"Come on, Ed, you must know this. Everyone studies this in high school." The professor, Mr. Edgar, hovered above my desk.

"I'm sorry, sir, I can't seem to recall it." I replied, fidgeting with my thumbs.

"Very well, I'm afraid you might not be able to pass this semester." The professor suddenly disappeared, leaving me facing a chalkboard. There were scratches all over it, somehow forming a mathematic equation, but I couldn't for the life of me figure it out.

Then the chalkboard disappeared and I plummeted to the ground in a spacesuit. I landed hard on my elbows and cursed loudly.

"Eh, put a cork in it, Ed!" Thomas O'Reilly was sitting on a beer barrel in a jail cell. A barred window sat behind him, propped up against the wall like a picture frame. I ran to the cell door and stuck my head down the dungeon-like corridor.

"Help! I don't belong in prison, I committed no crime!" I called, sweating under my spacesuit. Two uniformed prison guards rounded the corner and approached me. Their freckled faces glared at me under the dim light. The Rose boys.

"Eh, shut up, will you, Ed. You almost killed that man on Edgar street, assaulted my brother, and sprayed graffiti on a main street." The older one, now sporting a thick mustache, slapped me hard. Gavin laughed and kicked my shins through the bars before turning away to check the other prisoners.

I saw Milla and Sophie round the corner, both disguised in officer uniforms. They snuck up on the Rose boys and hit them with their purses, in true grandmother fashion. Sophie was about Milla's age now, but her legs were still the same as they were when she was 15.

"Milla! Over here, it's Jimmy!" I called, reaching out to her. She turned, her face soft and gentle, just like I remembered.

"You can break yourself out, Ed, I don't need to. Wake up, you lazy bastard." Milla said, grabbing Sophie's arm and the two continuing down the hall, laughing giddily.

A faint buzzing echoed the prison. Thomas nudged my elbow.

"Ed, go hit your alarm. It's ringing." He said, scooping me up and throwing me to the open sky. I woke up with a start, checking the time. The neon numbers told me it was a quarter to eight.

"Dang it, you lazy bastard, why didn't I wake up when Milla told me to? I'm late to lawyer school, now." I stared at the Doorman, who tilted his head, as if begging for coffee.

"No coffee today, I'm running late." I responded, pulling out some nice jeans and a button-down.

I ran to the bathroom, where I attempted to brush my teeth and pull on my jeans at the same time. No shower today.

I messed up my hair by combing through it quickly, then spat out my toothpaste in the sink. In the kitchen, I grabbed an orange and a granola bar and stuffed it into my pants pocket. Throwing my shirt on, I grabbed my wallet and ran out the door. The Doorman cocked his head at me, like I was crazy. Waking up early was a price I needed to pay to get out of this dump and head off to a bigger town, with a future.

Sometimes, it takes a good concussion to realize this.