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Touma was anxious. Right now it had just turned noon, and not one bad thing had happened to him. Nothing. Not for the last week had a single bit of bad luck caused him to so much as stumble. For the unnaturally unlucky Kamijo Touma, this should be something to celebrate, but instead he couldn't help but be wary. He just had a feeling that something was around the corner, waiting for him.

However, as the day wore on it began to seem less and less likely. His classes proceeded like a normal class should. His breaks were uneventful. Hell, he even felt confident about his test after they had finished. The questions they had asked seemed quite easy.

In short, it was another good day. Now he was really nervous.

"Yo, Kami-yan, what's with that face?" asked Tsuchimikado.

He was a tall guy with bleach blond hair and he was one of Touma's school friends. He was also a double-triple-quadruple agent for the magic or science side. Who really knew?

Touma's other friend was right behind him. Aoigami Pierce, another tall guy with blue hair and piercings. All three were Level 0's and were known as the three biggest idiots in the class.

However, there was a very good reason for this. Tsuchimikado had a Level 0 ability known as Auto-Regeneration which couldn't be detected, while Touma had the Imagine Breaker, a right hand that could destroy any supernatural ability, be it Magic or an ESPers ability.

There was no such reason for Aoigami though; who as far as Touma was aware was just a simple Level 0. Then again, with the way Touma's life had been going recently, he wouldn't be surprised to find out he was wrong and that his friend was actually the Sixth Rank Level 5 in hiding after he accidentally hit on the Fifth strongest Level 5, the Queen, and all her female admirers were after him.

Touma blinked at the thought. 'Nah, couldn't be,' he thought. 'Probably,' he finished in his head after another quick glance at his friend.

"Ah, I'm just a bit nervous. I know a bit of bad luck is coming this way!"

"Oh, with your kind of luck you'll be running into another girl, isn't that right Kami-yan!"

"Ah, what do you have left to collect? You already have an Ojou-sama type, a loli type, an onee-san type, the shy type, the tsundere type. Ah, I know, the yandere type is next, right."

"Oi, oi, oi, Oi! What kind of scum do you take me for! Don't make up girls on your own like that! Ah, I'd be lucky to have the Onee-san type, but this Kamijou Touma isn't that fortunate."

"You bastard," Aogami growled. "Don't mock us."

"Now now, don't fight," the child like voice of Komoe-sensei broke the one sided tension.

Instantly Aogami was back to his energetic and smiling self, practically swooning in the small teachers' presence as he and the rest of the class went to their seats.

"Before we begin, I'd like to ask Kamijo-chan to stay behind after class," she announced with a smile before beginning the lesson, to which Touma just groaned.

The lesson dragged on before they were finally dismissed for the day, Touma hanging back to wait for the rest of the class to disappear.

"Ah, Kamijo-chan, can you do me a favour and take these notes to Yomikowa-sensei's home."

"Huh," Touma began before she cut him off.

"After all, when it comes to these kinds of things, Kamijo-chan is trustworthy, right? Besides, after all the trouble you've caused, like blowing up my roof, this is the least you can do to make up for it, right?" she said in a cute and carefree manner.

"Hai," he sighed in response. In truth, he didn't know what she meant when she mentioned him blowing up her roof, but that was to be expected really. Kamijo Touma had had his memory erased late in the month of July, something that nobody knew but his Doctor. He had long ago decided to keep it a secret from everyone he knew for the simple reason that he didn't want to see them sad.

Passing him the documents, she also handed him an address and written directions, most likely his destination.

"Ah, I shouldn't really be telling you this, but those are documents about a new student that is going to be staying with Yomikawa-sensei, so don't peek. I want it to be a surprise for everyone. He's quite famous actually, and we to ensure him as much privacy as possible. In fact, if you could be the one to look after him, it would be greatly appreciated."

"Understood," he sighed, agreeing without thought.

Leaving the school, he began to follow the directions that were prepared for him, idly thinking about what he would be making to feed the bottomless pit known as Index, a holder of 103,000 magical texts.

"Stop, you're under arrest!" a female voice suddenly shouted.

Stopping in his tracks, Touma took a quick look around himself. Finding no one, he was about to continue on his way when he heard the voice again, except this time it was a pained scream.

Frantically searching around, he finally identified where the sound was coming from.

An alley way not twenty feet from where he stood.

Rushing forward, Touma ran into the alley and turned the first corner to found a group of gang members assaulting a girl around Touma's age.

From the fact that one man was on the ground and in cuffs, while another 3 seemed to be on the ground unconscious, and a further 2 were nursing broken wrists, it seems she was doing quite well before five of them rushed her and pinned her, a sixth with a hand out and trained at her.

Touma didn't even think as he leapt forward and punched one of the men in the back of the head, knocking him out.

Momentarily stunned, the rest of the group holding the girl down loosened their grip.

Instantly taking advantage of this, the girl slipped from their grasp and managed to land a kick to the face of one of them, knocking him out.

Seeing the girl stand, the man who had kept his arm trained on her concentrated and instantly a greenish blur shot out.

Then suddenly, Touma was between the two, the Imagine Breaker held out. As soon as the energy hit it, it disappeared. Shocked at his failed attack, he was left wide open to Touma's follow up punch which sent him into a wall and knocked him out cold.

What had started out as 12 gang members against one girl had quickly become 5 men, two with broken wrists, against two teenagers, a boy and a girl.

They were willing to go on and try to finish the Judgement bitch and the interloper when they heard the sound of foot steps.

Before they could even think about turning to run, the Anti-Skill had already arrived and surrounded them. Quickly the five tried to escape, but they were overwhelmed and arrested.

Of their gang, they were all Level 1's or 0's, the only Level 2 having been knocked out by Touma, so it was understandable that the trained Anti-Skill easily won.

Touma sat on a near by bench where the girl, who he now noticed was a member of Judgement told him to wait. Apparently they wanted his testimony about what he saw, both her and the Anti-Skill.

Taking a moment, he observed the girl. She had shoulder length dark hair, glasses, and, Touma felt himself blush as he noticed her impressive assets.

He sighed in frustration as he averted his gaze from the girl and onto the crumpled forms in his hands.

"Such misfortune," he muttered to himself. He could already tell he was going to get a lot of flak from both Komoe-sensei and that jersey wearing teacher for this.

Eventually one of the Anti-Skill came wondering over, the teacher he was looking for to his surprise. She was a tall beauty, though it was difficult to tell when she was wearing the bulky uniform. She had approached seriously until she saw his face.

"You again? What have you got caught up in this time?"

"Ah, nothing. I just came to help when I heard a scream."

"Fine," she sighed. "Well, I already know how you are. I'll get your testimony later. Go home." She told him.

"Um, sensei wanted me to deliver these to you," he told her, holding up the ball of paper.

Sighing, she shook her head and shooed him away by merely pointing her finger in no particular direction.

Touma fled before any more misfortune could befall him, unknowing of the conversation beginning just as he turned out of sight.

"Geez, that boy," Yomikawa found herself sighing again, "getting into this sort of trouble again."

"Um, excuse me." The Judgement girl interrupted, "but who was that boy, and what do you mean 'again'?"

Yomikawa turned toward her. "Oh, its you; what was your name, Konori I believe?"

"That's right, Konori Mii of Judgement Branch 177. What did you mean 'again'?"

"That boy is always getting into all sorts of trouble. I can't count the number of times me, his teacher or another member of the Anti-Skills have had to deal with him."

"Oh, so he's a bit of a problem child then?"

"Ha, we wish. His problem is he always has to help everybody, even if he gets hurt doing it."

"Sound like the kind of guy that should join Judgement," she thought aloud.

"I suppose."

"Still, I'd like to thank him for helping me."

'You and half the female population of Academy City,' Yomikawa kept that thought to herself. "Look, I can't give personal information out for such a frivolous reason. However, if you come and discuss this with me tomorrow at my school, I'm sure we could come to an arrangement."

At that, the blue clad teacher/Anti-Skill took her leave and headed home. The only reason she was here in the first place was because the incidence was so close to her home, and it was on the way.

Soon she had arrived at her rather large apartment home, where right now were her two new wards, a young girl with the physical age of 10 named Last Order with short brown hair and brown eyes and a boy known only as Accelerator, the strongest Level 5 of Academy City. He had white hair and red eyes, a condition that would make any one who looked at him think he was an albino.

She returned to find Pandemonium. Well, one little girl that seemed to have enough energy to completely wreck the apartment, with a single white haired boy laying on the couch doing his best to ignore it all as he zoned out on the couch.

Her home was a total mess. In the kitchen it looked like someone had randomly started throwing flour everywhere, and then having decided that that wasn't good enough, added rice to the mix. The milk was spilled in the fridge and had begun to seep out the door at the bottom. In short, it was a total mess.

Every room she checked in had a similar level of mess, whether it was the kitchen, bathroom or even her own room, clothes and make-up throw everywhere. The only room untouched appeared to be the living room where Accelerator was.

This had been happening a lot recently, Last Order going out of control while Accelerator, who was supposed to be watching over her did nothing to stop her, not unless she directly got on his nerves. Plus, the boy himself just seemed to be lazing the day away, all day everyday for the past week.

Enough was enough she had decided, and this was the final straw. That was why she had had to step in. He wouldn't like it, though Last Order probably would. None the less, she would force him to accept.

First thing first though. "What is going on in here!" she roared, startling Last Order to a halt. Accelerator didn't react.

Shocked, the light brown haired girl turned her attention to Yomikawa and immediately began to babble excuses. "It's not my fault, Misaka adamantly declares as Misaka scrambles to explain. Due to some unforeseeable circumstances, that guy had to fight off ten high class ESPers which created this mess, lies Misaka as Misaka's face falls as she realizes what she just said. I didn't mean to Misaka rallies using Misaka's favourite spoiled child technique."

"Last Order," she shouted, interrupting the little girl. "Go to your room for now. I'll deal with you later."

"Hai Misaka responds quietly as she goes to her room to sulk."

Once the little girl was gone, Yomikawa turned to Accelerator. "Why didn't you stop her?" she asked in a steely voice.

"Wasn't bothering me," he said easily. Weeks alone with Last Order had desensitized him to her antics unless he was the focus of them, which he often was. Luckily it wasn't the case this time.

Yomikawa frowned. "We need to talk," she told him. "It's not healthy for a boy your age to mope about the house like this," she explained. 'Normal though,' she kept that thought to herself. "That's why I've enrolled you in the high school I teach at."

"What! Why should I, Accelerator, Academy City's strongest, have to go to some third rate school filled with Level 1's and 0's!?" he raged, finally getting off from the couch and standing up on unsteady feet in an attempt to look her in the eye.

"Too late," she said simply. "What's done is done and it as already been arranged."

"What about that shitty little brat! You can't expect her to stay on her own, do you?" he asked in defence. He meant it to come out as a simple reason not to go, but it sounded like he was actually worried about her, something he would never admit out loud. Last Order, as the administrator of the Misaka Network, a network of just under 10,000 clones of the Railgun Misaka Mikoto, the third strongest Level 5, though the clones only generally achieved level 2 or 3, was in constant danger and needed to be protected at all times.

"She'll be coming with us and staying nearby you at all times. The teachers have already discussed it and decided that it should be fine. Frankly, this will be good for the both of you. You'll be able to interact normally with people your own age, and she'll finally have an outlet for all her energy."

"I refuse."

"Sorry, you can't refuse. You're going even if I have to drag you there myself."

"Tch, fine" Accelerator reluctantly agreed. Besides, if it's that school with that person, spending time around them might allow him to figure it. It hadn't been particularly bugging him, but Accelerator had leaving mysteries unsolved.

"Good. Your uniform is being delivered later on tonight and you start tomorrow. I'll be in charge of breakfast and waking you up. A student has already been assigned to show you around tomorrow."

'A shitty guy who lives in the light no doubt', he thought, the idea bringing a bad taste to his mouth.

Some of his thoughts must have unconsciously shown on his face though, as Yomikawa then said, "You'll be glad to know this guy is a bit of a delinquent. Komoe-sensei says you two even know each other."

"Like hell that will make me feel any better. Shit heads all of them," he scowled.

"We'll see." She replied to his coarse statement easily. "Now, I'll go tell Last Order and get you both to start cleaning up this house."

"Why should I -" he began, before she cut him off and in a clear and firm voice told him, "You should have stopped her."

Grumbling, Accelerator reluctantly began, wishing he had his power back. It would make it so much simpler to clean if he did, and he wouldn't have to listen to that brat's voice as she cheered either.

"Touma! Hey, Touma, I'm hungry. Where were you?" These were the first words out of Index's mouth when he arrived home. This nun who held 103,000 glimories, magic texts, in her head was living with him for some reason. She's been living here for just over two months, incidentally the amount of time his memory spans for. He knew there was a connection, but wasn't stupid enough to ask and risk her figuring it out.

"Alright already, just give me a minute and I'll start dinner."

She backed of immediately, the idea of food enough to quiet her down for at least a little while. Eventually though, she began to inquire about why he was so late.

"You weren't hanging around with short hair again, have you?" she asked.

"Huh, who? And anyway, you're wrong. I had to go and run an errand for Komoe-sensei, that's all. Ah, and I might be back late tomorrow. Apparently there's a new transfer student they want me to show around."

"Touma," Index began in a deadly serious tone of voice, her expression blank as dinner was being served. "Is this another girl that you're collecting?"

"Collecting? What are you talking about?"

"EEEEHH," she screeched. "Just answer the question, is it a boy or a girl?"

"I don't know, sensei never said." He hurriedly replied.

After that, conversation came to a halt as they eat the meal. Index was just finishing up her portion and Touma was about to prepare a second portion by reflex when she spoke to words that caused his heart to freeze in his chest.

"I'm full," she groaned, laying back and patting her stomach contently.

Without a word Touma stood up and left his apartment. Calmly he knocked on his next door neighbours door. After a few seconds, Tsuchimikado opened the door.

"Oh, Kami-yan, what brings you over at this time in the day?"

Woodenly Touma asked, "Have any magicians invaded the city?"

Instantly Tsuchimikado dropped his smiling demeanour and switched it for a more serious one. "Not that I know of. Why, have you heard of anything?"

"No, nothing. Any strange activity in Academy City?"

"Kami-yan, think about what you just said. If there's anything I feel you need to know about, I'll tell you. Seeing as you're my friend, I'll even tell you for free. Well, the first time that is. Why do you ask anyway?"

"No reason." With that, Touma made his way back into his apartment. Ignoring Index's inquisitive stare, he finished his meal, did the dishes and finished his homework.

That night, as he lay in the bathtub and tried to get to sleep, he found he couldn't relax, too busy contamplating what new level of hell was approaching him.

This was how one of the best days of Touma's remembered life came to an end, leaving him restless and thoughtful of what was to come.

"Huh, we need new members?" This was said by Shirai Kuroko, Level 4 Teleporter of Tokidawa Middle schooler, first year and member of Judgement.

"Yes," her sempai answered her. It was Konori Mii, the Judgement member Touma had helped earlier on.

Right now they were sat in their branch office, discussing a letter they had received at the beginning of the day. There were three girls in all, Konori Mii, Shirai Kuroko, a pigtailed girl who was just below average in height for her age, and finally Uiharu Kazari, are girl with short dark hair with a hair-band covered in flowers. The same age as Kuroko, she was a mere Level 1 in a regular middle school.

"But, but" she began, "aren't three members enough?"

"The problem isn't the numbers." Mii answered her. "The problem is that we are all girls."

"I don't see your point," Kuroko coolly replied.

"There are some places that boys can go that girls can't and vice-versa. That is why at least one member must be the opposite gender than the others. It was just one of those regulations that are generally ignored, but seeing as we've been called on it, we need to recruit at least one male member, preferably two."

"Then why don't we get in contact with the training company and see who they can recommend."

Mii shook her head in reply. "I already have, and all the male recruits have already been assigned to different branches. There are more female Judgement members than male after all, and so they are highly sought after by the few who do follow this rule. And if this letter has been sent to the other Branches that ignored the rule…" she trailed off, letting the two middle school girls connect the dots themselves. "We could always request a male member from another division, but I'm hesitant to do so."

Kuroko nodded in agreement and understanding.

"Umm, why is that?" Uiharu asked, slightly lost.

"You may not have noticed because you are relatively new, but the different divisions usually form rather tight groups, plus they quickly get stained that branches colours."


"A figure of speech. Each branch has slightly different ways of approaching things, which members quickly pick up on. The differences may not be noticeable on the surface, but if you have to work with that person, it could grate and cause problems. For example, this branch takes a more hands-on approach, something that a member of another branch may find excessive and even dangerous. Plus, when you consider that we would effectively be taking that person away from their group forcibly, he may lash out at us."

"So what are we going to do?" Uiharu worriedly asked.

"Recruit guys ourselves. I've already spoken to the administration and they have agreed to let us just recruit someone without them having to go through training as long as they agree that that person is suitable."

"And you think this man you met today is suitable?"

"Well, I'll just have to find out tomorrow, won't I?" she smiled.

Quick note about the time line.

It starts a bit after volume 12 and so may contain spoilers. However, that is where it diverges. The part with the Hound Dogs and Vent never happened, but the rest did.