Aogami watched.

He was very good at that; simply keeping an eye out on just about everything.

Usually it was the girls he focused on, but now it was something else entirely. He had a mission, both for himself and the Delta Force.

This was something he had to do, no matter how dangerous. He'd done the same to every single person in his class, man or woman, and this new comer, this albino, would not defeat him.

So he watched, unnoticed.

And then, his moment arrived.

It came much sooner than the energetic boy had imagined, but he knew it would come.

"Ah, I see now," Aogami began.

"What the hell do you see?" Accelerator asked back, snapping his eyes away.

"You're an ass man!" Aogami proudly declared. "I saw you starring at the girl, and know where your eyes were focused."

"Wha? Shut up!" a blushing Accelerator shouted, throwing a punch at Pierce.

"It's nothing to be embarrassed about. I know how you feel," Aogami grinned, smacking away the albino's hand. "Just looking can make your heart pound. Admiring fantastic asses is a perfectly reasonable fetish."

"I'll fucking kill you!" Accelerator once again went for Aogami, this time trying to choke the poor boy to death.

"I know a perfect place where the uniform may as well be tailored to fit your interests," the blue haired boy continued to grin, giving the albino the thumbs up even as Accelerator lunged.

The white haired boy continued to try and kill Aogami, while the blue haired boy just continued to dodge, before eventually both disappeared out of sight.

"You know, I still haven't heard him deny it," Tsuchimikado commented.

"Misaka has noticed that Misaka agrees as Misaka nods her head. Misaka also recalls him commenting on Sister's rears many times Misaka says as Misaka searches her memories."

"Hey, do you think my bum looks big in this?"

"No, I think it looks lovely."

"She wasn't asking you!"

"Why does she suddenly care in the first place?"

"Yeah, its obvious Accel-chan will like mine better anyway"

"Screw you. You can have Kamijou-chan."

"You say that, and yet you're blushing at the thought of him!"

"Why is it always Kami-yan!"

"Hey, where is Kami-yan, anyway?"

"This is Judegement-Desu!"

"Oh, cool, Judgement is here now. Hey, would you like to join us?" one of the boys called to Kuroko, unmindful of who was next to her.

"Wha?" Kuroko stammered.

The entire class wasn't the least bit phased at her arrival, and simply continued to happily chatter.


This noise suddenly silenced the entire room.

"Sensei is really upset," Komoe cried, tears streaming down her face.

Beside her, Kuroko winced, trying hard not to break down and give the girl, apparently a teacher, a hug.

"I-I didn't realize that I was so boring that you would skip the entire day," Komoe tried and failed to hold back her tears. "Sensei will try harder to be a better teacher. I'm sorry-"

"No, no, you got it all wrong," the entire class yelled, surging forward to try and comfort their teacher.

"We, we, er, we were just celebrating having new classmates."

"Then why didn't you wait for sensei? I would have joined you."

"We got caught up in the pace. We didn't even realize that we'd be spiking school."

Kuroko blinked. "You didn't realize? You do understand that it isn't even lunch time yet, don't you? However did you simply forget that it was the beginning of the day?"

"I got caught up in that blue haired bastards pace," Fukiyose muttered. "Maybe I need more DHA in my diet to keep my brain active."

"So, whose fault is this?" the male Judgement member finally asked.

"Kami-yan's, probably."

Fukiyose nodded her agreement, never mind the fact that going out to eat was her own idea and it was Aogami who had suggested doing it now. Kamijou was to blame.

"I see. And where is this 'Kami-yan'?" Kuroko asked, her face crunched up in distaste at the nickname.

"Do you know, I'm not sure-nya," Tsuchimikado answered. "When's the last time anyone saw Kami-yan?" he shouted to the class that was scattered around the restaurant.

"When he went to the bathroom before we ate. Actually, that was almost an hour ago now."

"Did that waitress follow him in?"

"I don't think so, but I'm not sure."

"It wouldn't surprise me if she did."

"That stuff doesn't matter," the Judgement member in charge snapped. "Where is he?"

"Well, knowing Kami-yan, he could be anywhere by now-nya."

"Ooh, maybe he got cornered in the bathroom by some thugs, and had to crawl out the window to escape-"

"- and then had to run through the back alleys-"

"- and then he came across a tall foreign girl-"

"-and saved her from another set of thugs-"

"-as thanks, she offered him a home cooked meal, but even more guys came and chased him off-"

"-but of course, if its Kami-yan, he managed to put the foreign girl somewhere safe so no one could bother her-"

"-and right now he's running for his life as five-"

"-eight men chase him."

"As if anyone could be that unlucky or self-sacrificing." Kuroko scoffed.

"Nothing is impossible for Kami-yan!" the entire class responded jovially.

Running along a long, empty street, Kamijou Touma bemoaned his fate. He just had to save that foreigner, didn't he?

In this city of students, traffic during the day was rare, but even so, Kamijou Touma still had expectations that someone would be around. Alas, there was not a single soul. More bad luck, maybe? He was still in District 7, and he even vaguely remembered the area, so it wasn't all bad.

As Touma ran full out along the road, he quickly had to jump over a black cat as it shot out from an alleyway.

Noticing this, the five delinquents behind him guffawed at him. Gritting his teeth, Touma continued to run.

However, that was when another 3 giant men appeared before him, causing Touma to stop in his tracks.

The biggest grinned down at him. "What do we have here?" he sneered.

Glancing behind him, Touma noticed those five had come to a stop as well, their expressions equally snide.

"Good job, boys," the biggest told them.

"Thank you, boss!" the other seven barked out in unison.

Touma gulped, before glancing to his left.

There was a vaguely familiar door right there, but it looked like it led into a posh area, causing Touma to hesitate. However, when the boss took a step forward with a large grin on his face, the spiky haired boy bolted.

The door opened with little trouble, and Touma ignored the shouting of the eight delinquents outside as he managed to slam the door and lock it.

"Oh… and who are you?" a cold female voiced asked, sending a chill down Touma's spine.

When he turned around, he found a tall woman with long dark hair tied behind her back, and a sharp expression on her face. However, her most prominent feature was her eyes, or more particularly her glasses. They were triangular and flashed menacingly in the light.

"Ah, sorry, but I was attacked by these thugs, and I ran in here to hide. I'm sorry," Kamijou bowed as he apologised once again.

The sound of the door being slammed into suddenly made Touma jump slightly, and he turned around to regard the door, backing away from it half a step in case it suddenly exploded inwards.

All of a sudden, a harsh voice stated clearly, "I'll verify your story, but for now…" After that, there was the brief feeling of hands grabbing Kamijou around his head and neck, and then a sharp pain turned Touma's world dark.

Throwing the limp body of a high school boy aside, the one of the two Dorm Supervisors of Tokiwadai threw open the doors.

"I hope you have a good reason for being here?" she asked coldly, glaring down at the men.

"Yeah," the leader arrogantly answered. "Give us the boy, and we won't hurt you."

"And why do you want him?" the woman's glasses flashed, causing the men behind the leader to take a step back in fear.

Unmindful of his subordinates' feelings, the large man answered with a sneer. "He interfered with my boys' fun. You could be a replacement though," he leered.

"Understood," the Supervisor nodded her head.

With a single step forward, the woman unofficially known as the strongest Level 0 strode into battle and brutally slaughtered of all the men before her.

Throwing the last one onto the ground, the woman turned to look at the teenage boy lying in the entrance hall.

"It seems that he was telling the truth," she affirmed to herself, stepping back into the building and leaving the trash where they lay. Anti-Skill would come pick them up soon.

When Accelerator finally caught the blue haired moron, the white haired boy immediately swung his cane, landing a direct hit onto Aogami's ribs.

That had led to a retaliatory punch to the albino's stomach.

"You bastard!" Accelerator shouted, lunging at Aogami, who grabbed the Level 5's arms before they could reach him.

"Don't worry Accel-chan! Having an ass fetish is perfectly fine. In fact, I know a girl who I think yo-"

"Not another word!" Accelerator silenced the insect as he redoubled his effort to kill Aogami. Although Aogami was physically much stronger than the crippled Accelerator, anger lent the albino strength.

When they finally broke apart from their scuffle a few minutes later, Accelerator was scowling, while Aogami couldn't help but laugh despite his slightly swollen cheek.

"What are you laughing at, shit-stain!" Accelerator spat.

"I was just thinking that you fit in well with our class. You and Last Order-chan are going to love it!" the man with a hundred fetishes gave a sincere smile.

Accelerator's eyes widened, before he schooled his expression into his usual grimace. "Whatever," he shrugged.

"Let's go back to all the lovely waitresses then!" Aogami cheered, causing Accelerator to glare, even as they made their way back in a comfortable silence.

However, when they finally managed to return to the restaurant, it was to find Komoe-sensei yelling at the entire class, the familiar figure of Shirai beside her, showing the class a bewildered expression. Unknown to Accelerator, the third intruder had already gone outside to inform the waiting Judgement and Anti-Skill of the classes surrender.

"Aaah, I want to be scolded by sensei too," Aogami gushed, a happy blush on both cheeks as he stepped forward.

"There's something wrong with you, you shitty bastard!" Accelerator hissed, pulling the blue haired pervert back and out of sight.

If the blue haired boy was spotted now, it would draw attention to this place, and like Hell he was going to be punished for skipping class. Yomikawa would bore him with a lecture that would go on for way too long. It would be much better to stay out of sight. Now he just needed a way to get Last Order out without either of them being spotted and he would be set.

"Sorry Sensei," the class chorused dejectedly.

"I'm afraid I'm going to have to give you all detention, at least until we've caught up to what we've missed," Komoe told them, slightly cheered now that her class had seen the error of its ways.

"Yes sensei," they once again replied in unison.

"Now, back to school everyone!" Komoe-sensei happily clapped her hands as a signal for everyone to set off.

"Wait!" Kuroko shouted, halting the class's movement before it really had a chance to get going. "Surely their punishment will be more than just a detention?" the girl asked incredulously. "Besides that, Judgement must take their names and statements so this can be put on their record."

"Eh? Surly we don't need to go that far. It was just a mistake after all," Komoe replied, her eyes wide with surprise.

"A whole class walking out is more than just a mistake. And what about this 'Kami-yan'?" Kuroko asked.

"Well, I'll have to spend some extra time with that naughty boy," Komoe-sensei let out in a happy voice, her hands on her cheeks to cover her blush.

'Ga! This despicable man has even seduced the teacher!' Kuroko thought to herself in shock, trying and failing to hide her disbelief.

"Damn that gorgeous, flat chested, twin tailed Ojou, she's trying to get our class in even more trouble," Aogami stated angrily, wiping a bit of drool from his chin.

"Shh," Accelerator quickly hushed his companion as he turned to the entrance just as the door opened.

"Geez, it's because you're like that that this class is such a mess," another voice entered.

This woman was wearing the uniform of the Anti-Skill over a green jumpsuit, her eyes scanning over the teens with a glare, searching for two people in particular. When she found neither, Yomikawa scowled.

"Ah, don't say that!" Komoe was quick to jump to her students defence. "They're good kids."

"Alright you fucking pervert, I've got a plan. Listen up!" Accelerator quickly outlined his idea while Yomikawa continued her search for her two personal charges.

With a nod, Aogami began to sneak away to the back of the room, while a grumbling Accelerator yanked his Judgement armband from his pocket and pinned it to his sleeve. Then, as quietly as possible, the crippled Esper snuck to the front entrance.

With the way Yomikawa, Kuroko and Komoe were all focusing on the students, it was a simple task to get behind them. Of course, the students noticed his movements, but kept silent and avoided looking directly at him.

For a moment, Accelerator speculated what type of things this class regularly did that not a single one reacted in such a way that would give away his actions, but quickly shook that thought off as something not worth thinking about.

On the other hand, Aogami swiftly made his way to where Himegami and Last Order were sat, or in the latter's case, crouched down and hiding from her guardian. "Misaka doesn't want to be punished Misaka frantically mutters as Misaka hides herself well."

It was by pure luck that this table was actually quite near the back, and therefore hard to spot from Yomikawa's position. Staying low and out of sight, Aogami silently gestured for the two to follow him.

At first, Last Order was hesitant. This was one of the weird people she had been warned about. Turning to Himegami for guidance, the older girl nodded, reassuring the clone.

With that, they were both off.
Pulling out a pad of paper and a pen, Kuroko turned to the nearest girl; a large breasted girl with fashionable glasses and long dark hair, the middle school girl noted to herself. These types were often quite shy and timid, and so were often the best people to ask first.
"Name?" Kuroko asked.

"You are such a pompous bitch," the girl told her, causing Kuroko's jaw to drop. She was so surprised she didn't even notice her pad of paper catching fire until it was already burning her fingers.

She dropped it with a shout, and then glowered at the girl while she sucked her singed digits.

"I'll be right back after I get some more paper," Kuroko told the two teachers without even looking away from the pyro-kinesis, and then teleported away. Said Level 2 smirked, before catching the scolding eyes of Komoe-sensei.

"Alright then!" Yomikawa finally grew tired of searching moments after Kuroko had left. "Where is Accelerator! Or Last Order!"

"I'm right here," Accelerator announced himself, taking a step forward to make it appear he'd just come in through the door.

"What were you thinking, skipping school with your classmates! You should know better. And where is Last Order? You have an example to set for her now," Yomikawa raved.

"Geez, I'm late to school and then get some bull shit call about a boycott, and now I've gotta listen to this. I'm only here in an official Judgement capacity," he lied, brandishing his arm band. "Who knew it would be my own class?" he scowled.

"Then where is Last Order?" Yomikawa asked.

"Should be outside with the other Judgement members," he told her.

Narrowing her eyes at him, she quickly swept past him in order to verify his claim.

As soon as she was out of sight, Aogami appeared, Last Order in tow.

Spotting him, Accelerator glared. "What are you doing, you idiot. You were supposed to take her outside!" he hissed, gesturing with his free hand.

"Quick guys, let's make a break for it while they are all distracted!" Aogami suggested.

"Good idea!" Tsuchimikado immediately agreed.

"Don't you dare, you idiots!" Fukiyose put a stop to that. "Yomikawa-sensei already knows it's us. It would be pointless to run."

"But we don't want to have it marked permanently. If we go now, that harsh Judgement member won't be able to add us to the system. I'm fine with a few detentions, but not anymore than that," another classmate, a girl, added her opinion.

"Sensei is still here!" a pouting Komoe shouted out, getting her students attention.

"Then what do you think, sensei?" Fukiyose asked.

Komoe's small features scrunched up in thought. "You all deserve to be punished," she finally nodded, "but Judgement-san was going too harsh. Sensei will cover for you, but prepare to be punished when we get back to school," the diminutive teacher told them, wagging her finger at them. "Especially you Isana-chan!" she directed at the pyrokenetic girl.

With that, Accelerators classmates once again began an exodus, leaving a stunned Accelerator to do nothing but exclaim, "What idiots!"

The strongest had the distinct impression that he would be saying that a lot in this class.

However, before the class had a chance to leave, a tall Judgement member entered; it was the same boy as before, returned to keep an eye out on the students. He strode past Accelerator without a second glance, most likely thinking that he was another arrived Judgement member.

He quickly noticed the students trying to make their escape, and shouted out, "What going on in here!"

"My students are returning to the classroom where I will decide their punishment. There is no need for Judgement or Anti-Skill to arrest them," Komoe-sensei declared.

"I understand, but proper procedure-"

The boy was interrupted by an ominous clicking sound behind him, the sound of a switch being flipped. The Judgement leader didn't even have time to flinch as a hand landed on his head and a voice told him, "You're getting in the way."

With that, the boy collapsed into unconsciousness, otherwise unharmed. He'd wake up in five minutes, probably asking himself why he couldn't sleep that well every night.

"Let's just go," Accelerator sighed as he too stepped forward, Komoe fretting beside him.

Screw whatever punishment or speech Yomikawa prepared. The Level 5 just wanted to get out of there. It had nothing to do with the half smiles and thumbs up his classmates were giving him as he joined them on his way out, Last Order naturally drifting to him to walk by his side.

When Touma woke up an undeterminable time later, he was seated in a slightly uncomfortable chair. With a groan, he shifted forward slightly, trying to get comfortable.

"Ah, good. You're awake," a vaguely familiar voice pointed out.

Eyes snapping open quickly in shock, Kamijou jumped up, but quickly stumbled, causing him to fall back onto the chair.

"Don't be foolish, boy," the Dorm Mother told him coldly. "Sit, at least until you've got your bearings."

Touma nodded as he sat back down, looking at the woman in front of him. "What happened to those guys that were chasing me?" he asked. "The last thing I remember is them trying to break the door down."

"They've been taken care of," the Dorm Mother told him, but refused to elaborate further.

"Ah, well, if that's the case, I'll be going now," Touma began to stand.

"Sit," the voice of the Dorm Mother instantly had Touma plant his backside back in the chair. "I have some forms to fill in, and I'll need your name," she told him, grabbing some forms from her desk drawer.

"Err, why do you need to fill in a form?"

"Records need to be kept of any visitors that enter this place; an incident report also needs to be filed so those hoodlums can be properly dealt with. Now, name," she demanded, her pen hovering over the paper.

"Kamijou Touma," the boy sighed, fully expecting to be asked how to properly write that name.

However, the woman in front of him went silent for a long moment, a fraction of time that seemed to stretch on until…

"Kamijou, was that?" the Dorm Mother asked.

"Yes?" Touma responded uncertainly.

"You wouldn't happen to be a relative of Kamijou Touya-sempai, would you?" she asked, her voice laced trembling with emotions Touma couldn't really identify, her glasses reflecting the light away so Touma couldn't see into her eyes.

"Eh? You know my father?" Kamijou shouted out in shock.

The stainless steel pen snapped in half as a scary laugh filled the air and turned the atmosphere cold and dark. "Father, huh?"

However, as quickly as it appeared, the threat seemed to vanish as the Dorm Mother let out a deep, calming breath, her shoulders relaxing for her earlier tension. "I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but to meet his son like this," she muttered, to low for Touma to hear.

"Um, are you okay?"

"I'm fine, I was just surprised. If you'd allow me to speak frankly, I used to have a crush on your father, and meeting you just reminded me of that." Pausing for a moment, the woman shook her head slightly as she continued. "But that was many years ago now, and no longer matters. Now, we have a report to fill in," she told him before asking for his contact details and school.

As a mature, if still single, woman, the Dorm Mother wouldn't let something like the son of her middle school crush get to her.

With a hesitant nod, Touma reluctantly gave her the information.

As she scribbled it down, Touma couldn't help but look around the room nervously. "Err, where am I, anyway?" he finally asked. He'd been too busy running away earlier, so apart from a vague feeling of familiarity, he had no idea where this was.

Looking up from her paper work, the blue suited woman gave off a slightly surprised expression. "This is one of the two Tokiwadai middle school dormitories. I'm the resident Dorm Mother," she explained.

"EH? Tokiwadai? Then, is this Misaka and Shirai-san's dorm?"

"Hmm, I thought I recognised you. Aren't you the boy that took Misaka-san out on a date on the last day of summer break?"

"It wasn't like that!" Touma immediately snapped back.

"Don't you take that tone with me," she scolded.

"Sorry," Touma pouted.

"Well, anyway, if you aren't Misaka-san's boyfriend, you must as least be friendly with her. I hope neither she nor Shirai-san have been causing you any trouble."

"Ah, well, not really..." Touma mumbled as a nervous sweat trickled down his back and his eyes wandered, making sure to look at anything but the Dorm Mother.

"I see," she sighed. "They have been causing you trouble. I hope you'll forgive them."

"Ah! No, its fine. Really."

"I'm sure you already know this, but they are both good girls, though not without their less desirable aspects. Both are very kind deep down; unfortunately they are quite abrasive," she groaned. "As their current guardian, it is my job to enforce the rules and punish them for breaking those rules. Unfortunately, those girls have a tendency to find causes that they feel worth fighting for, even more than they fear me."

"I don't understand. Why are you telling me this?"

"Because I worry. Whether you are only friends or something more, I'm asking you if you would look after them and try to keep them out of trouble."

"O-Of course," Touma mumbled embarrassedly.

"Thank you," the Dorm Mother nodded her head, her glasses losing their reflective surface and allowing Touma to glimpse the kind eyes beneath, which softened the previously stern visage of the suited woman.

'Gak' Touma tried his hardest to suppress his blush and hoped that she couldn't hear his rapidly beating heart. 'What is this, huh? What is thisssss? An Onee-san land lady type who appears strict, but is actually really kind hearted and cares for her boarders? Tsundere? Kuudere? I don't even know anymore! What are the chances that I'd come across someone who fits so many of my preferences!'

"Now, I think it's about time you left; of course, I'll be informing your school about where you were during your truancy."

"What! I have to leave already? But I haven't had a chance to raise any flags yet!"


"Nevermind!" Touma quickly responded, his nerves frayed as he found himself blushing like a little kid with his first crush.

"Come then," the Dorm Manager briskly ordered, striding forward and out of her office.

Hurriedly, Touma raced after her. "Ah, wait a minute!"

"Why?" the Dorm Mother asked without slowing down at all.

'Because I want to get to know you more?' Touma's adolescent heart wailed, but he was too nervous to say that.

"Ah, that's right, I was wondering how old you- not, not that!" he abruptly stopped himself when the woman he was following after turned her terrify, soul piercing gaze to him. They were right at the top of the stairs, the main entrance and exit only a little ways from the bottom of the steps.

"Then what would you like to ask?" she asked in a tone of voice that polar bears would flee from.


"And why would you want to know that? Don't tell me you are planning to sneak in here on my off days?" she asked as she advanced, one arm folded below her sizable chest while the other hand adjusted her glasses, causing them to glint terrifyingly.

"No! I wanted to know what days I would be able to see you!"

"And why would you want to see me?" she retuned coolly.

Fidgeting, Touma's mind ran a mile a minute, trying to come up with something, anything to say. However, the woman's patient's seemed to have reached her limit as she barked, "Out with it boy!"

Without conscious thought, Touma's mouthed moved before he even knew what he was saying. "You're my type. Please go on a date with me!"

The Dorm Mother's body tensed up in shock, while Touma was equally flabbergastered. Hadn't he just confessed? Wasn't this, his first confession a huge deal for a teenager?

However, what broke both from any thoughts about the event that had just occurred were the gasps from the entrance.

Slowly, mechanically, both confessor and confessee turned their heads to look at the door, where seven Tokiwadai girls were standing, their jaws on the floor in amazement.

Everyone was frozen in place by surprise, until, very slowly, a bag slipped off the leading girl's shoulder and landed with a small thud.

A terrifying expression was on the tea coloured haired girl's face, like she was so anger it had looped all the way around until her expression showed a smiling face.

As Touma locked eyes with the girl, a certain Level 5 name Misaka Mikoto, the boy swore he heard God laughing at him.

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