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11th April 1912

I was woken by the cool draft creeping under the door of the bedroom, the smell of a cooked breakfast also filling the air.

I looked over to see Caitlyn piling her curls on top of her head, allowing a few to fall loose. She smiled at me. "Good morning."

"Good morning." I replied, reflecting the smile. "Did you sleep well?"

"Very." She nodded. "I do not remember the last time I slept so well." She stood up and passed me a dress. "I picked this one for you to wear today."

I noticed Caitlyn was wearing a paler green dress today, with silver embroidery. As most of them seemed to, it had a small waist, before extending out into a large skirt. Around her neck she wore a necklace, with what seemed to be an emerald on it.

I dressed myself in the light blue dress she had chosen for me to wear. It was a similiar shape to hers, with matching embroidery.

I fixed my wavy hair into an updo, and put on my mother's locket.

"Now, let us head to breakfast." Caitlyn looped her arm through mine as she had done the previous day, and we left our room, locking it securely behind us.

The dining hall was already full of passengers enjoying their continental breakfast and I was sure we would soon be approaching Queensland, Ireland, our final stop.

"Good morning ladies, I do hope you slept well." One of the ushers smiled as we walked into the dining hall. "Will it be just the two of you?"

"Five." A man beside us interrupted.

We turned to face him and smiled, recognising him as Jason Gray.

"Will you all be eating together this fine day?" The usher asked.

"Yes." Caitlyn nodded. "These brothers are friends of ours."

"Very well." He led us to a table and we all sat down. "Enjoy your meal."

"Did you ladies sleep well?" Jason asked us and he assisted us into our chairs.

"Very well, thank you." I replied for us, with a smile. I could see Nathaniel watching Caitlyn from the corner of my eyes. I then turned to face the third Gray brother, who we had not been formally introduced to yet.

"Oh, do forgive me." Jason turned to his unnamed brother. "This is my younger brother, Shane. Shane, this is Mitchie and Caitlyn."

"Fantastic." Shane mumbled, staring down at his food again.

"I am so sorry for the rudeness that is our brother." Nathaniel shook his head, clearly disgraced. "He has no manners."

"No need to apologise." Caitlyn reached forward to pick up the jug of orange juice. "As individuals, we are to blame for our actions."

"Allow me." Nathaniel poured her a glass of orange juice, and I noticed Caitlyn's golden cheeks turn slightly rose. "Mitchie, will you be drinking juice?"

I nodded. "Yes please."

He poured me a glass. "There we are."

"Thank you."

Caitlyn elbowed me under the table, and I bit back a smile.

"The finest crossiants from France." A waitor placed a basket of 'crossiants' down on the table, before disappearing again.

They looked like twisted-shaped bread rolls. I had never had one before in my life, and I was sure I had never even seen one in the bakers.

"Ladies first." Jason nodded.

Caitlyn took a crossiant and ran her knife along the butter. Then she spreaded the butter along the incision in the crossiant. I imitated her, doing the same with mine, and then the males began to help themselves to the bread basket in front of us.

The breakfast was delicious, need I say more. I sat up in my cushioned chair, and sighed quietly, feeling extremely bloated. It had been a while since I had eaten so much that I felt full, and I was afraid my corset would suddenly burst open and show my bloated stomach.

I caught Shane's deep brown eyes and he frowned, before staring at his empty, crumb-covered plate.

"I hear there is a party tonight." Nathaniel broke the silence, immediately making Caitlyn's lips turn upwards into a smile.

"I love parties!" Caitlyn clapped her hands together with excitement. "Are you attending?"

"Of course." He nodded. "Our Uncle is Captain Smith."

I watched as Caitlyn's mouth formed an "o" shape.

"Will you ladies be attending?" Jason asked us as I finished my glass of orange juice.

I looked over at Caitlyn and she nodded. "We would not miss it for the world. What is a voyage without a party!"

"I could not agree more." Nathaniel smiled.

"Will you excuse me ladies?" Jason stood up. "It looks like we have reached Ireland, and I must go and meet my fiance."

"Not a problem." Caitlyn waved her hand about, casually excusing him. "We must go and plan our outfits for later. Thank you for your company."

Nathaniel stood up with us, shortly followed by Shane. Nathaniel bowed. "We shall see you later."

"Yes you will." Caitlyn promised with a sweet smile on her face. She looped her arm through mine and we returned to our room.

"What are you going to wear?" I asked her as we stepped through the door.

"What colour do you think is Nate's favourite?"


"It is my new nickname for him. Do you think he will like it?"

I laughed. "I am sure he will. I think you should wear your deep green dress. The one with the lace right down the middle."

"This one?" She pulled it out of the dresser. "It falls off of my shoulders."

"Very fashionable." I smiled. "I am sure Nate will love it."

"I think you should wear this one." Caitlyn pulled out another hung dress, this one being a pale green with cream-coloured lace down to the waist, where there was a cream-coloured ribbon, seperating it from the skirt. This dress also fell off the shoulders.

"It looks like it cost a fortune." I gasped, looking at it.

She shrugged. "It was a gift from father. It is not really my colour, but it would definitely bring out your complexion."

I smiled. "Thank you so much."

"That is what friendship is for." She laughed softly, returning the dresses to the wardrobe. "I am disappointed to hear that Jason Gray already has a girl on his arm."

"I thought that you were falling for Nate?"

"Of course I am! I was talking about you! I cannot simply leave you alone when I am dancing with Nate tonight!"

"I am sure I can find someone." I replied with a shrug. "This is your trip and I would like you to have a good time."

"Mitchie, dear, it is your expedition too. We are going to New York on the ship of dreams!" She smiled. "It is as much your voyage as it is mine."

Caitlyn and I spent the day exploring the ship, creating other passengers on our way. We were both wearing small feathered hats upon our heads and our thick coats to keep us warm from the cool air.

"It is so wonderful to see such beautiful young ladies enjoying the fresh air." A fairly round woman smiled at us, stopping in front of us. With the amount of pearls she was wearing, she must have been extremely wealthy.

"Thank you." I curtzied at the same time as Caitlyn.

"I am Molly Brown. I am sure I have seen you before young lady." She looked at Caitlyn, who smiled.

"I am Caitlyn Gellar, Jonathan Gellar is my father."

"Of course he is!" She clapped her hands together. "I met your father on several occassions. Charming man."

"Yes, he is." Caitlyn nodded in agreement. "This is my dear friend Michelle Torres."

"A pleasure to meet you both." She smiled, waving as a young, pregnant woman walked past with her husband. "Well, I must be off to have tea with my lady friends. Would you care to join us?"

I looked over at Caitlyn and she smiled. "Yes, we would love to."

We sat in one of the cafes with Mrs Brown and two of her friends, who were also round and a similar age to her.

At the hotel, I had seen women lunching together, enjoying our English tea, but to actually being included was a wonderful experience. I looked across the room to the other lounge, where several gentleman were smoking cigars. One of them turned away from me as soon as I looked over.

I recognised him as the mysterious Shane Gray, who was almost like a stereotypical villian from a book, only less perverted and less harmful, perhaps.

He puffed out a mouthful of smoke into the sky, and it seemed to dissolve into the cloud of smoke hanging over the lounge.

"A disgusting habit." Mrs Brown shook her head, following the direction I was facing. "I know it shows us they were wealthy, but the cigars do reek."

"Oh, definitely. I am so glad Jasper has given up." A woman next to her, who I was pretty sure was called Maggie Clifford, nodded in agreement.

"Would you excuse me a moment?" I stood up. "I just have to powder my nose."

"We will be right here." Caitlyn smiled.

I lifted my skirt slighty off of the ground and walked to the powder room. When I left, I almost had a heartattack!

Shane Gray was leant against the wall of the cloakroom, staring at me.

"Mr Gray." I nodded, trying to pass him, but he stepped in my way.

"Mitchie, yes?"

"Michelle, but Caitlyn does call me Mitchie, yes."

"May I ask why you keep staring at me?"

I shifted uncomfortably on the spot and felt the blush of my cheeks. "Sorry, Mr Gray, I never meant to stare."

"You would not be the first girl on this ship to find me attractive." He almost sounded smug.

"Sorry, sir, but I did not say you were attractive."

"But you were thinking it, I am sure."

My eyebrows creased together. "Are we not a little big for our boots?"

"I do not think you are in any position to say that. You do not even fit in here yourself. You know what you are? A accompanist. No doubt one from the poor parts of Southampton, living in a slum or something remotely similar. You should be looking up to me." Then he glared at me. "You should be shining my shoes."

I gasped, and before I could stop myself, I slapped his cheek and stormed back to my table.

"Where did everyone go?" I asked Caitlyn when I arrived back at the table, which was now empty apart from Caitlyn.

"They had 'business' to attend to, thank goodness." She smiled, standing up.

"Thank goodness?"

"Yes, they were terribly dull, do you not think?"

"I guess so." I replied, slightly confused, hiding my pink hand behind my back. Had Caitlyn not been the one to agree to tea with the ladies anyway?

"I know you may be confused that I put us in this position, but I have a reputation to keep. I am representing my family, and with father's business running smoothly, I feel it is important to be polite to those we meet, especially the wealthy."

"I understand." I nodded.

"Come, let us enjoy what is left of this beautiful afternoon."

For dinner that night, we made sure that we looked as best as we could.

Caitlyn tied her hair back into her usual loose bun, with a few loose curls. Then she assisted me with my hair, scraping it back into a similar hairstyle. She added a pearl-covered grip to my hair.

"It is beautiful, thank you." I smiled at her as she placed an emerald-coloured clip into her hair.

"Pearls look much better in your hair than mine. They just seem to disappear into my wild curls!"

I laughed softly, checking my reflection in the mirror. My family never would have recognised me. I almost looked as if I fitted into First Class.

"Come on, Mitchie, we have a dinner and dance to get to." Caitlyn practically dragged me out of the door as if I was a dog she was taking for a walk.

This was going to be an evening of pure heaven, I was sure of it.