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Back to the Grind

A dull annoying beep awoke Olivia from a deep sleep. She turned her head and reached a hand up to wipe the sleep from her eyes. She felt a familiar weight on her chest and smiled slightly as she registered hers and Alex's position. She looked at the clock on the wall and realized with a start that it was three in the afternoon. She moved out from beneath the blonde, ignoring the muttered protests and looked around for her pants. She saw them in a crumbled heap in the corner of the bedroom and rushed over to them, digging her cell phone from the pocket. Just as she had thought, it was Eliot trying to call her. She glanced at the long slender body draped naked on white sheets and smiled again as she exited the room, flipping her phone open to take the call.

"Benson," she answered softly, trying to put more distance between herself and the bedroom so as not to wake Alex. She could tell her partner was pissed by his tone of voice.

"Jesus Liv I have been trying to get a hold of you for over two hours, where the hell have you been? Do you have any idea where Cabot is? Cragen has been trying to get in touch with her for the past few hours too… "

She heard his voice trail off and sought to steer him clear of where she was sure his sharp mind was taking him.

"No El I don't know where Cabot is and as for me… I had too much to drink last night and didn't hear my phone go off. Besides it is my day off, what is going on?"

She thought she heard her partners sigh of relief and flushed slightly at the implication, but she let it go and asked again what the emergency was. She listened as Elliot described their latest case, she nodded as he relayed the case facts and assured him she would meet him at the precinct within the hour.

Hanging up, she quickly pulled her work boots back on and found her shirt and bra in another pile close to the bed. Gently she sat down and placed her hand on the smooth bare skin so tantalizingly exposed to her naked eye. She shook the blonde gently, but firmly, leaning down she nuzzled her nose against fragrant hair, still slightly damp from the joint shower they had indulged in earlier.

Alex felt her body being shaken and smiled into the mattress. She kept her eyes shut as she rolled over, grabbing the body seated next to her and pulling her detective down for an intensely slow make-out session – disappointed when Olivia pulled away after only a moment, her voice huskily telling Alex to wake up. The blonde pouted slightly and opened her eyes, surprised to find Olivia dressed. She set up and looked over at the detective, "What's going on Liv?"

Olivia smiled and pointed to her cell, "Duty calls, and according to Elliot Cragen has been trying to get a hold of you for awhile as well."

She watched as Alex rolled her eyes and groaned, "Sex Crimes! Well it is a crime to have to abandon sex this good." She looked over at the brunette with a leering smirk, "Think I can get you out of working this case if I tell Cragen that?"

Olivia shook her head, "No I think if you tell Cragen that he will die from utter shock and then come back to fire me." She felt the smile as it crept into her face and leaned over, kissing the attorney chastely. "But you are right about one thing, it is a crime to abandon sex this good."

Olivia pulled back for a moment and bit her lip slightly, "Am I correct in my assumption that you want to keep this, us, a secret for now Alex?"

Alex sat up and looked into the deep brown eyes she was starting to fall in love with and nodded slowly, hoping her answer wouldn't crush or upset her lover.

"I think that would be best Olivia, don't you? Not that I want to keep us a secret, but we work together and I am pretty sure that this is something that the higher ups would frown upon."

Olivia nodded and looked away for a moment before allowing her gaze to be caught by the questioning blue eyes.

"So business as usual then? And I agree Alex, at work we will carry on as always but… when we are away…"

She let her voice trail suggestively and allowed her eyes to rake over the stunning body so unashamedly exposed. She practically dove on top of the blonde, ravaging lips and all the smooth silky skin she could get her hands on. She gasped as Alex flipped her over on her back, her smooth taunt thighs straddling her hips, much like they had the first time Olivia had found herself beneath the blonde. She looked up and caught the need in Alex's features, grinning she shook her head no and made a move to sit up. Surprised further she felt a firm hand against her shoulder pushing her back down on the bed and a husky sex laced voice telling her that she needed to take care of some unfinished business.

Olivia smiled and placed her hands behind her head, teasing the woman above her, "Would this be the same unfinished business I have been working so diligently on finishing for the past day or so? If it is then all I can say if that you Alexandra Cabot are insatiable and while I would like nothing better than to conclude this said business I promised Elliot I would meet him at the precinct in an hour… judging by our past few encounters I would say that my making you cum as well as making it back to my apartment to change and be at the station within an hour is not possible."

Alex smiled slowly and leaned down, pulling one of the detectives hands from behind her head, pushing it beneath her body she moaned softly and sighed into the soft brown locks that had fanned out against the sheets, "Judging by how wet I am right now Olivia, I don't think "concluding our business" is going to take that long.. of course if you don't want to…"

Alex gasped as she felt Olivia shift her hand over and slide a single finger inside dripping folds, in an attempt to verify her statement. She heard and felt the detectives groan as she sat up. Alex moaned her approval and lifted her body up momentarily to give the brunette the opportunity to adjust her hand before shifting her hips down, successfully penetrating herself with the rigid digits below. She rocked, spurned forward by the pad of Olivia's thumb as it rubbed her clitoral hood up and down, back and forth in slow lazy gestures, letting Alex set her own pace above.

Olivia felt the heat and slickened wetness sliding down her hand and groaned into the ADA's neck. Christ she was caught up in this, she couldn't refuse Alex and didn't want to. She caught a proud nipple as it was thrust into her line of vision as Alex leaned back on her hands and rocked harder against Olivia's. She sucked at the taunt flesh hard, using her teeth to tease and torture and her tongue to sooth as Alex worked herself into a frenzy. She felt the blonde as she began to clench and pull at Olivia's fingers and acting on impulse Olivia laid the blonde back and used her mouth to take her the rest of the way – wincing as strong fingers yanked at her hair and groaning softly as her lover cried out her pleasure, loud and long – ending the performance by hauling the brunette up for a burning kiss that slowly worked its way down to Olivia wrapping her arms around the attorney as she glanced at the clock and sighed.

Alex lazily turned in her arms and smiled slightly, "I've made you late haven't I?"

Olivia nodded and leaned forward kissing the tip of the ADA's nose, "You have, but I can't think of a better way to spend my afternoon then inside you… I have to warn you Alex, I am becoming quite the addict when it comes to you."

Alex nodded and tasted herself on the soft lips that faced her once again, smiling as she pulled back.

"Good, because I am becoming equally addicted. Tell you what, I will stop by your apartment and pick you up something new to wear. Just come over to the District Attorney's Office and you can change there, since I have made it impossible for you to get home and make it to work on time."

Olivia smiled and nodded, "Sounds like a plan, now I just need to figure out a good way to explain these wrinkles and the fact that I smell like sex."

Alex laughed and kissed Olivia once more as the detective rose to leave, "Well, for what its worth it will give the boys something to wonder about, call me when you get a chance – for now I better shower, get dressed and find out why your boss is hounding my ass."

Olivia smiled, looked back one last time at her ADA, winked and walked out into the New York weather.

She barely made it to work on time, and ignored the off color statements and inquiries as she made her way to her desk. She knew she didn't smell of sex anymore, but her clothes were obviously not ironed and anyone who had worked with her the previous day had recognized them as the same outfit she had worn then. Elliot was the worst of these observers and, in his usual fashion, did not miss the chance to tease her about her attire.

"Liv, aren't those the same clothes you were wearing yesterday? Too much to drink huh? Sounds like you might have landed yourself in the land of hanky panky last night?"

Olivia gritted her teeth and replied tersely, "I haven't been home, but I will change soon – lets just get to work on this case El."

Elliot shrugged and tossed what little they had on the case over to his partner and watched her out of the corner of his eye. Yeah, he bet he was right… Olivia had finally gotten laid last night. All her usual tension was gone and there were even a few odd shaped bruises that her high collar didn't completely cover. He caught the brown eyes that glared over at him and shrugged again as he took another long pull from his coffee cup. It wasn't any of his business really, but he was happy for her. Shaking his head he cleared his thoughts to focus on the case at hand.

Alex yawned slightly after she concluded her conversation with Cragen. It hadn't been anything of importance, just an update on the cases Greyleck had left behind and a welcome back speech. If he had any idea that she had just spent the night with his favorite detective she doubted he would be so gracious. She smiled at the memories she had created with the beautiful brunette over the past 24 hours. She had not expected anything to come of her dinner invite with Olivia and she definitely had not anticipated the first kiss, or the second. She would not ever in a million years contemplated the fact that she would have ever had such mind blowing sex with a woman. She'd had plenty of healthy relationships in the past with men, but nothing like this. Nothing had prepared her for the heat, the passion and its addiction. She felt her face flush as she made her way across the city to Olivia's apartment. She wasn't even sure how to categorize the detective. Were they simply lovers? Girlfriends? She wasn't sure what label Olivia would be comfortable with or if they were even to that level yet.

Alex had given the two of them a lot of thought while she had been in witness protection. She had replayed every case, every argument, every moment spent and had concluded that she was crazy about Olivia, and even if the attraction was in itself one sided Alex had been determined to restore their close friendship.

She felt very accomplished in one date she had achieved several mind blowing orgasms, given several back and secured a key to her lover's apartment. All in all, not a bad start to the week.

She found herself smiling at the compulsory neatness of Olivia's apartment and found herself spending more time than intended as she sought to learn more about the enigmatic woman she was now seeing. She slid a hand over the worn fabric of Olivia's couch, the smooth mahogany finish of the single end table. She opened the refrigerator, not at all surprised to find the remains of a six pack, a neglected half gallon of milk and an almost empty take out container. She smiled at the obvious reminder of the detectives unpredictable schedule. She slowly made her way to the bedroom and sat down on the unmade bed – the simple femininity comforting. She opened the closet and perused at her discretion, pleasantly surprised by the stylish change in the detectives taste in clothing.

When she had first met the brunette she had dressed in ill-fitting pant suits, tight brightly colored shirts – her style progressing to button down overshirts and tight jeans and now to stylish slacks and poet blouses… more leather jackets… strong bold solids… and the occasional evening dress attire and Alex was certain that Olivia looked like a goddess in every outfit. She selected a worn pair of jeans, a tight black tank with a silky black overshirt. She smiled as she pictured her selection on the toned olive skin… and she licked her lips slowly, unconsciously, as her mind drifted to imagine peeling these new articles of clothing from that same figure. She shook her head, sighing at her infatuation and quickly selected a pair of black undergarments before making her way to her office. She ignored the furtive looks her co-workers threw her as she walked briskly through the hall. She had become somewhat of a legend… a classic story of a beauty who overcame the beast – risking her life for justice. It made for a great human interest story, made even more tantalizing by her familial connections. Alex almost made it to her office without being stopped but halted as the stern voice of Jack McCoy echoed down the hall.

"Ms. Cabot… come here for a minute."

She sighed and turned slightly – thrusting her overnight bag and briefcase into the surprised arm of her assistant with the instruction to place the items in her office and place a call to Detective Benson to tell her she was to be here at noon to go over her testimony in the Fletcher case. With that said she turned on her heel and made her way into the spacious office of the man who had welcomed her back so warmly. His reputation for being a rogue prosecutor was well earned as was his philandering – something that had concerned Alex when she had started with the county, but her worries had been quickly alleviated when she learned he had a penchant for brunettes, Claire Kinkaid in particular and that he had still not completely recovered from her untimely death.

Alex did her homework and even snuck into a few of the cases he had tried before focusing his attention on replacing Branch as the DA. She had enjoyed his prosecution style and was surprised to find the admiration mutual. Before she'd had to disappear into Witness Protection she knew she had been slotted to become one of his go to prosecutors and had been fighting the enticing offer to prosecute major cases. She was sure that this would be the reason for her current summons to his office. He had been mildly shocked that she had not been more reluctant to revisit her old assignment to sex crimes – which she had explained away with her comfortabilty with the squad. She took a seat across from the now gray haired newly appointed DA, crossing her legs slowly – mildly annoyed by the downward angle of his gaze. Her automatic scowl was met with amusement as Jack shrugged with the offhanded comment that he was only a man after all.

Alex watched as he poured her a glass of scotch and setting back into the large leather chair.

"So Ms Cabot – how is it being back in sex crimes again? Did our notorious SVU detectives welcome you with open arms?"

Alex struggled to control the unwanted blush that threatened to stain her pale cheeks and sought a sip from her glass of scotch in order to blame the flush on liquor. She shook her head in affirmation and took another sip.

"You could say that. They were more shocked than anything."

Jack studied the imposing blonde that sat across from him. He had nothing but respect for the admittedly beautiful woman. Her reputation proceeded her and he had watched her grow as a prosecutor from his seat in major case crimes. She was a force to be reckoned with – a classic stunningly woman who possessed a mix of charisma, gilded speech and a razor sharp legal mind. She had not hesitated to take and accept her assignment to SVU – a division that had the lowest conviction rate coupled with the highest burnout among ADAs and cops alike. Her dedication had tripled the average conviction rate and her tenacity had forced the out of control unit into a more cohesive force.

She had made a name for herself with every conviction and had shocked her bureau chief, judges and fellow ADAs with her bending of the law, her exploitation of its gray areas and the passionate way she defended her unit. Her bullheadedness had landed her in the witness protection program and had stolen almost 3 years of her life. The woman who sat across from him now was a calmer, cooler version of the old Alex Cabot and he doubted the intelligence of his decision to allow her to take over her old role as the assigned ADA to sex crimes. He folded his arms across his chest and stared into cobalt eyes.

"Do you still aspire to be political Alexandra Cabot?"

He knew his use of her full given name irked her and admired the steel in her spine as she looked coolly back at him and gave a regal nod, her husky voice resonated in the spacious office.

"Why do you ask Jack?"

McCoy took a small sip from his own glass, concealing a smile at her daring use of his first name and rested his elbows on the large desk.

"I know you were not opposed to taking over for Greyleck, and when you first started with this office that was the most visible assignment and the easiest way to make a name for yourself. You have more than accomplished that goal. If you plan to sit this chair or aspire to anything higher you are going to have to broaden your horizons and the "he said she said" unit is not going to do that for you."

Alex felt her eyebrow raise at the arrogant condescending tone, but forgave it as a permanent character flaw. His words had a ring of truth to it and with this latest development between her and Olivia it was a subject she had been playing around with in her mind. She couldn't continue as the unit's ADA whilst having a sexual relationship with one of its detectives… further more, it was growing harder and harder to separate her emotions from the cases and she could ill afford another Cavanaugh to stain her record.

"What do you suggest Jack? Major Cases?"

McCoy felt himself smile and shook his head.

"No, Ms Cabot – I am recommending you for the appellate court. You have already been a bureau chief, and there is an opening at the federal level."

He held his hand up at the started intrusion.

"Let me finish. You need some federal experience under your belt before you can even think to bid for a higher position in this office… your experience in SVU has not equipped you for federal law and…wait and hear me out Alexandra… I know you have the knowledge but you need to experience, appreciate and learn to handle the red tape. I have already submitted your name for review – your experience in witness protection is being seen as an asset and I am almost positive they will accept you."

Alex glared at her boss, annoyed by his infuriating arrogance , beneath which she knew this was his way of taking her under his wing – it was a vote of confidence on his part that he would take an interest in her career and he made several good points. She took a deep breath and blinked slowly.

"My detectives won't like it, but you make several good points – I am just having a little trouble picturing myself arguing appeals instead of cases to a jury of justices instead of a jury of peers."

Jack nodded slightly, "Understandable, it will take some getting used to, but the assignment isn't meant to be a permanent one. Take the rest of the day to consider the offer. I will expect your answer by end of business tomorrow."

He watched her stand in silence and looked as she walked to the door, her slow escape compelling him to speak again.

"You have what it takes to make it Alexandra… all that's left is finding the courage to utilize your will to succeed. God knows you're a force to be reckoned with once your mind is set."

He saw a flash of sadness on the patrician features as the tall shapely blonde turned, her lips twisted into a ghost of a smile.

"Yeah… and we all know what happened last time I dug in. I will have an answer for you by tomorrow morning… and for what its worth… thank you for the vote of confidence."

Jack watched as the door to his office slowly closed and downed the rest of his drink before turning his attention to the pressing cases at hand.

Alex walked back to her office, her brow furrowed as she considered the DA's offer. It was enticing and a part of her yearned to ensconce herself in something besides sex based criminal law. She would have to train in Albany, but that would allow her time to sift through her feelings for Olivia. She knew she loved the brunette… had known for years, but if she was going to make a bid for a higher position she had to decide how far she wanted to go and at what point she was willing to allow her personal life to progress while her professional was placed on the back burner. She had told McCoy she would think about it, but she knew her answer, she would be a fool to turn down the opportunity… all the was left was to break the news to Olivia… a conversation she was not looking forward to.

Olivia looked at her watch and grinned. She was due at the DA's office in less than an hour. She figured it wouldn't hurt to be a little earlier, perhaps she could convince the attractive blonde to come have lunch or perhaps she could convince Alex to test out the lock on her door while Olivia informed her of her right to remain silent. She found herself smiling roguishly at the thought as she took a cab for the majority of the trek, stopping in front of a favorite Thai restaurant she remembered Alex mentioning and opted to order and walk the rest of the way. She felt… free, as silly as that sounded at her age. She had long since given up having anything more meaningful than the friendship she shared with the guys at the precinct - they were the only family she acknowledged. And now? Now she was involved with quite literally the woman of her dreams… a woman she had been convinced could never feel the same way she felt, a woman who had come back from the dead only to be taken away again, a woman she had not been sure she would ever see again.

\Despite all that… they had made it. Somehow Alex wanted her too, cared for her and she felt herself smiling as she recalled the previous night.

Walking on cloud nine, Olivia entered the somber bustling office and made a beeline to Alex's newly assigned office. She knocked lightly, enjoying the honeyed alto that bade her to enter. She caught the slow smile that transformed the flawless features and lit up the cobalt eyes currently hidden behind the dark frames Olivia loved.

"Hey you," she greeted warmly as she held up the bag of take out, offering it to the seated figure.

Alex stood, taking the offered sack, inhaling the delicious scents of what she was almost certain was Thai. She sat the bag on her desk and closed the door in one smooth move, pressing her body against the lean muscular frame of the SVU detective she leaned in and stole a soft kiss, whispering as she pulled away.

"Hey yourself."

Olivia wrapped her arms around a trim waist and nudged the attorneys head slightly to the side and nuzzled her nose against the smooth skin of Alex's neck, inhaling the scents of her blended perfume and fragrant shampoo… she never failed to smell absolutely intoxicating. Giving into her own desire, Olivia planted a soft kiss against the throbbing pulse point, biting gently before giving it a teasing lick - thoroughly enjoying the way Alex lolled her head to the side to provide easier access. Sucking at the skin below her ear, her tongue flicking against the tear shaped diamond that hung from her ear, she whispered softly, her voice thick with need.

"Between you and the Thai, I don't know which one I want to eat first… you both smell so damn good."

Alex felt a familiar warmth settle between her legs and smiled as she pulled back slightly.

"You're incorrigible detective."

She smiled as Olivia wagged her eyebrows, her grin infectious.

"You love it counselor."

Alex saw the predatory gleam and gasped as she felt her body pressed firmly against the door, a firm thigh insinuated itself between her knees, pushing and pressing up slowly as the brunettes hot mouth aggressively attacked her neck, working its way up and over her jaw.

Olivia tangled her hair in the long blonde locks and tugged the lawyer's head forward, her tongue sliding over Alex's full bottom lip before sucking it between her teeth and then molding it to her own lips. She slid her tongue past parted lips and slowly, deliberately, dueled and teased the blonde. She swallowed the deep moan and palmed the high firm breasts that pressed against her own.

Alex buried her own hands in her favorite jacket, her fingertips dipping into the waistband of Olivia's jeans, teasing the firm warm flesh before reached lower, gripping a firm ass and yanking the detective closer. A knock at the door drove them apart as though they had been burned and Alex looked around wildly for a plausible excuse for their disheveled state. The second knock confirmed the identity of the intruder and Alex opened the door to find her previous Bureau Chief staring her down.

"Judge Donnelly, to what do I owe the pleasure," she asked jovially - a little annoyed when the aggressive blonde pushed past her into the office - Alex turned to see the take out boxes scattered across her desk and Olivia taking small bites from an open box. The judge's cool voice sounded arrogantly surprised as she inquired after a case that Alex was to present the next day. She retrieved the requested document and handed it to her old mentor, relieved when the tall legal force bade her good day - promptly exiting the office. As she shut the door Alex turned to see the amused smirk that curved smooth lips as Olivia confirmed her fears.

"You look completely fuck-able Cabot."

Olivia watched as the tall ADA paled and found herself laughing lightly.

"Take it easy baby - I said you look fuck-able, not like you have been fucking. You just looked a little flustered. For all Donnelly knows we were having one of our famous heated battles, which we were… only that particular battles heat wasn't from anger or stubbornness."

Alex sighed in relief… she had been absolutely terrified that her former boss had seen right through the façade. She sat across the desk from her detective and grabbed a box of noodles and a pair of chop sticks. Moaning softly in hedonistic gluttony she took another bite.

"This is sooo good Liv… I can see why you were having such a dilemma earlier - this is pure sin."

Olivia laughed and nodded in agreement.

"It is… but I would still choose option A if given an ultimatum."

Alex flushed slightly and smirked slightly.

"Well since option A is unavailable at the moment I guess you will just have to settle detective."

She watched as the olive skinned woman leaned across the desk, invading her personal space as she whispered seductively, "Will option A be on the menu tonight counselor?"

Alex chuckled and nodded as she took a small sip of water.

"Of course Liv… although you may have to re-heat it."

Olivia felt her eyebrow quirk at the statement and feigned surprise.

"Oh my… I knew we use to call you an ice princess but I had no idea you were cold all over."

Alex found herself laughing again - amazed at the easy way they existed with one another.

"Oh well that is never cold detective - but heat helps it melt… but you know all about that don't you Olivia?"

She watched the brunette slowly lick her lips, her soothing voice dropping an octave to confirm.

"Intimately counselor."

Alex let a small groan escape her lips, a verbal acknowledgement to the teasing words. She thought about telling the detective of her career change but decided it could wait till later - she was enjoying this lunch hour too much to risk ruining the light hearted mood with such a serious subject.

Olivia watched the striking blonde and found herself smiling at their playful banter. If only they hadn't of been such fools early on - they could have had this a lot sooner, but the unrelenting sexual tension inevitably ruined most of their time together in those early years when Alex had first joined the SVU team. A lot had happened in five years and they had both changed - for the better she hoped. They had been through so much apart that it made them appreciate the simplicity of being together.

Alex saw the far off look in the dark brown eyes and smiled as they finished their meal in comfortable silence. The more she thought of Jack's offer the better it sounded. She needed a change and knew that on some level Olivia would understand that. It was hard for her to be back with the unit, and as bureau chief anytime there were drug undertones in a case she felt a familiar dread that kept her up at nights. She wondered who Jack would replace her with.

Olivia could see the sharp legal mind churning behind the dark frames and reached over touching a slender pale wrist, her voice soft and hesitant.

"Where did you go Alex?"

She shook her head and smiled at the questioning look the detective had tossed her.

"Nowhere I want to discuss here."

Olivia smiled and slowly laced her fingers with her ADA.

"Well then… we will talk about it tonight then."

She slowly pulled Alex's hand to her lips, kissing her fingertips gently before smirking suggestively.

"After I have my way with you of course."

Alex smiled demurely.

"Of course."

Olivia stood and walked to the coat hanger, and bent to retrieve the clothes Alex had brought for her and smiled at the selection.

"I take it you like me in black counselor?"

Alex shrugged and smiled.

"Well it does suit your tall dark looks detective."

Olivia accepted the compliment and raised an eyebrow at the matching black undergarments. Her look garnering a smile from the ADA.

"Like I said Olivia, it suits you."

Olivia shook her head slightly and closed the bag again as she glanced at her watch. Her lunch hour was almost over and she still had to change and get back to the precinct. She walked over and kissed the top of her ADA's head, inhaling her clean scent once more as she whispered softly.

"I will see you tonight… thanks again for picking this up - the boys have been giving me hell all morning."

Alex smiled and tipped her head back, pleased when Olivia read her silent request and graced her lips with a soft kiss. She closed her eyes and sighed contently.

"Tonight then. Call me if you need me."

Olivia nodded, accepting the coolness of the ADA's voice as a necessary dismissal and made her way out of the attorney's office. She smiled as her cell phone buzzed at her side and answered without checking the caller ID.

"You said for me to call you if I needed to, I didn't think that meant that you would be calling me so soon."

The deep laughter that followed her words made her mouth fall open and she jerked the phone away from her ear to see her partner's number on the caller ID. Horrified she was immediately relieved that she had not blurted Alex's name. She tried to back pedal her statement but Elliot would not let her live it down.

"Um, I take it that comment was meant for you hot date from last night. Where are you anyways?"

Olivia sighed.

"I was getting a change of clothes and then I was going to head back down to the station."

Elliot nodded as he slowly turned the car around, intending to head to his partner's apartment.

"Well stay there and I will give you a lift, I am only a few blocks away."

Olivia groaned softly at her partner's chauvinistic ways.

"Um El… I am not at my apartment. Just meet me down at the precinct and if there aren't any leads then we can finish our DD5's."

Elliot felt his curiosity piqued as he questioned how his partner had garnered a change of clothes without being at her apartment, but let the issue slide. He didn't think he was ready to know about his partners sex life. She had gotten very secretive since she had dated the editor of the Post and he had learned not to pry too hard. She had never pried into his and had only ever been a shoulder to lean on even when he and Kathy had been having their problems. So he gave her the same respect and agreed to meet her at the station. Turing the car around once more he made the familiar drive, hoping his partner was right and they would just have a paperwork day. He looked down at the ringing of his cell, noting the captains number and sighed… so much for a relaxing afternoon. He sped up and answered the call, listening to the latest case, garnering information about the latest victim and as he hung up the phone he wondered for perhaps the millionth time… why he did this job.

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