Post-game fluffy fic with Lloyd, Colette and Noishe.

Very belated gift-fic for Manna. Sorry it's so late. ^_^; I hope that you like it anyways and that it fits your prompt OK.

Disclaimer: I don't own Tales of Symphonia, I just have a lot of plot tribbles. :)

Lloyd smiled as he watched Colette contentedly sewing. He recognised and knew the look of pleasure on her face, the one you got from taking raw materials and making them into something practical, aesthetically pleasing or, sometimes, both. It was one of life's very pleasant feelings.

Suddenly she gave a barely audible hiss-like sound as she caught one of her fingers with the sharp point of her needle. Lloyd was going to ask if she was OK but she just shook her hand slightly then continued on with her sewing without any signs of distress. No cursing, no shouting, not even any indication, really, that it had bothered her at all. That was probably partially, Lloyd thought, because she was used to catching her finger with the needle from time to time, to the point where she hardly seemed to feel it on most occasions, and partially because of who she was.

It took a lot to make Colette raise her voice, even when she might justifiably have done so and when others certainly would have. That wasn't to say that she was without emotion though, very far from it in fact, she just expressed it in other ways. When she felt injustice was occurring, for example, she would get a particular serious look on her face, calmly voice her thoughts about it and then take what action she could to correct it.

It was one of the things, Lloyd thought, that he loved and respected about her. Just like the way that her joy and happiness bubbled so infectiously about her was.

He got to see an example of that now as, her needlework finished, she called Noishe over to her and placed the comical hat she'd made for the dog-like creature on his head.

As Noishe twirled round and round in much the same way as he did when he decided to play a game of chasing his own tail, trying to see the hat on his head, Colette giggled and told him to be patient for just a second while she fetched a mirror for him. Once she had done so her delighted giggles became louder and her smile lit up her whole face as Noishe barked happily and wagged his tail.

"What do you think Lloyd?" she asked, tilting her head slightly to one side in a cute way.

"Lovely," he smiled back at her, acknowledging to himself the thought that he didn't just mean the hat.