Kissing Cousins.

Aliens in the attic fanfiction (: watched it recently and loved it. Tom and Jake are so adorable. So are the twins. But this is a purely Jake x Tom story. I know they're related. Kill me later, I just had to make this!

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Enjoy, if it ain't your cup of tea then turn back now or BE ENTERNALLY ADDICTED. lol caps. But seriously, enjoy.

After defeating the small aliens that threatened their world, Jake decided he and his cousin deserved a little celabratory drink. And then another...and another...and a few more following the prior ones. Being at only the fresh ages of seventeen, they were very inhebriated by the stolen liquor they found in a cabonate and were both sitting on the attic floor giggling aimlessly.

"T-this is f-f-fun!" Jake exclaimed as he threw down another shot glass, "But w-we should do something."

"Oh, and w-what do you su-suppose we do?" Tom replied drunkenly.

Jake sat there scratching his chin thoughtfully for a moment, before smiling at Tom and pushing him over playfully. Before he could even attempt to get up, Jake was already sitting on top of his cousin. Hands on either side of his brunette cousins head, pinning him down quite successfully and smiling right at him.

"I've always t-thought you were the p-prettiest one out of yo-you-your siblings, Tommy." Jake smiled, gently caressing the side of Toms face with the back of his hand.

"Wh-what are you doing?" Tom asked suspiciously.

"You have v-very pre-pretty lips..." Jake continued, inching his face just slightly closer.

"J-jake..." Tom said fearfully.

"So pink and..a-and p-plump..." Jake inched even closer to Toms face.

Tom instinctively turned his face away but Jake turned it back to face his direction, Jake slammed his lips onto Toms and muffled his complaints. Not too long after, Tom kissed back. Jake slid his tongue in slowly and traced inside of Toms mouth. Their tongues met in a battle of wet, mushy dominance, which Jake quickly won.

"NO! JAKE HAS IT LEE!" Kay yelled at his twin brother as he ran up towards the attic in search for his elder brother.

"I KNOW YOU HAVE MY PSP KAY! GIVE IT BACK!" Lee shouted as he chased after his brother.

"Kay! KAY! DON'T PRETEND YOU CAN'T HEAR ME!" Lee yelled, walking very noisily up the attic stairs towards his brother.

"I swear Kay I know yo-

He was stopped mid-sentence by the sight in front of him, and as was Kay who was to shocked to reply to his previous shouts. For on the floor infront of them, was their brother and their cousin. Shirtless, lips locked and groping eachother relentlessly. After a few moments of staring out of disgust and curiosity Kay spoke.

"See, I told you we weren't the only relatives that kiss like that." Kay said as he turned around and walked out.

END :) Hoped you liked it. Comments appreciated! Should there be more? If so, would you like to contribute? I have a hard time coming back to these.... I loose ideas and whatnot. School will be the death of me! D: Anyhoo, comments please!