E/O Challenge: "Nail"

This is a beautiful spring present for Mad Server, who loves it when I torture Dean, and sometimes tortures Sam just for me :) Posted early before I forget!

Disclaimer: I own nothing, no spoilers for any specific episodes, just season 4/5 in general.

Easy Target

"Dean! What the hell are you doing?"

His brother sniffles. Sneezes. Makes this disgusting hawking noise in his throat that has Sam cringing.

"Hunding monsders."

Dean blinks slowly, dazedly. Sam reaches for his forehead again.

"I think your fever's up again, Dean. You need to rest. God, do I have to nail you to the bed every time you get sick?"

"Do." He sniffles wetly and sneezes again, wipes his nose on his shirt sleeve. "Cuz then the angels could find be."

Sam makes a frustrated noise half-way between a laugh and a snarl, pushes him back against the pillows.