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10th April 1912

The Titanic. They called it the ship of dreams, and to be on it was just that. A dream.

Working as a maid in a hotel in Southampton, England, I had got talking to one of the guests, Mr Jonathan Gellar. His daughter, Caitlyn, was my age, and was going to be needing someone to keep her company on her trip to New York City, on the biggest cruiseliner of the time, The Titanic.

It was odd that without knowing me, Mr Gellar had employed me as her accompanist, almost straight away. I did not argue. I was going to be on the Journey of a Lifetime.

Mr Gellar was paying for my ticket, I would be sharing a room with his daughter, and he would be paying me to stay in New York with her until she was ready to return.

My family had put a fund together, buying and making me new dresses, so that I looked my best, and as close to First Class as I could get.

"Miss Gellar, I am Michelle. I will be accompanying you on your voyage." I curtizied, lifting the skirt of my blue-dress slightly off the ground.

The girl in front of me smiled, warmly, tucking a ringlet, which had fallen from her bun, behind her ear. "No need to be so formal. We are going to be great friends."

I smiled at that. I sure hoped so. It was my duty, and I was getting paid an awful lot for it.

"Come on Mitchie." Caitlyn looped her arm with mine and we walked onto the great cruiseliner stood before us.

The top deck was already filled with passengers, waving to loved ones. Of course, my usual class, were on their own deck, below, in the scruffy dresses and dirty coats I was used to wearing.

Caitlyn took her hankerchief out of her coat pocket and waved at her father, smiling brightly. My family were also stood on the Southampton docks, waving at me, my mother dabbing her eyes with an off-white, holey hankerchief.

"This is going to be a trip to remember." Caitlyn smiled at me.

I nodded. "Yes, it sure will be."

The boat suddenly jerked, and we clung onto the railings.

A small boat had hit the Titanic, but had clearly caused no damage. It was famous for being unsinkable.

Our guestroom was nothing like I had ever seen before. Although our suite was smaller and more basic than the others, it was bound to have cost more than my house.

It was a twin room with two fancy wooden bedframes at opposite sides of the room. Laid on them were red and gold velvet bed covers, and a large number of matching pillows. There was a large wooden trunk between the beds, and an enormous dresser at the far side of the room.

Next to the en-suite bathroom, laid a red velvet loveseat, placed on an embroided red and gold rug. The rug had probably costed more than my whole house!

I began unpacking Caitlyn's things, hanging her dresses in the closet. They were ever so beautiful. Each dress was carefully embroidered with a gold or silver thread, which may have been real gold, for all I knew.

"You have some beautiful dresses, Miss Gellar." I smiled as I hung the final one.

"Caitlyn." She scolded, before sighing. "Father likes to think I will bring home a rich man if I wear expensive dresses. I love them, but I have far too many."

I looked at the dresser in front of me. About thirty dresses hung in place. She was right, but I was not about to say that.

"You are welcome to borrow any, if you wish." She smiled. "As much as I love your clothes, I bet you could look a lot more grand."

I looked down at my blue dress. I was lucky if I even looked second-class. It was the most expensive dress I owned, yet compared to the passengers on here, I was extremely out of place.

"I am not sure if I should." I sighed.

"Mitchie, " I smiled at the nickname she had given me, "do not be ridiculous. I am never going to wear all of these dresses."

She handed me a dark blue dress, with silver embroidery. It was tight at the waist with a big skirt. "Are you sure?"

"Yes." She smiled as the ship jerked. "We must be leaving Cherbourg now, which means dinner will be served shortly. Let us change and head to the dining hall."

I tied Caitlyn's corset for her, as she sucked in her breath. Then I handed her the green dress she had chosen, carefully doing it up.

"Corsets must be the worst invention ever." Caitlyn frowned in the mirror in front of us.

I laughed softly. "I think you may be right."

"I am getting used to not breathing, but I still wish there were any easier way to look slim." She turned to face me. "Now turn around and I shall help you dress yourself."

As we descended the Grand Staircase for dinner, heads turned. I was not surprised. Caitlyn was naturally beautiful.

Her light brown hair always seemed perfectly curled, not needing any hot tongs to help out. It was currently pinned back loosely, with a few curls framing her face. She had given me a matching hairstyle, and I was surprised how different I looked wearing jewels and a fancy dress.

"Good evening ladies." A man in a tuxedo bowed his head at us as we passed him.

"I really hope there are some handsome young men on this ship." Caitlyn smiled. "Or this journey will be a little dull."

I laughed as we were escorted to a table. Then I noticed two young men staring at us. One looked about our age, with dark brown curly hair and warm brown eyes. The other looked a few years older, his curly hair shorter and more tame.

Next to them, though, was another who caught my attention. He had straight dark brown hair and must have been one, maybe two years older. He did not look up. He was just glaring at his plate of food.

All three of the boys had matching tuxedos on, and seemed to be without an adult, as we were.

"Caitlyn, what about the young men over there?" I whispered to her.

Her smile widened as she looked over and smiled at the youngest of the men. He nodded back at her, politely, a smile on his lips. "Maybe this trip will be a little less dull than I thought."

I ate lobster for dinner. If my mother and little sister heard that, they never would have believed me, not in a hundred years. I still could not help but feel drawn towards the third man, who was clearly not interested in anything but the staring contest with his dinner.

"Who are you looking at?" Caitlyn giggled, following my eye-direction. She shook her head. "Oh, Mitchie, he looks full of hatred. You could do better than that."

"I guess you are right." I replied with a nodd, not believing a word that left my mouth.

After our meal, we went for a walk along the decking of the boat. The air was cool and crisp, so we wrapped our coats tightly around ourselves.

"What a beautiful night." Caitlyn smiled. "I had almost forgotten how beautiful the stars were, living in the city."

"I know what you mean." I sighed. "I wonder if one day, we will be able to travel up there. Could you imagine how incredible it would be to travel further than the Earth?"

"One can only imagine." She leant against one of the railings.

I moved to stand next to her. I looked down and saw the lower-class passengers singing and dancing, drinking alcohol. They may not have been in luxury, but on their private deck below, they seemed to be having fun.

"Tell me about yourself, Mitchie." Caitlyn said, her eyes still fixated on the ocean in front of us. "What was it like being a maid?"

I shrugged. "It was reasonable, but I would have preferred a life like this."

Her eyes softened and she turned to face me. "It can be dull being wealthy. You do not need a job or to dress yourself." She let out a sigh. "Father always bought me everything I wanted, in exchange for his absence. Mother died when I was young, so I was often left with a nanny to keep me company."

"I am ever so sorry." I replied, feeling guilty. "I had no idea. I am lucky to have a family who has always been around to help me."

She nodded. "Sometimes I dream about what life may have been like if I was one of the less fortunate. I could have been occupied with a job, had Christmases huddled around a small fire playing petty family games. Though, I am greatful for always having bread on my table. I hope that maybe after this trip, your family will always have bread on their table."

"I hope so too."

She placed her hand over mine and smiled. "No need to hope, as the deed is done."

The cool night breeze whisked around as and we shivered as it touched the bare skin. The moon in the sky only had a small piece left, and looked as if it would disappear any moment.

"Let us retire to our room at once." Caitlyn said, moving away from the railing. "It is extremely cool out here and I would hate us to catch a cold."

She looped her arm through mine and we headed back towards our guestroom. We paused on the deck when we noticed a rather round man watching us, a lit cigar in his hand.

"Good evening ladies." He smiled, his eyes wandering our bodies.

Caitlyn shifted uncomfortably next to me as he walked towards us, fiddling with his curly moustache like a villian from a Sherlock Holmes novel.

"May I join you?" He asked us, blowing out some smoke.

I held my breath, trying not to cough, as Caitlyn shook her head. "We are retiring for a good night's sleep."

"Then let me escort you back to your room." He reached out and touched my arm. I flinched.

"Sorry, but we will be accompanying the ladies." A voice behind us said.

We turned our heads to see the two curly haired young men from the restaurant. Their matching brown eyes were wary and right now, I trusted them more than the large man in front of us.

"Is that so?" The villain with the moustache cocked his head to the side and looked at me.

"Yes, it is true." I nodded, lying the best I could. "They offered to at dinner."

"Well then, goodnight ladies." He disappeared into the shadows.

"Ladies." The older one held his arm out to me, the other one looped his arm through Caitlyn's.

"Are you alright?" The younger one asked as soon as we were inside.

"Yes." I nodded. "Thank you for coming when you did."

"He had been watching you for a while." The older one explained. "We noticed him spying on you during dinner this evening."

"Oh my!" Caitlyn gasped, her eyes filled with horror.

"We will inform the onboard police, do not worry." The younger one comforted her. "Now which room are you ladies in?"

They walked us to our room, after informing the onboard police about the situation. They would find the man and warn him not to offend us or any other women again.

"Will you ladies be well?" The older one asked us, his eyes full of concern.

"Yes, thank you so much sir." I smiled.

"Jason Gray." He said, with a bow. "And this is my brother Nathaniel."

"I am Caitlyn and this is my dear friend Mitchie." Caitlyn introduced the two of us with a smile. "Thank you so much for your assistance. Your mother clearly raised you as gentlemen."

"Well if you shall need us, we are three rooms away from you." Nathaniel said with a smile. "Have a good night."

That night, Caitlyn and I sat on our beds, combing our hair and discussing the two Gray brothers who had saved us that evening.

"I do hope we see them again." Caitlyn sighed. "Nathaniel is very handsome, and most kind."

"I hope so too." I smiled, but there was one in particular I was hoping to see again.

The one I had not met yet.