alice."

I scoffed. "Your aunt is a masterpiece in hiding her thoughts from me. Promise me you'll stay close with your aunt."

Renesmee rolled her eyes. Her brown eyes--her mother's human eyes-- sparkled with excitement. "I promise, Dad. Boy scouts honor." And then she turned me around, face to face with Bella. Wow, I didn't know she was there. "Have fun, Dad." and I love you. Before I could say anything, she ran to Bella and hugged her. Renesmee placed her hand to Bella's cheek. Have fun with Dad, Mom. I love you. She kissed her mother's cheek once again and ran out of the cottage, leaving the both of us speechless.

Bella cleared her throat. "So, are we going?"

*End of flashback*

And here we the hotel room and again in the bed, but this time we were fully cloathed. We were just laying there and watched a movie from the cables. I looked at the weather outside. It was almost twilight, it was a good time to take a walk in the park.

"Bella," I murmured.


"Do you want to take a walk with me?"

Bella looked at me and smiled. "Sure."

We got out from our room and decided just to walk to the nearest park. I hold her hand while we walked, receiving some glares from obnoxious men and flirtatious women. Bella and I just smirked along the way. The park was not too crowded, some families with their children or some couples reading books. This was the first time I took Bella to public park. I knew she felt anxious too, she worried she couldn't control herself among humans. But I knew her better, she could control herself better than any newborn...even better from myself. We sat at the bench near a lake and Bella cuddled up beside me. I smiled and wrapped my arm around her.

"Thank you for taking me here. I was so worried I couldn't control myself," she whispered in my ear.

I chuckled. "Anytime, love. I'm happy you like it."

Bella sighed. "Is there anything you want to talk with me?"

I looked at her, feigning surprise. "You're a mind reader too?"

Bella giggled and smacked my chest playfully. "No, it's just I know you better." I laughed. Yes, she really knew me.

I sighed. "I want to talk about what we discussed a couple of days ago."

Bella looked at me. "About Renesmee and our next plan?" I nodded. "Yes. About that." She sighed. "Do you have something in your mind, Edward?"

"Well....apparently we really have to move. All the staff in Carlisle's hospital is beginning to get suspicious. He already spoke to me but I told him to speak to you first because this includes Renesmee too."

Bella shrugged. "I don't mind if we have to move. I could still visit Charlie in Christmast for couple of years. Do you think he will get suspicious about us?"

I pondered to her statement. "He will find out eventually." Bella raised her eyebrows. "Really?" I looked at her. "Yes."


I rolled my eyes. "He already saw Jacob shape shifting in front of him. What more can he expect, love?"

Bella sighed and buried her face in my chest. "Jacob and his stupid moves. I knew he did that on purpose so we couldn't move out from Forks. He wants to keep Renesmee."

I smiled. "That's correct. But there's one thing that he forget. The choice is all in Renesmee. She's not ready to live apart from us, love. I think she will make Jacob to choose."

Bella looked back at me, shocked. "And you will keep her from Jacob?"

I shook my head. "No, love. Like I told you before. It's all her choice. If she decided to move with us, we'll teach her how to interact with humans and of course some defends. But if she decided to stay with Jacob, she one condition."

Bella furrowed her eyebrows. "What condition?" and then she realized something. "Oh, no. Don't tell me-"

"Yes, love," I cut her. "They have to get married first."

"You will let them? Renesmee is still young, Edward."

"I know, love. I know that. Like I said we have to settle our truth and the imprint to her. After that we let them to decide."

Bella sighed and clenched her teeth. "I always hate that imprint thing." That made the two of us..

"What about you, love?" I asked to her. Bella stared at the lake. "I wish Renesmee could come with us, at least enough for her to learn about humans besides her family. After that she could choose to stay with us along the way or stay with Jacob."

"Alright. So, we had a deal." I pursued my lips. "But there is also another choice. Jacob may come with us, if he wanted to."

"Is that possible? I mean, he's the Alpha."

"It's a possiblity. He still could call Leah or Seth if he requested for their help."

Bella sighed. "I guess we don't have any other choice." She titled her head and put her chin to my shoulder. "Are you ready to walk her down to the altar if she choose to stay with Jacob?"

I stared at the lake for a moment and looked at my wife. "Yes, love. I am ready."

We stared at each other and Bella closed her eyes. "Edward, I don't know how to say this...but do you have any clue for..her..reproduction?"

I sighed. "You mean if she was able to conceive a child?"

Bella looked at me and her face softened. "Yes."

I didn't answer her but idly playing with her hair. "Honestly, I don't know, love. When we met Nahuel seven years ago, he didn't mention it in his mind." I looked at my wife. "But, if Renesmee's heritage was more in a vampire than a human, you know what that means, love."

Bella gulped. "She won't be able to have a child." Her voice was distant. I nodded slowly. "And remember, she is immortal too."

Bella sighed. "What will Jacob say about that?" I shrugged. "We just have to wait and see."

Bella just fell silent and leaned back to my shoulder. "Alright. You're the father after all." I rolled my eyes. "Yes, but you are the mother. We have to come in one word for this."

Bella opened her eyes and smiled. "Do you think we need to talk with Jacob about this?"

I grinned. "We don't have to. He wants to talk with me about this, but he still don't have the courage to do so. I'll just wait."

Bella grinned back at me. "You read his mind?"

"Please, love. I could read his mind and smelled him even though he was still in the forest before he reached the house. It was so loud and annoying. I just happy I couldn't have headache anymore." I sighed.

Bella laughed. "So, when will you popped the question? The 'what are your intentions towards my daughter' thing?"

I laughed back. "It had been crossed in my mind. Although it surprised me your father never asked me that."

Bella rolled her eyes. "He didn't have the chance, Edward. We just came home and you asked his hand for our marriage."

I grinned to the memory. "Hm...that was a good move, then."

"You know what?" Bella's voice was low and seductive. Oh, no...please, not now! "Yes?" I asked her nervously. She didn't say anything but lowered her shield and showed me images of us together in the bed. I growled at her. She snapped back her shield and rose from her seat. "Come and get me!" She said and started to run in human speed.

I didn't have to think twice. This woman was going to be the death of me.


Haha....I love it when they could talk about their future together. I didn't know exactly if Renesmee could conceive a child, SM never mentioned it. So, I decided to write a red string for a 50-50 possibility if she was able to have a child.

End of chapter 1. Next chapter will be Edward's moments with Jacob.

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