Slight AU, because Po isn't blind.

Shouts and whistles were blown as a black Arabian horse plowed through the stone floors of Ror's Castle. A person was slumped on its emerald leather saddle, arms dangling from the sides. The reins were hanging loosely from barely closed fingers; even so, the horse never broke from its stride-even as it turned a sharp corner. It knew exactly where to go.

It stopped right before two large oak doors. A guard held out his hand, spear held at the ready.

"Halt!" he commanded. "Who are you?"

The person on the horse did not straighten to talk, no; he just twitched slightly, and tapped the side of the horse. It reared and whinnied. The guard stumbled back, surprised. The horse reared once more and kicked the doors open with a crash. When it landed, it shook its head self-righteously and trotted regally into the room.

The King was already standing, concern on his face.

"Who are you, stranger?" he asked. The Queen was sitting on a throne next to Ror, her thin browns knitted together in a frown.

The person slowly straightened up, his gray hood falling back to reveal long ebony hair and dull, hard Graced eyes. The stranger was a young woman.

Her left eye was gold and her right eye was violet. She pressed one hand to her stomach, wincing. Against the light gray of her cloak, a dark stain was blossoming where she held. It was blood.

"I have come, my King, from the Seventh Castle." She said, her voice hoarse and dry. "I have come to tell you that your seventh son is not safe here in Lienid."

Two Weeks Later

"We'll go to my father's castle first," Po said energetically as he leaned out over the railing of the boat. "So that we can see my parents again. Then we'll go to my castle. It'll be a bit of a journey, I hope you don't mind." He glanced at me, smiling happily.

"I follow you, Po." I said simply. He smiled once more, but this one was more serene. He kissed my cheeks and once, my lips.

"I love you too, Katsa." He said, grinning against my lips. I scowled; he had read my mind again. Pushing away, I faced the ocean that separated the mainland from Lienid. It was sparkling in the setting sun, shining an emerald green.

"The ocean is beautiful." I murmur. Even if my voice was too soft for him to hear, my thoughts spoke to him clearly.

"Thank you." Po said proudly. "You will love my castle; it has a beautiful view. My room hangs right over it."

"Shall I be staying in your room, then, Prince?" I smirked. Po sidled up to me, hugging me from behind.

"Of course." He mumbled into my hair. It had grown out since the innkeeper's wife had chopped it all off. It now came to my shoulders, and I now bothered enough to comb it every once in a while.

The rest of the boat ride was uneventful and I was glad to get back on land. It was exciting, yes, to be on a boat in the ocean yet again, but the unsteady ground unnerved me. I liked to be in complete control of how I walked.

Po wanted to take a carriage up the winding road to the King's castle, but I refused. It was an un-needed luxury, which would undoubtedly slow us down. Po pouted; he wanted to spoil me now that I was on his land. I smiled and kissed him on the cheek for his kindness. I saw him blush and laughed; it wasn't often I got him to blush.

I agreed to the horses—even though that would also slow us down, it was a long trek. We talked and laughed on the way, but we had to go single file. A guard went first, then I, and lastly Po. Mostly, I found it too hard to try and talk loud enough so that Po could hear me, several feet behind, over whistling winds and the clopping of the horses. I thought my responses to him, and he responded verbally. It was easier for him, he was naturally…loud. I suppose that the guard in front thought the youngest prince crazy—he was, after all, having a conversation with himself. Or at least that's what it must have looked like.