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~Chapter 1~

The mind maelstrom

Little did she know about her victim. In fact, he was a total stranger. It was the first, and most certainly it would be the last time she'd see his face, not closely either, but from quite a distance. It was only the information she had been given about his airs and graces, his inexcusable crimes towards innocent people in pursue of fulfilling his high ambitions, at all costs. A godless man with unholy purposes. The average, typical businessman who wants to make a name for himself, without further thoughts of eventually meeting his nemesis. Never, ever can his thirst for power be quenched, nor tamed. For greed is a nasty, foul creature that lures all men in it's tempting, illusionary semblance. And this time, he would pay the price of his vanity with his own very life...

She was not the spitting image of pure innocence, either. Definitely, despite the blonde, golden hair and the blue eyes with shades of emerald green, an angel was not depicted through her face.

Not at all. In fact, she was far from being an angel. An angel in disguise, or to be more precise, a devil dressed in angelic colours.

A holy terror.

It was only her task to carry through this operation, an obligation she would have easily turnt down, if things were different. Very different. And actually, she would have eagerly preferred a honourable battle with her victim, instead of aiming at his head from a distance, with a sniper rifle at her disposal. Destined to kill him she was, swiftly, the same way lightning injures the solid surface of the earth, setting the sky ablaze in it's horrific sparks .

A fool's errand, that it was.

The crowd was cheering for the up and coming mayor of Domino City, who was now making an outstanding speech. Bathed in praises and acclamations he was, though little did they appeal to him. Silly loud screams of a mindless crowd, he considered it, yet that silly crowd would serve his purposes by casting it's vote on him. Even the rabid fan girls who so much gave him on his nerves would play a significant role on the victory of his. And they were lots of them, more than sure.

Behind his vocal chords, his overboastful laughter could be heard, simply by noticing the conceited expression on his divine-sculptured face. Cold as a stone, handsome as a king-like statue, posing in all his majesty unleashed.

Seto Kaiba.

That was his name. And soon he would be lying in a pool of blood, his body drowning and chocking in his blood. Without further notice.

Dead. Killed at the zenith of his glory, fame and youth, right before his very fanclub, before his voters, before his dearly beloved younger brother, Mokuba...

Only that young boy could make a difference, had she been aware of his existence and his role in Kaiba's life... Had she been aware... But she wasn't, and the time was up. Already, she had prolonged his imminent death by waiting and waiting, hesitating and making up excuses to herself, as if a miracle was bound to happen the next second, and she waited this perfect moment to come...

Seconds turned to minutes, and minutes turnt to a whole half an hour.

What the hell was she waiting for?

To no avail. This world was not full of miracles, was all she could presume. Pity for him, to be gone at such a young age, she thought acrimoniously, though never wearing off that poker-face expression dwelling on the surface. Nonetheless, reading between the lines, scepticism was ravaging her inner world, feelings of doubt, hesitation and guilty infiltrating her mind, playing havoc with it...

All her life was dependable on this critical night, the lives of the people she loved the most, as well...Therefore, she allowed herself only one last thought...

''Will I be written in history as the unknown person who killed this world's most famous CEO...?'' she muttered before she shut her tensed eyelashes, hand heedfully placed upon the trigger, ready to shoot and change this world's balance, once and for all...

Two days ago...

Rain was pouring down the streets. For some people, it was believed to be the tears of the god, washing away all the sins of mankind, the sorrows and pain nesting upon the human hearts. Easily said, and conceded by the ones who had a home to stay, and enjoy this marvellous act of god from their windows.

The moon was hidden behind the dense, raging clouds dropping their tremendous waters, small droplets falling altogether, creating streams spread around the city, flowing smoothly throughout the empty roads at night.

She was wet, her long, wavy blond hair falling in a soaking mess around her waist. It used to be nicely done up, but now it lay ruined, messed up due to the cold wind. It stuck to her skin like a leech; dripping raindrops that fell to the liquid ground. Her body was elegantly dressed in a dark purple uniform, thoroughly soaked, now so dark it was almost black. Her cold blue and emerald eyes were illuminated by the flashes of lightning sparkling across the sky.

Eyes of a cat. Or tiger suited her better?

Under different circumstances, she would been able to discover a sheltered place sooner, but this time the trick couldn't work for her because she belonged to a different, faraway world. Thus, she possessed no knowledge of the new surroundings, at least not yet.

Who was to be held responsible for this mess?

How or when, she couldn't tell, not even remember the slightest bit of it. It was all a blur, an obscurity painted by the shadows of confusion and ignorance. Thought could bring nothing that very moment, especially when being all alone, wandering into the murky corners of the streets, looking for a place to sleep temporarily, just to make for the night. Was she really that lonesome, though?

Out of the blue, a single call was formed by her fine shaped lips.

"Sacred? Minotaur, are you here?"

Silence, frightening silence all around her. Indeed, she was walking on solitary ground...

It was only her voice that echoed in the middle of nowhere, no response to be offered to her by her extraordinary companions. Her double Guardian Force, the spirit of a strong monster with whom she could communicate directly, did nothing. Brothers was this spirit's name, consisting of two almighty beasts named Sacred, the eldest brother, and Minotaur, the young one. Though you 'd have a hard time in finding who's the younger one, since their ages contradict their appearance and size. Yes, you guessed it right, Sacred is too small compared to Minotaur, and that's a bit funny thing to discover. The brothers was a guardian force with the ability to control the powers of the earth, reform the ground, or just shake it from it's very roots. Once, it guarded the tomb of an unknown king, then got liberated by a great man and his companions...The rest is of little value to be mentioned. Let's just say that finally the brothers met her, she fought them, won, and they chose to aid her in battle.

But that wasn't it all. The brothers were not only a fighting tool of her, but also her only friends remained. And most extraordinarily, she could communicate with them, speak with them every time she wanted, and longed.

It sounded fairly plain and simple, but it wasn't.

Special Ability was considered a gift of hers, for which she could be mistaken as a sorceress, once misunderstood, always feared for that unique skill she possessed.

She kept on being persistent, calling for their names in a steady voice now and then.

Nothing but grave silence once more.

The Brothers did not respond, causing her to wonder what was wrong with her, questioning herself to whether she had lost her ability or it was just the different world that imposed an obstacle to their communication. This had never happened before. Ever since they got to be together, they were always talking, all three of them, let alone in critical situations such like this.

This wasn't all that good... Nonetheless, she didn't give up, neither did she feel any sign of fear emanating from her, for she possessed another invaluable, reliable companion to protect her in case of any possible danger. Her gunblade was positioned in the small of her back, an almighty sword with a trigger upon it, useful for both close combats and distant ones. She was proud of being the only female gunblade wielder, (quite big-headed about it, in fact,) and she could be sarcastic and irritating at times. She deserved to be praised, though if it wasn't for her aloof personality, she could be very well-liked.

"I only talk through my blade..." she'd been saying for a long time, admitting to her violent instincts that always ached for adventures and fights back in her world, dealing mostly with fearful monsters, taking all the glory to keep for herself.

However, things were utterly different now.

There was no place to be hunting for fiends or dead guardian forces, no dark powers could be sensed haunting her steps, so she kept on walking in her high heeled boots, (adding to her 5'7 about 2 inches, totaling in an impressive 5'9,) until she found a small alley that led to a dead end, blocked by a wooden fence even she couldn't climb over. Thinking this to be a good a spot as any, she curled up to rest for a couple of hours.

The rain ceased to water the roads, the buildings, and the streets of Domino City soon after. Silence fell upon the empty roads, small drops falling to the ground now and then... It was no sooner than the rain had stopped that footsteps could be heard from a distance, shoes hitting the concrete sidewalk and making a heavy sound.

She was alert instantly, stimulating her senses in a rapid pace, prepared as she was to encounter a possible threat. Quick reflexes and high andrenaline was nothing less than her second nature. She quickly hid behind a trash can, hand placed at her back, ready to draw the gunblade at any minute, if necessary, in order to catch the stranger by surprise.

She kept lurking in the dark, patiently waiting for his imminent arrival into her line of sight. And there he went, a youthful man with long white hair, wearing a mysteriously glinting ring around his delicate neck. It was swinging gracefully, reflecting the pale moonlight, an enchanting pure gold glow... Most definitely, millions of gold-diggers would put their lives in peril only to touch this obviously alluring item of his. Wasn't he afraid to be walking with this thing put in display that time of night without getting detected by thieves and vagabonds? Unless he was that kind of criminal, too...

He stood still, in the faint light of the alley, standing impressively like a Greek god, his tall figure followed by an even taller shadow, his brown eyes flickering upon the tentative shades, motionless, as if waiting for someone to come, too. He looked around, observing the area, as if sensing he's not all alone. Out of the blue, he formed a sinister smile, a voice so loud and harsh that could freeze your very blood to the bone by his command.

"Show yourself, Gillian Thunderstone, you've been called."

Called? By who? And why?

She nearly gasped in surprise, shocked by the sudden calling of her name, a challenge so formidable and tempting she couldn't refuse. Neither had she ever turned down any challenge like a silly chicken, let alone when this strange opponent knew her name, for some reason yet to be explained.

Gillian returned to her normal body position, took a step out of the trash can and walked before him, smiling arrogantly at the sight of that weird looking man until she burst out in derisive laughter, and it was obvious that she was pretty annoying to him.

"What are you laughing at, you foolish girl?" he hissed.

She went closer to him, not smiling anymore, glaring at him, ready to insult him in her disrespectful manner. Quick reflexes, we mentioned before.

"What happened to your hair? Pitiful, isn't it, to be like this at such a young age?" she said in a quarelsome way, being an exceptional person when it came into pissing off people. Definitely, she was most likely to say more, hadn't it been for her eagerness to solve the mystery of the place she had found herself, unexpectedly, undoubtedly the work of a magic power...

The man clenched his teeth, profoundly angry by her lame comments on his appearance, sick to death by such a terrible behavior, something that did not affect her at all, as she was running out of patience while waiting to get a reply from his mouth.

"Seems you're ignorant to whom you're dealing with, Gillian. I could have sent you to the shadow realm, but you've got some potential worthy of my interest."

She didn't lose her temper, just laughed in a conceited way that might cause your spine to shiver in fear. She had met an interesting person to make fun of, if not rob him, Convenient it was, pretty much.

"Yes, I've got full potential to be given, only when I myself desire to do so."

The man looked quite amused by her boastful self-estimation, thus he longed to hear more.

"What kind of deal do I happen to have with you? Look, guy, it's simple. You know my name and I know nothing about your pathetic being, so speak of yourself at last. Don't bother offending me, I'm thick-skinned enough."

The man was impressed by her attitude, pleased to have encountered a person as wicked as him, especially when it happened to be a female so close to his thoughts, so capable of serving his evil schemes. Had he met his match, at last? No, he wouldn't think so. Because Gillian was a plain mortal being whereas he was a tremendous spirit, gifted with an even greater force that no one would like to meet. And if so, no one would live to tell the tale...

"Very well. To start with, we have something in common: you are a guardian force hunter, isn't it the name the spirits are called in your world? I am a soul hunter, possessing the body of a boy named Bakura, feel free to call me like this."

Too much knowledge he possessed about her world for being a stranger to her. Not that she was capable of remembering all the faces walking a whole planet, that was beyond human perception and ability. If only her guardian force was there, she'd be informed in less time than an earthquake strikes and shakes the ground beneath your very feet. Abashed she felt for herself, for the thought that she relied too much on them, maybe. Of course, this would never be revealed to that man, exposed as she was to his sight, till she eventually found out what he really wanted from her, and why all this fuss, if indeed he was the one who summoned her.

She raised an eyebrow suspiciously, focusing on his body language, struggling to determine the difference between the truth and the lies coming out from his mouth, as she kept on listening to what he had to say.

"Now, let's get straight to the point. You are to assassinate a well known man, as despicable as you are, then, you'll be able to return safely to your world. No questions asked, no accusations made since no one will ever find you."

Having heard his intriguing, if a bit insane proposal, a common thought crossed her head immediately: if he possessed such a tremendous magical power, why wasn't he able to do it himself? He had even managed to drag a stranger like her to his unknown world, and trap her like a fly caught in a spiders web, let alone using this power to cause harm or serious damage.

Unreasonable, outrageous, and sickening were his words, single drops of poison contaminating the air, and everything that would stand next to him...

Maybe he wasn't skillful enough like he claimed to be, or wasn't actually the person he had stated. Why did she have to trust those flickering eyes, those brown oceans of infinite lies and scorn?

Besides that, who would ensure her of going back to her own world? Not him. Surely not.

She stayed thoughtful, conquered by anxiety, even a slight trace of an ominous feeling won over her irrevocable presence of mind, because the occasion was much unlike any other she had ever coped with already...

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